24 – Two Days Later – Episode 17 – 11 am to 12 noon

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 17

The following takes place between 11 am and 12 noon, and is part of an ongoing documentary.

11:00 am – Chloe, Morris, Jack and Bill are standing in an office parking lot. Jack is still wearing the Batman costume. A tall man standing next to his car in the parking lot looks very startled at seeing the group appear out of nowhere. He slowly starts walking towards the building, and then when he thinks he can make it, runs for the building and goes inside yelling, “MICHAEL!”

Jack says, “Chloe, give me my clothes. I have to find a place where I can change back to my street clothes.” They go inside the building. Jack runs into a men’s room with his clothes to change. Chloe, Morris and Bill wait outside.

11:03 am – Inside the building, there’s an office where people are working in an open area. Desks are everywhere, and people work at computers, take phone calls, and process paperwork. The man from the parking lot runs into the room and heads straight for the receptionist and a young man, carrying a coat and briefcase, who is talking to her.

The man says, “Pam! Jim! Plan 920! Implement Plan 920! Where’s Michael!?”

Pam says, “What? Dwight?”

Pam and Jim watch as Dwight runs into Michael’s office.

Jim walks over to his desk to drop off the coat and briefcase he’s carrying. He opens his desk, and the contents have been completely encased in solid Styrofoam.

[ The scene shifts to Pam in a conference room, speaking to a camera ]

Pam: I think it was Dwight. Jim’s always playing pranks on him. Yesterday he filled Dwight’s desk with ping pong balls.

11:05 am – Back in Michael’s office Dwight says, “I was just in the parking lot! I saw four people appear out of nowhere! One of them is dressed like Batman! Implement Plan 920!”

Michael looks out of his office window, but doesn’t see anything. “Well, there’s no one there now. Did you get enough sleep last night?”

Dwight looks desperate: “Michael, listen to me! Four people materialized in the parking lot!”

Michael says, “Look, if people are collecting money in the parking lot, that’s up to them. Even if they decide to dress up like Batman.”

Dwight shakes his head, “No, I mean they appeared out of thin air. And only one of them was dressed like Batman. They don’t know how to dress like us! We have to implement Plan 920!”

Michael cuts him off. “Dwight, just stop it!”

11:06 am – Back downstairs in the lobby, Morris says, “I wonder what we’re going to find here?”

Bill replies, “I don’t know, but it’s kind of weird that we’re in an office building. You don’t think those terrorists set up an office, do you?”

After a few minutes, Jack comes back out in his own clothes. He says, “I had to stash that Batman outfit behind one of the toilets, but I took the utility belt. We’ll come back for it later.”

Chloe goes over to Jack and pulls out his shirt so it covers the belt. “That way you won’t look like a goof.” She points at a directory on the wall near the elevator and says, “I think we have to go upstairs. There are some offices up there.”


11:14 am – They get off the elevator and enter an office. A receptionist answers the phone, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam. … I’m sorry, but Michael is busy right now. I’ll have him call you back.” She looks up and sees Chloe, Morris, Bill and Jack. “May I help you?”

A man comes out of his office followed closely by the tall man they saw downstairs in the parking lot. The man says, “Michael Scott, Head Honcho. What can I do you for?”

The tall man whispers loudly to Michael, “Plan 920! Plan 920!”

11:16 am – [ The scene shifts to Jim sitting in the conference room ]

Jim speaks to the camera: “When Dwight first became assistant to the regional manager, he came up with contingency plans for every conceivable problem that might happen around here.”

[ Switch to Dwight, in the same conference room ]

Dwight: “A good assistant regional manager has to be prepared for any office emergency. I’ve handed out a pamphlet explaining them all, and issue quarterly updates with changes and new editions. It’s right in here.” He holds up a red notebook labeled: Dunder Mifflin – Emergency Procedures – Scranton Branch, opens it and points, “Plan 920: Alien invasion.”

[Switch back to Jim]

Jim: “Dwight’s book? I used it under one of the legs on my desk to make it level.”

[ The scene shifts back to Michael talking to everyone ]

11:18 am – Michael says, “Stop it, Dwight! These are completely normal people!” Michael looks at the group and says, “Well, for computer people, I mean.” He laughs. He turns to the other people in the office, and says, “Attention, everyone! Attention! The people I asked corporate for are here. They’re going to help us with our computers. Now, I want you to be nice to them, because they’re computer nerds, and not used to interacting with people.”

Pam looks embarrassed, “Michael…”

Jack tries to interrupt, “Uh, excuse me, I think that you’ve…”

Michael continues, oblivious to Pam’s embarrassment and Jack’s interruption. “I want you to give these computer geeks whatever access they need to help clean out that virus that’s going around.”

11:22 am – [ Switch to Michael in his office, talking to the camera ]

Michael: “I get a lot of e-mail every day. You’d be surprised at the number of women in Eastern Europe that contact me just wanting a friend. I also get quite a bit of e-mail from Nigeria, asking for my personal assistance. They send me attachments all the time, and I open everything. It’s important to be thorough and follow up on every lead in a job like mine. Now, somehow, we’ve gotten a problem on the computer network, and I’m way behind on my e-mail.”

[ Switch back to Michael talking to Jack and company ]

Michael says, “We don’t have much room here, so I had the people in the warehouse clear out some space for you to work. Jim, I want you to take these people down to their offices. I gave the warehouse staff the rest of the week off, so they shouldn’t be disturbed down there.”

Dwight hesitates, and says, “I can help them, Michael.” He turns to Jack, “What do you say, Batman? I can take you down to your office.”

Michael shakes his head, “Dwight, just stop it.” He turns to Jim, “Jim, can you take these people downstairs to their offices?”


11:29 am – Chloe starts to try and explain to Jim what’s going on, but Jack motions for her to stay quiet. Jim takes Jack, Chloe, Morris, and Bill downstairs to a set of desks in a corner of the warehouse and then heads back upstairs.

Chloe says, “NOW what are we supposed to do? That guy upstairs thinks we’re here to fix his computers!”
Jack says, “Well, can’t you?”

Chloe says, “Of course I can! But what has that got to do with catching the people we’re chasing after?”

Jack says, “I have no idea… You know how this goes! We’ll know when something happens.”

Bill whispers, “Psst! Jack! That Dwight guy is watching us!”

11:31 am – Dwight is watching through the door at the top of the staircase.

[ Switch to Dwight in a conference room ]

Dwight: Usually aliens have apparatus that they need to use to breath in our atmosphere.

He thinks for a moment and continues.

Dwight: They’re not using anything like that. I might be wrong about them

[ Switch back to the warehouse ]

11:32 am – Jack lowers his voice says, “Morris and Chloe, go back upstairs and see if you can find out what’s going on with their computers. Just act like we really belong here, and don’t create a scene. If those terrorists are around here, we don’t want to tip them off. Bill and I will check around the warehouse.”

11:33 am – Chloe and Morris both head upstairs, and Dwight is gone by the time they reach the top. They re-enter the office area, and meet Michael.

Michael says, “Well! All settled in then? I forgot to ask you your names.”

Morris shakes his hand, “I’m Morris and this is Chloe.”

Michael turns to Morris and says, “Are those other guys coming up to help? Or is it just you and your secretary?”

Chloe says, “WHAT?”

Morris turns his head whispers, “Calm down! Calm down!” Chloe stops talking. Morris turns to Michael and says, “We’re both computer experts.”

Michael laughs, “What? I’ve never seen women on those Geek Squad commercials. Are you sure she can handle it?”

Morris reaches back and keeps Chloe from taking a swing at Michael, “I can assure you that she can handle it. We should have your systems running better in no time.”

Michael tells Chloe, “You can start with Angela’s computer over there in accounting, and then Kelly’s and Meredith’s.” He leans over to whisper to Morris, “She should feel more comfortable working with women’s computers,” and walks back into his office.

[ Switch to Chloe in the conference room ]

Chloe: I wish I had my taser.

[ Switch back to the office ]

It’s all that Morris can do to hold Chloe back. She finally calms down and walks over to Angela to help her. Morris goes into Michael’s office to help him.


11:40 am – Chloe works on Angela’s computer while Angela stands next to her. Chloe says, “I like your poster.” The man sitting next to Angela’s desk rolls his eyes.

Angela seems pleased. “Why, thank you. Have you been with the company a long time?”

Chloe pauses and says, “No, not long. We’re both new, to this job.”

Angela says, “Oh, you knew each other before?”

Chloe says, “You could say that. We were married. We’re divorced now.”

Angela prickles at this. “Oh. How disappointing.” She walks away.

Chloe looks around to be sure no one is watching, and types a few commands to try and contact CTU’s computers, but is unsuccessful. She pounds the desk in frustration. A heavy-set man across from Chloe says, “I know. I couldn’t find it either. Angela must have come in on the weekend and taken solitaire off of all of the computers.”

11:42 am – Morris works on Michael’s computer.

Morris says, “I can’t believe this. I’ve never seen an e-mail inbox this full before. Or all this extra junk you’ve downloaded! It’s a wonder this computer runs at all.”

Michael responds, “Why thank you! I work really hard on this. With all the typing. And mousing. And hard driving.”

Morris says, “That’s not…”

11:44 am – He’s interrupted by a young Indian woman who comes running into the room, speaking very quickly, “Omigawd! Omigawd! I’m so glad you’re here to fix the computers because I haven’t been able to get on the Internet in a week and I don’t even know what to do with myself since my boyfriend moved away a few months ago I haven’t had anyone that can fix it and it’s so important for me to keep up with all the world events like Paris and Lindsay and how quickly Tom and Katie’s daughter is growing up, not to mention all the great Internet sales going on that I haven’t even been able to look at for such a long time and with the new fashions coming out this month I’m SOOO desperate to find something I can wear.” She leaves.

Morris asks Michael, “Does she breathe?”

Michael says, “I don’t think so.”

11:46 am – Jack and Bill search around the warehouse stacks to see what they can find. Jack tells Bill that it looks like this is a paper company, because that’s all the stock is. Dwight is attempting to watch what Jack and Bill are doing.

[ Scene switches to Dwight in the conference room ]

Dwight: I’m still not sure they’re aliens… But if aliens do come to this planet, it makes perfect sense they would come to a paper company. Infect the world’s paper supply, and they would enslave the whole world.

11:48 am – Back upstairs in the office area, Morris comes out to tell everyone that the computer that had the infection has been cleared, and that an antidote has been placed on the network drive. He tells everyone to reboot their computers.

Michael says, “You heard the man! Creed! Stanley! That means you too!”

[ Scene switches to Creed in the conference room ]

Creed: I’m not rebooting. I learned a bit about computers over the summer, and now I run an online casino from that computer. I can’t afford the downtime.

[ Scene switches to Stanley in the conference room ]

Stanley: My computer broke three weeks ago. Still no replacement.

11:51 am – Downstairs in the warehouse, a truck rolls up to the loading dock of the warehouse. Two men get out, and look around. They start loading their truck with paper.

Dwight steps out from where he was hiding and yells, “Hey! Stop! There isn’t any paper pick up today!”

Jack and Bill run over to the truck. One of the men yells to the other, “It’s Bauer! Get him!” Jack tackles one of the men, and Bill punches the other in the face. Dwight runs upstairs.

11:53 am – Dwight bursts into the office area and yells, “Pam! Call the police! We have intruders in the warehouse! Tell them I’ll meet them down there. I have to get something from my desk!”

Dwight runs over to his desk, which is missing. He stands there, not knowing what to say.

Jim says, “Dwight, are you looking for something?”

Dwight says, “Jim, where’s my desk? I have something very important I need to get out of it.”

Jim says, “Desk? What desk? You don’t have a desk. You usually just sit on the floor and work.”

Dwight gets madder, “Jim!” He runs back out of the room.

11:55 am – In the confusion over the desk, Chloe and Morris run out of the room and back downstairs to the warehouse.

Bill is standing next to one of the men, who has been knocked out. Jack is lying on top of the other man, with his forearm over the guy’s throat. Dwight comes to the top of the stairs, and looks very alarmed at what’s going on. Jack yells, “What are you going to do with this paper? Tell us who you work for!”

Dwight runs downstairs, and says, “The police are on their way. What’s going on here? Who are you people?”

11:57 am – There’s a flash of light. Morris, Chloe, Bill, Jack and the two men disappear.

Dwight is dumbfounded, and after a minute realizes he was right all along. “They WERE aliens… !”

Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill stand on a sidewalk on a busy street.

11:59 am – Back in the office, Dwight is standing on top of Jim’s desk, looking through the ceiling tiles at his desk, which now sits on boards in the ceiling. The desk has been reassembled exactly as it was when it was on the floor.

12:00 noon – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 16 – 10 am to 11 am

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24 – Two Days Later – Hour 16

The following takes place between 10 am and 11 am

10:00 am – Jack, Bill, Morris and Chloe are standing in a parking lot. They’re still disoriented from the jump. It’s dark out. A nearby sign for Gotham bank shows that the local time is 9 pm.

They hear some screeching tires, and look around. A huge black car with large tail fins roars towards them. The car slams on the brakes, and slides to a halt about two feet away from Chloe. A valet gets out of the car, and says, “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t see you there! The shuttle bus station is two rows over. That will take you up to the party.” He presses a button the keys he’s holding. The car doors lock, and the horn honks as its alarm system arms itself. Chloe mutters something about recharging her taser in case she sees that valet again.

10:02 am – Jack says, “Well, I guess that’s where we’re supposed to go.” They start walking towards the shuttle pickup.

Bill asks, “If that librarian’s idea was right, the terrorists might have been here for hours now. Why haven’t they been waiting for us?”

Morris says, “It’s unlikely they know exactly where we’ll end up. Any chance of them being in the right place to attack us right after we jump is pretty remote. I’m surprised we end up close by at all.”

Chloe says, “I’ve been thinking… We’ve… well, Jack… has been taking out these guys nearly every place we’ve been to so far. You’d think with the number of them that he’s gotten so far, they’d be gone. I think they’re…”

Morris interrupts, “Zombies.”

Chloe says, “’Zombies’? That’s just stupid.”

Morris puts his hand to his check and very sarcastically says, “Hmmm… well let’s see now… We just came from a place where vampires are roaming around freely, and nobody but a bunch of teenagers seem to be aware that the whole town is overrun with them.”

Chloe says, “Yeah… ok, but…”

Morris continues, “…And last year, you told me that you saw Edgar again, apparently risen from the dead as a robot.”

Chloe’s eyes narrow. “You leave Edgar out of this!”

10:04 am – Bill says, “Stop it, you two! We can’t be arguing like this. We have to figure out what we’re doing here. Jack… Jack?” Bill looks around. Jack has stopped and is standing ten feet behind them. He’s using his PDA. Bill repeats, “Jack!”

Jack looks up, “Huh? What? …Hey, I had a thought. I did some quick MTTTS calculations, and realized that the terrorists we’ve been chasing aren’t the same people all the time.”

Bill looks confused, “MTTS?”

Chloe says, “Mean Time To Thigh Shot.” She turns to Jack, “What do you mean, ‘They’re not the same people’?”
Jack says, “I don’t think the people we think we’ve been chasing are the same people each time. I think they might have been in these locations already.”

Morris says, “What makes you say that?”

Jack continues, “Think about it… If these guys always knew we were chasing after them, they wouldn’t be ignoring the fact that we’ve been coming after them. Besides, if they knew we were after them, they wouldn’t be sending small groups of them after us. They’d send everyone they had.”

Chloe says, “What if they’re sending replacements through that doorway we went through? And what about that man with the voice altering device that wears that mask over his face? He’s been in every place we’ve been to…”

Bill says, “Not in that canyon. I don’t remember seeing him in that canyon.”

Jack interrupts, “Wait… If they were still sending replacements, don’t you think they would have been in that warehouse room that we were in? Fenster would never have been able to make that phone call to us. He would have been caught.”

Chloe shrugs, “Look, all I’m saying is, someone’s been tipping them off that we’re around. I still think it’s that guy in the mask.”

10:06 am – The shuttle arrives. The shuttle has a sign that reads, “Museum of Art”. They all get on.

The shuttle takes them to the Gotham Museum of Art. There’s a picture of a man on the building, and underneath the picture are the words, “Our Founder: Art”. Above the doors leading into the museum is a sign that reads, “Wayne Industries Gala”. People get off the shuttle and enter the museum. Some people in expensive cars have opted to drive directly to the museum, and have valets take their cars to the parking lot.

Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill follow the crowd into the museum and up the stairs to the reception area.


10:10 am – The museum reception area is quite large, with tables around the outside walls. The tables are full of appetizers, which the caterers and wait staff continuously replenish. Jack tells Chloe, Morris and Bill to keep an eye out for anything unusual as they help themselves to the hors d’oeuvres.

A stage with men in tuxedos and women in long dresses is at one end of the reception area. The stage has a banner over it: “Museum of Art Thanks Bruce Wayne”. Art, the man picture on the front of the museum, walks onto the stage and to the microphone at a podium. He says, “Thank you all for coming tonight. I’d especially like to thank Bruce Wayne of Wayne Industries for organizing this fund raising event, and for making a very generous donation to the museum. I’d like him to say a few words”.

10:12 am – The crowd bursts into applause and Bruce Wayne approaches the podium. He waves at the crowd, and the applause dies down. He starts to speak, but is interrupted by a loud bang from somewhere above. Everyone looks up. There’s a clown with green hair and a white face with a megaphone in his hand, standing on the rafters. Someone gasps, “The Joker!”

The Joker says, “A party? And me without an invitation!” He laughs maniacally. “That’s OK. I’ve been helping with the catering.” Everyone looks at the tables, but the caterers are gone. The clown continues, “Unless you meet my demands, everyone here is going to break out into fits of uncontrollable laugher in six hours.” The crowd gasps.

Chloe says, “Oh, great! That’s just great! I go off my diet long enough to eat some hors d’oeuvres, and now I find out they’re poisoned! Jack, what are we going to do? Jack?” She looks around, but doesn’t see Jack. “Morris! Where’s Jack?”

Morris continues to look up at The Joker, . He says, “I don’t know. Maybe he went to the bathroom to throw up…”

10:14 am – A voice from the stage says, “You’ll never get away with this, Joker!” Everyone looks towards the stage, and a man in spandex tights, a mask and a cape is at the microphone. A young man, with a mask over his eyes, a cape and tights is standing next to him.

The Joker says, “Why if it isn’t the Fatman and side kick the Boy Blunder! You won’t stop us this time! We’ve got reinforcements!”

Morris says, “A clown yelling ransom demands at a man dressed in a mask and tights is definitely one of the weirder things we’ve seen.”

10:15 am – Bill points up and says, “Look! It’s Jack!”

Chloe and Morris look over to see Jack climbing up one of the banners, trying to reach The Joker. The Joker seems completely oblivious to Jack.

Batman asks, “Who have you teamed up with this time? The Penguin?”

The Joker says, “No, I heard he’s in sunny Philadelphia.”

Batman asks, “Mr. Freeze?”

The Joker says, “No, he’s in California. I think he ran for office out there.” The Joker laughs. “No, you can guess all you want, but you’ll never guess who it is.”

10:16 am – The Joker has remained distracted long enough for Jack to reach the top of the banner and to swing himself up onto the rafter. Jack sneaks along the rafter towards the Joker, who finally notices him.

The Joker laughs, “Hoo hoo! Someone who thinks he can outwit me! Come here my boy!” He holds out his hands as if giving up. “I’ll come along peacefully.”

Jack takes another step and slips. He looses his balance and tries to grab onto the rafter as he falls, but can’t hold on. He grabs the banner, and is able to keep himself from falling to the floor. The Joker laughs and says, “Oh! Didn’t I tell you? A bit of banana wax works wonders on rafters to keep them nice and shiny!”

10:18 am – The Joker turns back to Batman and grimaces, “Tell Commissioner Gordon he has six hours to deliver 10 million dollars to me at the Old Street Pier!” The Joker climbs to the center of the dome, which opens up. A rope ladder drops down, which The Joker grabs. He grabs onto it and is lifted through the dome.

Whatever influence everyone has been under while watching the exchange between Batman and The Joker wears off, because now that The Joker has left there’s general pandemonium in the museum. People are saying things like, “What do we do?”, “Batman will save us”, and “Will there be more food?”

10:19 am – The police arrive at the museum, and look up. The Chief of Police tells some of his men, “Get that man down off the banner! I want to talk to him!”


10:23 am – Batman is talking with Commissioner Gordon in the commissioner’s office as the Police Chief enters the room with Jack. Chloe, Morris and Bill follow close behind. The Police Chief says, “Batman… Commissioner… Here’s the man that tried to apprehend The Joker.”

Batman says, “Thank you citizen! We appreciate your enthusiasm in trying to apprehend the dastardly doer of these dreadful deeds, but you have to leave these things to the professionals. Here, everyone take these pills, they’re an antidote.” He hands a pill to everyone.

10:24 am – Chloe can’t contain herself any longer. “Professionals? You were just standing there! Hundreds of people poisoned, and you were just standing here.” She steps closer to him, and taps him in the chest with her finger. “You were just standing there, while Jack tried to catch that guy.”

Chloe keeps tapping Batman on the chest and then suddenly stops. She says, “Hey! You’re Bruce Wayne!”

Batman looks shocked, but quickly recovers. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Chloe turns to everyone in the room. “It is! It’s Bruce Wayne!” Jack, Morris and Bill step forward for a closer look.

Commissioner Gordon says, “Bruce Wayne? Batman? Why that’s preposterous! I don’t think I’ve heard anything so ridiculous in all my life!”

10:26 am – The young man with the mask and tights comes into the room. “Batman! I parked the Batmobile downstairs.”

Chloe becomes more insistent. “That’s Bruce Wayne!” Now Robin looks shocked and surprised. She continues, “Look, I’m sure you two like dressing up in tights, running around, and doing what ever you like to do, and not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m telling you, you’re not fooling anyone with those disguises”

Robin says, “Uh, no ma’am! That’s not Bruce Wayne! Whatever gave you that idea?”

10:27 am – Batman says, “Commissioner, I believe we have more pressing matters to discuss. I sent Bruce Wayne the antidote formula, which he promised to have one of his pharmaceutical laboratories manufacture right away. The first shipment should be sent here soon.”

The police chief turns to Chloe and says, “There, you see? Batman couldn’t be Bruce Wayne because they talked together, and Mr. Wayne will be sending us more of the antidote to hand out.”

10:28 am – Chloe is exasperated. “Are you people dense? He’s the same guy! That’s not even a decent disguise!” She thinks for a moment. “Hey! I bet you’ve never even seen the two of them together before.” She looks self-satisfied. “Bet you can’t explain that!”

The chief looks smug, “Well, as a matter of fact, Miss Know-It-All, I have seen them together. A few times. And in this very office!”

Jack says, “Chloe, let’s just drop it. Quit picking a fight with him. From what The Joker was saying, I’m sure the people we’re after are with him.”

Batman blurts out, “I can prove it!”

Chloe says, “OK. Go ahead!”


10:34 am – Everyone remains in the commissioner’s office while they wait for Batman and Robin to return with Bruce Wayne. Robin enters the room and announces, “Mr. Bruce Wayne, and Batman!”

Bruce Wayne enters the room, and shakes hands with Commissioner Gordon. A moment later, Batman walks in, but a decidedly taller (and older) Batman. There’s a white mustache peeking out of the cowl “Batman” is wearing.

Bruce says, “I received the information from Batman, and the antidote delivery will be here in the next couple of hours, Commissioner Gordon. I was told there was a Doubting Thomasina here, and she thought that…Ha! I was Batman. As you can see, I’m clearly not.” He points at “Batman”, who waves at everyone.

10:36 am – Chloe flips out. “Are you kidding me? He’s at least a foot taller! Bruce Wayne sounds EXACTLY like Batman! This other guy even has a moustache! How can you people not see that??”

The Police Chief says, “Look, miss… I think it’s time to go now.”

10:37 am – Commissioner Gordon says, “Mr. Bauer, I’d like to thank you for trying to help us, but I think Batman has this well in hand.”

Bruce Wayne says, “I think he was being an exemplary citizen. If we had more people like him doing good, we would have a lot less evil in the world.”

Commission Gordon says, “That sounds like something Batman would say. Well said, Bruce.”

Chloe screams, “ARGH! Come on, you guys! Let’s get out of here!” She storms out of the room. Jack, Bill, and Morris follow her out.

10:38 am – The hallway is completely empty. Jack says, “That hasn’t helped us find out where the terrorists are.”

Chloe says, “Sorry, Jack. I just don’t like it when something obviously stupid is happening.”

Bill says, “How long have you worked at CTU now? I would have thought you’d be immune to stupid by now.”

Bruce Wayne, “Batman” and Robin leave Commissioner Gordon’s office. Chloe doesn’t say anything, and watches as they leave.

They reach the stairs and “Batman” stumbles, says, “Master Bruce!” and collapses. Robin says, “Alfred! Help him, Bruce!”

Chloe hears this and yells, “I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!” She points at Alfred, and turns to Jack, “See? See that! I was right. He has a white mustache too!”

Jack rushes over to see what’s wrong. Bruce says, “I think it’s the heat. Robin, we have to get him out of this costume before anyone sees him. Let’s get him into the Batroom.”

10:40 am – Jack helps carry Alfred into the bathroom, and get him out of the Batman costume. Alfred is wearing a dark suit under the costume. Bruce pulls out a pill from the belt of the costume, and gives it to Alfred, along with some water. Bruce says, “I told him not to wear that suit underneath the costume.”

Robin says, “He was afraid of chaffing.”

Bruce says, “If only he had worn the Batunderwear. I think he’ll be OK, but we’ve got a problem. How do we leave here with the Batmobile, without someone getting suspicious? They saw me enter the building as Bruce Wayne.”

Robin says, “Holy Double Dilemmas! Unless…”

Bruce says, “What, old chum?”

Robin says, “Unless we get Jack here to step in for you…”

Jack realizes what this means. “What? Wait a minute, now! I’ll help you friend, but I’m not getting into that costume.”


10:46 am – Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Robin, and Jack dressed as Batman exit police headquarters. Bill, Chloe and Morris follow at a safe distance, giggling. Chloe is carrying Jack’s clothes.

Bruce tells Robin, “You go back to Wayne manor. Get changed, and come back with a car for Alfred and I. We’ll be waiting here.”

Jack tells Bruce, “You just make sure Chloe is here with my clothes when we get back.”

Jack and Robin get into the Batmobile. Robin gives Jack directions back to Wayne manor and they head off.

Jack tries to make some small talk with Robin, and Robin confesses that it’s pretty tough being a crime fighter. “It’s a lot harder to get a date than you’d think. Women make a lot of assumptions about men that wear tights.”

10:48 am – About halfway to Wayne Manor, a bright light shines in the sky. Robin yells, “The Bat Signal!” He presses a button on the dashboard of the Batmobile. A panel slides down, revealing a red telephone hand set that’s blinking. Robin answers the phone. “Yes. Yes, Commissioner. We’ll be there right away.” He hangs up the phone.

Jack says, “I have GOT to get myself one of those signals! I love that!” He gets a far away look on his face. “The Jack Signal!”

Robin says, “Jack! Snap out of it!”

Jack realizes he’s been day dreaming and says, “What did the Commissioner want?”

Robin says, “The Joker was sighted at the Abandoned Warehouse in downtown Gotham City with some people dressed in black. This might be our only chance to catch him! Oh, Bruce isn’t going to like this one bit.”

Jack says, “Where’s the warehouse?”

10:50 am – Robin gives him directions, and Jack slams on the brakes to turn around. The car does a 180 and heads back toward Gotham City.

Jack asks Robin, “You wouldn’t by any chance know how to put up a perimeter, would you?” Robin admits that he doesn’t. Jack says, “Well, it was worth a shot.”


10:56 am – Jack and Robin pull up in front of the warehouse. Robin says, “Why are they always in ‘abandoned’ warehouses?”

Jack says, “Hey! We’ve always wondered that too!” They get out of the car. “Let’s go inside.”

As they head towards the building, Jack catches one of his gloves on the utility belt around his waist and stops to free himself. One of the compartments opens. Jack looks down and reaches in. He says, “What is this?”

Robin turns around and says, “Be careful! There are some very advanced weapons in that belt, and you might set one of them off!”

Jack looks at what he’s holding, sniffs it and then pops it in his mouth. “Hey! Gummi Bears!”

Robin says, “Uh…yeah. He likes those too. He calls them Gummi Bats. He adds ‘Bat’ to everything. It’s always ‘Bat’ this and ‘Bat’ that…” He trails off, and then says, “…Well, anyway just be careful with anything else you’ve got on your belt there.”

Jack heads for an entrance to the building, but Robin stops him by asking “Where are you going?”

Jack says, “Uh….Inside? Isn’t that the idea?”

Robin shakes his head. “Batman never goes into the building through the front door. Get the Bat Hook out.” Robin pulls a device off of his belt and holds it up. It fires and shoots a cable to the top of the building. Jack looks around at his belt, finds the same type of device, and shoots it. Robin says, “Come on!”

They climb their way up the building to the roof, and enter the building through a service door. The inside of the building is decorated as a fun house. The carefully walk downstairs. They look around and don’t see anyone. Robin says, “It looks like the coast is…”

Two men drop down from above Jack and Robin, landing on top of them. Music starts from somewhere. Jack turns and punches one of the men. A loud “BIFF!” noise comes out of the speakers. Jack yells over the music, “What the heck was that?”

Robin punches the man that attacked him, and a “POW!” noise comes out of the speakers. Robin yells, “Batman and I have been trying to figure out that for years. Every time we fight people, we hear music and sound effects!”

10:57 am – Over the music and sound effects, they can hear The Joker laughing. Jack looks over and sees the masked man standing next to The Joker. He hears the man’s mechanical voice say, “Shoot him! Shoot him!” The Joker is too busy laughing, and doesn’t do anything. The masked man takes a gun from the Joker’s pocket and takes aim at Jack. Jack ducks out of the way, and looks around for anything he can use as a weapon. He reaches down and pulls out a boomerang. He looks to see if the coast is clear, and sees that the masked man is still holding the gun, but it has a small flag that says, “BANG!” coming out of the barrel. Jack says, “Stop or I’ll throw this boomerang…”

Robin whispers, “Bat-erang!”, as he punches (“ZING!”) the man he’s fighting with.
Jack coughs, “..Uh, I mean, Bat-erang!”

The man drops the gun and runs to an exit. Jack throws the Bat-erang at the man running for the exit, but misses. Fortunately it returns and hits the man Jack is fighting (“ZOWEE!”) in the back of the head. He falls to the floor and Jack runs to the exit to go after the masked man. He comes out of the building, but doesn’t see anyone.

Police cars arrive. The Police Chief and Commissioner Gordon arrive with Chloe, Morris and Bill in the back seat of the car.

10:59 am – There’s a bright flash.

Chloe, Morris, Jack and Bill are standing in an office parking lot. Jack is still wearing the Batman costume.

11:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 15 – 9 am to 10 am

24 logo
24 – Two Days Later – Hour 15

The following takes place between 9 am and 10 am

9:00 am – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are all standing in front of a high school. It’s dark, and people are entering the school. The message on the marquee says “Basketball Game Tonight!”

Jack is standing in the same position as he was when he was reaching for Max’s shoe phone. He realizes they’ve switched to a new location and puts his hand down. He yells to no one in particular, “I can’t believe it! The first contact we’ve had with CTU in more than 12 hours, and I blow it! How are we going to get them on the phone?”

The rest of them look startled. “CTU?” says Bill. “You talked to CTU? Who was it? Do they know how to help us?”

Jack says, “It was Fenster. He made it to that computer room we were in before all this happened. He said that Cheng was brought in for questioning hours ago, and he isn’t the one we’ve been chasing.”

Bill asks, “Well, if it’s not Cheng… then who ARE we chasing after?”

Chloe smirks, “Fenster doesn’t know a TCP socket from a Unix domain socket. I’m not to take his word for it.”

Jack says, “I don’t know who it is. We’ll just have to keep playing this by ear. Every time we land some place, we’ve been close to the people we’ve needed to interact with.” He points to the sign. “They must be in there. Let’s go in and take a look around.”

9:03 am – They enter the high school and head towards the gym. Morris says he’s hungry, and heads for a concession stand. Chloe excuses herself to go find a ladies room. Jack and Bill stand in front of the entrance to the gym to look for anything familiar.

9:04 am – Morris returns with a hot dog and a soft drink, just as Chloe comes running around the corner. She says, “We have to get out of here!”

Jack says, “Chloe, calm down. What’s the matter?”

Chloe says, “I’ll tell you what’s the matter… Vampires!”

Morris is preoccupied with his food and doesn’t quite hear and asks, “Umpires?”

Three men come out from around the corner. They look pale white, have very red eyes, and … fangs! Chloe says, “No, you goofball! Vampires! Run!” She runs out the front the school. Jack, Bill and Morris decide they need to be someplace else too, and run after her.

9:06 am – By the time Jack, Bill and Morris reach the front of the school, Chloe is already halfway down the block. They run to catch up with her. They run to catch up with Chloe and see a young girl running towards them, and the vampires. As she gets closer. Jack yells, “You’re going the wrong way! There are vampires behind us!” She ignores this and runs past. Jack yells to Bill and Morris, “Catch up with Chloe! I’m going back to help!” He skids to a halt, and heads back after the girl.

9:08 am – Chloe starts to slow down. Bill and Morris catch up with her. Morris asks her what happened. Chloe says, “There was a guy around the corner outside of the girl’s bathroom. I figured that he was waiting for his girlfriend. When I came back out, he asked me if I wanted to make out. I told him that he was old enough to be…er, my younger brother. He told me that he was a lot older than that, smiled and showed his teeth! I got out of there as fast as I could… Wait? Where’s Jack?”

Before Bill or Morris can answer, two teenagers run up to the group and stop. One of them, a red-headed girl asks, “Um… Did you just see a girl run by here? Blonde, about my height, in a really big hurry?”

The boy, says, “Come on, Willow. We don’t have time for this. When Giles called, he sounded like he was in trouble. Buffy knows what she’s doing. She’ll kill them.” He runs off.

Willow yells after him, “Xander! Wait!” She runs after Xander.

Bill says, “Did he just say that blonde girl is going to kill someone? Is that some new teenage vernacular? I’m still trying to figure out WBAGNFARB means.”

Chloe says, “Jack’s back there! Come on!”


9:13 am – Jack catches up to the girl. She looks to have the situation well in hand, and appears to be an expert in the martial arts. She punches one of the vampires, and he falls back, landing on top of a parked car. Another vampire comes up to her from behind and grabs her, holding her arms down. She stamps his foot, and he releases his grip. She turns, pulls out two wooden stakes, and stabs him in the chest. The vampire disintegrates into dust. She turns back around, and sees the other two vampires are right behind her. She points towards the sky, and says, “Look! Flying turtles!” They both look up, and she stabs each of them in the chest at the same time. They disintegrate too. She starts to cough, turns back to Jack and says, “I have to remember not to take a deep breath when they do that. They always smell like burnt rubber bands wrapped in stinky cheese. Are you O.K?”

Jack still stares in amazement at what he just saw, and “Yeah, yeah… I’m fine. I came back because I though you needed help…

9:22 am – Xander and Willow catch up to Jack and Buffy, with Bill, Morris and Chloe close behind. Xander says, “Buffy doesn’t really shop in the ‘need help’ department. She’s pretty much a self checkout kinda girl.” He realizes what he just said. “… Not that she checks herself out. Buffy, that’s not what I meant.”

Jack asks, “How did all those vampires know how to do Kung-Fu?”

Buffy shrugs, “I’m not sure! I’ve always wondered that myself.”

Xander says, “Sorry, Buffy. We couldn’t keep up.”

Buffy says, “I know Xander. This was just a run of the mill vampire dusting. Nothing to worry about.”

Chloe says, “Nothing to worry about? What do you mean?! These were vampires! How can you say there’s nothing to worry about?”

Jack interrupts, “Chloe, we’re fine.” He turns to Buffy, “We landed outside of the high school and went in. Those vampires chased us out of there.”

Xander looks suspiciously at Jack, “When you say ‘landed’… Do you mean ‘arrived – landed’, or do you mean ‘I flew here in my space ship, take me to your leader – landed’? Guys, I don’t like the look of this.”

9:25 am – Jack explains, “We’ve been traveling from place to place, trying to chase after some terrorists. About every hour, there’s a flash of light and we all end up some place completely different. We usually end up some place where someone can help us…” Xander walks around Jack, looking for any signs of alien antenna. Jack continues, “So, uh… You must be it?”

Willow says, “This sounds like something for Giles.”

Buffy says, “Yeah, let’s take them to Giles.”

Xander isn’t so sure. “OK, but don’t come crying to me if some alien pops out of one of their chests and wraps itself on your face.”

Willow says, “Check. Won’t blame you for any alien face grabbing.”


9:34 am – They arrive back at the high school, and with some coaxing get Chloe go back inside with them. The basketball game is still going on. Everyone else at the high school seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that vampires were creeping around earlier. The group heads for the school library.

9:35 am -Buffy introduces Jack, Bill, Morris and Chloe to Giles, the school librarian. Buffy says, “Giles is my watcher.”

Morris asks, “What’s that? A nice word for ‘stalker’?”

Jack explains what’s been happening to them as Chloe and Bill take a look around the library. Giles says, “Extraordinary! This sounds like you’re caught in some kind of temporal vortex.”

Bill protests, “There’s that term again, ‘temporal vortex’. What can we do about it?”

Jack explains, “We’ve had contact with some other people that used that term, is there anything you can do to help us?”

Giles says, “I wish I could. The library is filled with books on demonology, incantations, and all manner of extra-dimensional creatures. I’m pretty well-versed in what’s in these books, but I can’t say that I’ve ever run across an hourly inter-dimensional gateway. Certainly not one that travels along with the people it’s being used on.”

Morris says, “Certainly not.”

Chloe pushes a book she had been looking at back into its place on the shelf and asks, “What I don’t get is, why are we always behind those terrorists, or whatever they are? We move on to the next place every hour, but they already seem to have been able to get started on whatever they’re doing long before we arrive.”

Giles says, “It’s quite simple really. If they’re jumping the same way as you are, chances are they left your home dimension before you did. When you went through that portal, it probably threw off all their calculations. It’s likely they’ve traveled on a different timescale. While you are traveling from place to place every hour, they might be traveling in a way that makes them arrive hours, or even days ahead of time.”

9:39 am – A blonde-haired man suddenly bursts into the room, and says, “There’s trouble at the Wharf Club Restaurant.”

Xander says, “Do you want us to follow you, Lassie? Is Timmy down a well?”

The man does not look happy about that comment. He says, “If it wasn’t for her…” He points at Buffy, “…I’d be picking you out of my teeth with my knife.”

Morris looks alarmed. “Nice friends you have… We usually just exchange insults with each other, not death threats.”

Willow says, “Oh, that’s just Spike. He and Xander don’t get along. Spike doesn’t like him because Xander’s a smart alec, and Xander doesn’t like Spike because he’s a vampire.”

Chloe drops the book she’s holding. “A Vampire? I thought you people killed vampires?!”

Buffy says, “We do! We do! …As a rule. Pretty much. The bad ones. Only the bad ones.”

Chloe gets more hysterical now. “Only the bad ones? Only the BAD ones?? How can you tell if they’re good or bad? Just assume their good until… ‘Oh! Oops! I thought he a good vampire until he gave me the ultimate demonic hickey on my neck!’”.

Jack says, “Calm down, Chloe.”

Chloe doesn’t stand for this. “Calm down? CALM DOWN? Jack, these are vampires we’re talking about here! Real LIVE…well, dead….undead? WHATEVER! They’re real vampires! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the blood drained out of me today.”

Spike says, “Nice little speech there. Now, can we get on with it?”

Buffy says, “I’m going with Spike. Willow and Xander, you help Giles look up what you can about that guy dressed in the black hood.”

Jack is startled by what Buffy just said. “Black hood? What guy dressed in a black hood?”

Spike sits down and mutters, “Fine, I’ll just wait here and freak out the hysterical one a bit more while you two have a nice conversation.”

9:43 am – Buffy says, “We’ve been trying to track down someone for the last couple of days. The only glimpse I’ve got of him is that he’s wearing a black hood. He’s organizing the vampires. We can’t tell if he’s a demon, a human, or what.”

Jack says, “I’ll tell you what it sounds like…”

Spike says, “Like..’Ooh, help me! The big bad is going to get me?’”

Xander says, “Shut up, Spike!” Spike snarls at Xander.

Jack says, “It sounds like the people we’ve been chasing after. I’m going with you.”

Chloe exclaims, “Sorry, Jack, but I’m not going!”

Jack says, “Chloe! We have to stick together!”

9:44 am – Chloe says, “No dice, Jack. I’m not! You don’t make fun of Bill because he’s afraid of heights! You don’t make fun of Morris because he’s afraid of monkeys!”

Xander interrupts and asks Morris, “You’re afraid of monkeys? Seriously?”

Chloe continues, “Just get back here before the next hour is up. Then we’ll get on with it.”

Spike gets up and announces, “I’m leaving,” and does so.

Buffy heads for the door too. Jack follows her and says, “Fine. You stay here. I’ll be back later.”


9:50 am – Spike, Buffy and Jack stand in front of the Wharf Club Restaurant. It is completely quiet.

Jack asks, “Are you sure it’s the right place?”

Spike leans over to look at the menu that’s posted on the outside wall, and says sarcastically, “Hmm! Well, let’s see what’s on the breakfast menu, shall we? ‘Blood sausage’, ‘Awful Waffle’, ‘Pansnakes’… Hmm… I don’t know, sounds like your typical breakfast fare…”

Buffy says, “Stop it, Spike! We’re going in.”

9:51 am – They all look into the windows of the place, and it seems completely deserted. The front door is unlocked, so they head inside. They spread out, and start to look around.

The restaurant looks completely normal, for the most part. Nautical decorations cover the walls up to the top of the very tall ceiling. Place settings are laid out on the tables. A neon sign that reads, “Vampires Will Rule The Earth” flashes on the back wall.

They cautiously walk through the front of the restaurant. Jack starts heading towards the back doors which lead to the kitchen. Buffy whispers loudly, “Don’t go back there! It’s probably a trap!”

She and Spike start walking towards Jack. Spike doesn’t look the least bit concerned, and speaks in his normal voice, “About to walk right into a trap! Pffft! Mate, you have a lot to learn about vampires. You’re going to have to leave it to the profess…”

There’s a loud bang, and a net comes off the floor and scoops Buffy and Spike high into the air.

Spike finishes, “…ionals.”

Suddenly the room is swarming with vampires. Buffy yells, “Jack! Look out!” A vampire that was about to grab him from behind misses Jack by inches. Jack rolls on his back over the top of one of the tables grabbing silverware has he goes. Four vampires run at Jack.

Jack starts flinging cutlery in all directions. A couple knives actually meet their marks, but the vampires laugh as they pull the silverware out of their chests. Spike yells, “Are you an idiot? You have to use wooden stakes!” They continue to close in on Jack. Jack picks up a chair by its back legs, smashes it on the table in front of him, and in one fluid motion throws the wooden chair legs at the oncoming vampires. This time the damage is done, and two of the vampires turn to dust. There are two vampires left. Jack runs towards the kitchen.

9:54 am – Jack bursts through the doors, looking for anything he can use as a weapon. One of the vampires comes through the kitchen door, just in time to catch an airborne frying pan right in the face. Jack follows this up with a wooden stake to the heart. The vampire turns to dust as it hits the floor.

The next vampire through the door is more cautious, and ducks as one of the knives goes flying past its head into the door frame. The vampire pulls the knife from the wood, and starts towards Jack. Jack holds a knife in front of him to ward off the vampire. The vampire says, “Mmmmm… Jack Tare-Tare. They said you’d do this. That’s the way I like it: a bit of fight in my meals.” He lunges towards Jack, who dodges away easily. “I thought you learned your lesson? Knives can’t kill vampires!”

Jack lunges forwards and stabs the vampire in the stomach and says, “No, but I’d bet that hurts!” The vampire screams and throws Jack away from him. Jack lands on a prep counter and falls onto the floor. The vampire removes the knife from its stomach.

9:56 am – Still on the floor, Jack scrambles under a table towards the door. He looks around the corner, and doesn’t see anything, so he starts to head for the dining room. A hand reaches down from the counter, and grabs Jack by the neck and lifts him off his feet. Jack struggles to get away as the vampire continues to hold him by the neck. Jack’s feet are off the ground, and he gasps for air. Jack punches the vampire in the stomach several times, but it has no effect.

The vampire says, “They said to finish you off quickly, and then we could have The Slayer. I was thinking of breaking your neck, but you’ve been so much trouble I think it would be better to watch your face as the last bit of blood leaves your body.” The vampire opens its mouth and leans in to bite Jack on the neck. Jack closes his eyes.

THWACK! A cross bow bolt shoots through the air, hitting the vampire in the back. Chloe is standing with a crossbow at the kitchen door. Jack looks down and sees the tip of the wooden bolt sticking through the vampire’s chest, an inch away from his own. The vampire shrugs, says, “Can’t win ‘em all”, and crumbles to dust. Jack drops to the floor, gasping for air.

9:58 am – Chloe drops the crossbow and runs to Jack as Bill and Morris come through the kitchen door. Jack whispers in a raspy voice, “I thought you were afraid of vampires.” Chloe shrugs and says, “Being bitten by one, yes. Killing them, no.”

Outside in the dining area, Buffy’s friends help Spike and Buffy down from the net as Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill come out of the kitchen.

9:59 am – There’s a bright flash.

Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing in a parking lot.

10:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 14 – 8 am to 9 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 14

This episode of “24” is brought to you with limited commercial interruption, because it’s completely made up and we don’t really have any sponsors anyway.

The following takes place between 8 am and 9 am

8:00 am – The team is standing in a hallway, with a telephone booth at the end. Jack’s very upset. “I shot them! I aimed, clicked, and it blew up! They even fell into that canyon, and they lived!”

Chloe tells him, “Sounds like the last time I used Internet Explorer.”

“What it sounds like,” Morris says, ignoring Chloe’s comment, “is whatever it was that allowed you to survive when you fell, it must have worked for them too.”

Bill says, “That is the most logical explanation.”

Jack is still furious, “Who are you, that pointed-eared guy from the space ship we were on a few hours ago, Dr. Spock?”

Bill says, “Mr. Spock?”

Jack says, “Yeah, whatever! ‘Logical’ my….”

Chloe tries to reassure him, “Look, Jack, I know you’re upset. We’re all upset. I think what you said back in the desert was exactly the right thing: We have to just go with whatever is happening.”

Jack mutters, “Embrace the weirdness.”

Chloe says, “Right.”

Jack thinks about this. Morris leans over to Bill and whispers, “I’m going to have a bumper sticker made with that slogan, if we survive this.”

8:05 am – Jack looks up, pulls out his gun, and checks it for ammo. There is none. “Look, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m not sure how we’re going to get out of this… But, I think we’re on the right track. I do know that we’re going to have to be more proactive about how we’re going after these terrorists. We’re going to have to use everything at our disposal to get them.”

As he says this, a black-haired man suddenly rises out of the bottom of the telephone booth. Everyone there looks at each other, confused. The man smiles weakly, turns, grabs the phone handset and presses a button on the phone keypad, and sinks back into the phone booth again. It takes Morris another second to snap out of it, and to say, “Did anyone else just see…”

Jack says, “Yeah, I did….” He runs up to the phone booth, and tries to open the door. It’s stuck. He turns his face away, and smashes the glass in the door with his elbow. He reaches in, and opens the door. There’s no sign of the man. Jack asks, “Where did he go?”

Bill volunteers a suggestion, “It looked like he pressed a key on the keypad.”

Jack nods, “Yeah, he did.” Jack picks up the phone, and presses the same number the man pressed. Nothing happens. He says, “Great! Nothing happened. Now what?”

Chloe says, “Close the door, and try it again.”

Jack closes the door, presses the button, and nothing happens. He shrugs.

Chloe sighs and gives him a look as if this is the simplest thing in the world to figure out, “Hang up the phone!”

8:08 am – Jack hangs up, and the floor shifts. The floor in the phone booth slowly starts to descend. After Jack is completely below the floor, a panel slides cross the empty space.

8:09 am – Back at the warehouse, Fenster continues to look around the room, trying to decide what to do while he’s waiting for backup. He briefly looks up at the television over the archway, and sees that a commercial for the telephone company is running. He continues to look around at the computers.

8:10 am – Jack is lowered into a room below the telephone booth. He hears a man’s voice behind him, “Get off that phone booth pad. What are you doing here?”

Jack turns around and takes a step off the pad. It starts to move up towards the ceiling. The man he saw earlier is holding a gun, and repeats, “I asked you: What are you doing here?”

Jack says, “I’m a federal agent. I’m just trying to figure out what’s happening to us. Things have gotten completely out of control.”

The man looks surprised, puts his gun away, and says, “Well of course they’re completely out of CONTROL. CONTROL is down here, not up there! The name is Smart. Maxwell Smart.” He extends a hand.

Jack is bewildered for a moment, “What?” Then extends his hand and shakes Max’s hand. “Jack Bauer. What is this place?”

8:12 am – As he says this, the ceiling opens again, and the phone booth pad lowers. Morris, Chloe and Bill are all huddled onto the phone booth pad, looking around nervously as it goes to the floor.

The man says, “Hey! One person per time on that pad! I tried that once with 99, and we almost broke it! With the amount of weight you have on there now, it’s sure to break!”

Chloe jumps off the pad before it can reach the floor, and starts towards Max. She says, “Are you calling me fat?”

Jack grabs her before she does something Max will regret.

Max looks suspicious, “I thought you said you were in CONTROL?”

Jack continues to hold the struggling Chloe, and says, “I said that things have gotten out of control. …Chloe! Stop it!”

Chloe struggles a bit more, but finally agrees.

Max says, “You mean you’re not in CONTROL? Hoo boy…. The Chief isn’t going to like this. Come on.” He motions for them to follow along down a corridor.


8:18 am – They get to a set of wooden doors. Max enters the room, and everyone else follows him in. The room is an office. A man sits behind a desk speaking to a woman when the group enters. The man looks surprised that Max has company.

The man asks, “Max, who are these people? This is a secret federal installation!”

Max looks nervous, and then says, “Chief! I’m surprised! These are the new cleaning people we hired!”

The Chief says, “I don’t believe you.”

Max says, “Would you believe I just accidentally ran into these people upstairs by the phone booth?”

The Chief says, “That I would believe.”

8:20 am – Jack interrupts, “Excuse me, sir. Did you say you this is a federal installation? We’re with the federal government.” Morris waves at the Chief. “Are you in charge here? I need to speak with you about something of national importance.”

The Chief says, “Which agency are you….”

Max leans over to Jack and whispers, “Demand The Cone of Silence.”

Jack looks distracted, “What?”

Max whispers, “I said, ‘Demand The Cone of Silence’!”

The woman says, “Max, for heavens sake! We’re right here! We can hear ever word you’re saying.”

The Chief says, “Max, Agent 99 is right. We all have clearances. I’m sure that whatever he has to say can…”

Max insists, “He needs The Cone of Silence. He’s not going to say another word until he gets The Cone of Silence.”

Morris leans over to Bill and asks, “What’s a ‘Cone of Silence’?”

Bill shrugs, “A close relative of ‘The Rhombus of Serenity’? How should I know? I didn’t take geometry in spy school.”

The Chief sighs, “OK… OK… But I swear this the last time we use it.” He motions to a chair cross from him at his desk. “Sit there.”

8:23 am – Jack sits down. The Chief presses a button, and a double dome of clear plastic lowers from the ceiling. One it’s lowered all the way to the desk, the Chief says, “Which agency are you with?”

Jack asks, “What?”

The Chief talks more loudly, “Which agency are you with?’”

Jack repeats, “WHAT?”

The Chief repeats, “WHICH AGENCY ARE YOU WITH?’” He looks exasperated. “This is stupid…” He presses a button and the dome raises back up.

Max says, “You really need to have that fixed, Chief.”

Chloe says, “You know, the weird thing was, we could all hear you perfectly well out here…”

The Chief says, “Never mind all that…. Now, will you please tell me which agency you’re with?”

Jack says, “We’re with CTU. He writes the letters “CTU” on the chalk board near The Chief’s desk.

Max says, “See Two? What kind of agency is that?”

Jack says, “Not ‘See Two’. C… T… U… Counter Terrorism Unit.”

The Chief asks, “Well, why are you here?”

Jack says, “That’s what we’re trying to find out.”

The Chief sighs, “Why do I always get the agents like this….”

Jack says, “That’s not what I meant. We’re chasing terrorists, and we’re being transported to different places. And times. At least we think we are.”

Morris speaks up, “We’re Embracing the Weird.”

The Chief looks at Morris for a moment, and then says, “I’m sure you are.”

8:26 am – Agent 99 asks, “Wait a minute, did you just say you were chasing terrorists?”

Jack says, “Yes…. Why?”

Agent 99 turns to The Chief and says, “Chief! Those must be the people we were just talking about!”

The Chief thinks about this a moment, and says, “You know, you might be right. Max, we’ve gotten some information from the field.”

Max says, “Chief, wouldn’t have been better to get the information from an agent?”

The Chief says, “That’s what I meant. I want you to take these people to the meat packing plant. You’re to meet Agent 13 there, and he’ll fill you in on what he saw.”


8:33 am – It’s about 10 pm at night. A car drives up to the outside of the meat packing plant, and Max, Jack, Bill, Chloe and Morris all get out of the car. Max tells everyone to wait by the car while he makes contact with Agent 13.

He walks over to a garbage can and knocks on it a few times. There’s a loud yell from inside the can, and it starts to move. Max waits while the can moves around a bit, and then starts to try and take the lid off the can. The lid won’t budge at first, but eventually he pries it off. There’s a man inside the can. Max calls everyone over.

Max says, “Agent 13, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Agent 13.”

Bill says, “He’s in a ….”

Agent 13 says, “Garbage can, yeah, I know, I know…”

Max says, “What have you found out?”

Agent 13 says, “Less than half an hour ago, a group of men all dressed in black entered the plant. I think they were talking to Siegfried. They left a short time later.”

Jack says, “Siegfried? Who’s Siegfried?”

Agent 13 looks surprised, “Siegfried. You know…THE Siegfried?”

Jack asks, “The tiger guy?”

Agent 13 doesn’t understand. “Tiger guy? What tiger guy? Max, where did you get this guy? Siegfried, you know… Vice President of Public Relation and Terrorism at KAOS?”

Chloe says, “Chaos? What’s that?”

Agent 13 looks up towards the sky, “I’m here stuck in a garbage can, and new recruits don’t even know what KAOS is. Why do I deserve this?”

Max says, “We’ll take it from here. Thanks, 13.” He starts to put the trash can lid back on.

Agent 13 asks, “Max? Can you do me a favor?”

Max says, “Anything, 13. What do you want?”

Agent 13 says, “Ask The Chief to get me a new assignment soon. Thursday is trash day!”

Max replaces the trash can lid and says, “We’re going to have to sneak in around the back. Come on!”

8:36 am – Max explains that KAOS is an international criminal organization, while the group sneaks around to the back of the meat packing plant. There’s a refrigerated truck parked in the back of the plant. Workers are loading large cuts of meat, which are hanging from the ceiling of the truck. Max, Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill wait for the workers to go back inside for another load of meat, and then sneak towards the back entrance. They’re just about to the door when they hear, “Hands up!”

They look around for the source of this command, and see a side of beef swinging around inside the truck. It turns and they see a man who has attached himself to the side of beef. He’s holding a gun.

Max says, “Siegfried! The Old ‘Hang From a Side of Beef Ambush’ Trick.” He snaps is fingers. “I fall for that every time.”

Siegfried says, “So, they were right! They told us you would be here snooping after them. What luck! We were just here making a recruitment film, and you drop in. Anyway, you’ll never make it to the museum in time.”

Jack asks, “Museum? What museum?”

Siegfried contemplates this for a moment. “Well! I guess it couldn’t hurt to tell you, since you’re all going to die anyway when my workers get back. Keep your hands up and come closer so I can tell you. It’s freezing in here, and I don’t want to hurt my delicate vocal cords.”

8:38 am – They all step forward. Siegfried says, “They’re going after the Amulet of the Drunken Ninja in the museum. It’s on display. I saw it last week when we took a KAOS field trip. We have those about once a month. Brings the….ARGH!”

Jack hits Siegfried in the face, knocking him out. Jack says, “Run for it! Before the workers get back!”

Max says, “We’re going to need some backup! We’re headed back to CONTROL!”


8:45 am – Back at CONTROL headquarters, Max finishes explaining what they found out. The Chief looks puzzled. He says, “Why would they want the Amulet of the Drunken Ninja?”

Jack says, “They’ve been collecting items from some… maybe all… of the places we’ve seen so far. This is must be another item they are trying to collect.”

The Chief says, “I think you might be right.”

Max says, “We’re going to need to go in there with lots of firepower.”

The Chief says, “We don’t have the firepower! Everyone went home for the night already. But I can give you this….” He opens his desk and hands Max something that looks like a gun. He continues, “This was just sent up by the boys in the lab. It’s a prototype laser, which should help you get into the museum without setting off any alarms.” He turns to talk to Jack, just as a loud crack and sizzling noise goes off. He turns back, and half his tie is gone. The gun is still smoking in Max’s hand.

Max says, “Sorry about that chief.”

The Chief says, “Max, be careful with that thing. You’re going to need it too. This is going to be the most dangerous mission you’ve ever been on. You’re going to be facing terrorists and brutal killers!”

Max says, “…and loving it!”

8:48 am – Fenster looks idly the television as he continues to rummage through the computer equipment. He looks away, does a double take and then runs over to the screen. Fenster says, “Jack! What’s he doing on TV? Jack! Jack!” He yells, but Jack, of course, doesn’t answer since he’s on the television screen. He runs back to the console, looking for something that might help him communicate with Jack.


8:53 am – The group sneaks to the back door of the museum, and uses the laser to carefully cut the door lock while at the same time preventing the alarm from going off. They sneak inside the room which is pitch black. Chloe says, “Someone turn on a light!” The lights go on, and four terrorists surround them! One of them is carrying a golden amulet.

One of the other terrorists holds a gun, and points it at them. “Hands up!”

Max speaks up, “You might as well give up! We have the whole building surrounded by 1000 federal officers who are just waiting for me to yell to them, or they’ll come storming in.”

The terrorist says, “I find that hard to believe.”

Max says, “Ah…Would you believe 100 police officers who are waiting for me to bring them something from the museum cafeteria?”

The terrorist says, “I don’t think so…”

Max says, “Would you believe a couple of hobos with a quarter that I gave them to call someone in case we didn’t come out in time?”

The terrorist says, “Now that, I might believe…. But by then, it’ll be too late.”

8:55 am – CLICK! He tries to fire the gun, but nothing happens. CLICK! CLICK! Nothing happens. He yells, “Will SOMEONE make sure that we have BULLETS?” He throws the gun at Jack’s face. Jack catches it before it hits him. All the terrorists go running off towards some stairs. Max, Jack, Bill, Chloe and Morris run after them.

Jack says, “I think they’re headed for the roof!”

8:56 am – The terrorists burst through the door at the top of the stairs at the top of the roof. One of them calls on a walkie-talkie to the driver of a delivery truck who is waiting down below. The truck has two large mattresses strapped to its roof. The terrorists head for the edge of the roof.

Jack and Max reach the top of the stairs. Jack yells for everyone to stop where they are. The terrorists completely ignore this and start jumping off to the waiting truck. The man holding the golden amulet has his back to the ledge of the building says, as Jack approaches him, “You’ll never catch up with us, Bauer. It’ll be the end for you soon.” Jack takes to steps towards the man just as the man steps backwards off the building.

Chloe, Morris and Bill finally reach the top of the stairs. Bill says, “Where are they? Where did they go?”

Jack says, “They all jumped. They must have had a getaway car.”

Max walks over to the edge of the building and looks down. He says, “I think we’re going to be able to recover that amulet.”

Jack says, “They didn’t have a getaway car?”

Max says, “Oh, they had a getaway car…” He hold his fingers close together, so there is a tiny gap between them. “Missed it by that much.”

Chloe says, “I don’t think that’s the last of them. There were a lot more of them before.

8:57 am – Suddenly a phone rings from somewhere. Jack, Chloe, Bill and Morris all look at each other to see who’s cell phone is going off while Max reaches down and removes a shoe.

Max slides a panel off the heal and answers his shoe phone. “Hello?… Who is this? What? Yes… He’s right here.” Max hands the phone to Jack. “It’s for you.”

Jack looks taken aback. He picks up the shoe, puts it up to his ear, and says, “Hello?”

Fenster is on the other end of the phone. “Jack! I’m in the computer room! I found a telephone here that I used to call you. I’m surprised it worked! I’ve been trying to figure out how this thing works!”

Jack says, “We’re chasing after terrorists! I think Cheng is with them! You have to figure out a way to get us out of here!”

Fenster says, “What? No! It can’t be Cheng! He came in voluntarily for questioning about five hours ago. It’s someone else!”

Jack says, “What? How can that be?”

Max interrupts, “Let me have the shoe…”

Jack tells Fenster, “Just a minute, someone wants to talk to you.” He hands Max the shoe. Jack asks, “You needed to talk to him?”

Max closes the phone, “No, my foot was getting cold.”

Jack yells, “Wait! Give me back that shoe….”

8:59 am – There’s a bright flash.

Jack, Morris, Chloe and Bill are standing in front of a high school.

9:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 13 – 7 am to 8 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 13

The following takes place between 7 am and 8 am

7:00 am – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill take a moment to survey their surroundings, squinting because of the bright sun and the wind blowing the desert sand around. There’s a canyon to their left and a road to their right. Jack says, “They’re trying to kill me.”

Morris says, “I would have thought that was obvious by now! They’re trying to kill all of us.”

Jack says, “That’s not what I meant. They were trying to kill me before now.”

Bill looks confused, “What do you mean, ‘before now’? That’s like saying, ‘I’m going to go down to the store yesterday.’ It doesn’t make any sense.”

Jack says, “Exactly! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!”

Chloe says, “Jack’s right. If they really have a temporal displacement unit, they could cause all kinds of havoc! I mean, just imagine if they could turn back time to before President Logan was in office!”

They all look at Chloe. After a moment, Bill says, “You say that like it was a bad thing…”

Chloe says, “You know what I mean. If they were able to go back in time, and eliminated Jack, just think of all the problems that would cause! Think of everything Jack has done since then!”

Jack says, “That doesn’t matter now. We have to stop them…” He stops and points, “Hey, What’s that?”

They turn and look. About twenty yards away, they see a mailbox by the side of the road.

Bill says, “A mailbox? What’s a mailbox doing out here? There’s nothing for miles!”

Jack says, “If there’s a mailbox, that means there’s a town nearby. Let’s keep going.” They continue to walk.

Something small zooms by them at high speed. They all turn to look, and don’t see anything but smoke and feathers.

Morris says, “What was THAT?” as a feather floats in front of his face.

7:05 am – Back at CTU, Fenster walks into Nadia’s office. He says, “I have important news. I have cell phone records.”

Nadia says, “Cell phone records? What are they?”

Fenster says, “They’re lists of numbers of people you’ve called when you use a cell phone, but that’s not important now. I used the records of the cell phone company to coordinate where Jack has been in the last twelve hours. The company records the GPS signal that all CTU issue telephones give out, and I was able to find out where Jack is.”

Nadia thinks for a moment and says, “Uh… don’t get me wrong here, but don’t you think that would be a HUGE security hole? I mean, what if a terrorist figured out how to break into the cell phone company’s records? They could track all our agents! We have to have better security than that!”

Fenster says, “That decision was probably made by the same people who hired the security guards back when Edgar and Lynn died, and who designed the building that kept everything secure…except the sewers!”

Nadia says, “Good point. I’ll have to cancel that option in the cell phone contract for all operatives.”

Fenster says, “Yeah, good luck with that…”

Nadia says, “What were you saying about the cell phone’s GPS coordinates?”

7:07 am – Fenster looks down at the papers he’s holding. “I looked up the last coordinates, and they were in the Abandoned Warehouse District.”

Nadia says, “I want you to go down there personally, and check it out.”

Fenster’s voice goes up an octave, “ME? Why ME?”

Nadia says, “We need someone down there right away. I would send Jack, but he’s gone… I’ll send some backup.”


7:12 am – The group continues down the road. Chloe says, “So far, the terrorists have been in every place we’ve been. Where are they now? There’s nothing but desert out here.”

Jack puts his hand above his eyes, shading them. He points and says, “They could be in the hills over there.” He points in a different direction, “Or they might be in the caves over there.” He puts his hand back down.

Morris says, “They could be in town. There’s no good way of telling.”

Bill says, “Hey! Quiet a minute! What’s that noise?”

They stop talking. There’s a rumble, but it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from. They look in the direction they came from, and see a man in a fur coat standing beside the mailbox that’s now about a quarter mile behind them. A large delivery truck has pulled up to the mailbox. Jack starts to run back to the mailbox, and the others follow. The driver hands the man a package and drives off back in the direction he came from. The man runs to the edge of the canyon and climbs down over the edge.

7:15 am – Jack reaches the edge of the canyon, and looks down to see a small path leading to a series of caves. The others catch up. Jack says, “They must be using that mailbox as a drop point. I’m surprised they didn’t see us.” He starts to climb down the path.

Chloe says, “Jack! What are you doing?”

Jack continues to climb down, “I’m going to check it out. You stay up here.”

Bill says, “I’m not staying up here where there’s no place to hide. I’m coming with you!” Morris and Chloe agree.

Jack says, “Then follow me, and be quiet.”

7:17 am – Fenster slowly drives through the entrance of the abandoned warehouse, with the security fence (that’s not as secure as it used to be) wide open. Fenster notices a business card in the fence. It says, “Ernie’s Fence Repair. Have an ‘abandoned’ warehouse with a fence that needs mending? Call Ernie! 555-4357”.
Fenster talks into a handheld radio, “This is Agent Zoom. I’ve arrived at the destination.”

Nadia’s voice comes from the radio, “Who?”

Fenster says, “Agent Zoom”

Nadia says, “Argent Dawn? What is this, World of Warcraft?”

Fenster repeats, “Zoom! Agent Zoom! You know, like ‘Zoom, Box 350, Boston, Mass, 02134?’ Zoom!”

Nadia says, “Fenster? Is that you?”

Fenster says, “YES! Just call me Agent Zoom! I’m undercover!”

Nadia says, “You’re not undercover! If you were undercover we’d have people guarding you in case you got into trouble and…oops.”

Fenster looks alarmed, “You mean I don’t have backup?”

Nadia says, “Look, we’re short-handed, you know that….Just tell me what you see and get out of there.”


7:26 am – Jack and Bill are all the way at the bottom of the pathway and are standing on a ledge that’s about 30 feet down from the edge of the canyon. Morris is with Chloe also helping her navigate the narrow path. Jack points at a series of caves on his left, motions everyone to go in that direction, and says, “Be careful on this ledge.” He points at the edge of the ledge, “The canyon goes down a lot farther than this, and we don’t want anyone going over the edge here.”

7:27 am – The group reaches the caves and Jack tells the rest of the group to look around the entrances for signs of where the man might have gone. They don’t see anything at first. Jack is just about to enter a cave when Chloe calls him over. “Jack! I think I found some tracks!”

Jack rushes over to her. “Tracks? Where?”

Chloe looks alarmed, “You’re standing on them!” Jack looks down, confused. Where he expected to see footprints, he sees railroad tracks leading to the ledge’s edge into the canyon. They hear the “BEEP! BEEP!” of a car horn from across the canyon. Everyone turns to looks, but can’t see anything but some kind of bird on the other side of the canyon.

7:33 am – Suddenly, a loud roaring noise comes from somewhere inside the cave. The noise gets louder and something comes zooming out of the cave. The man with the fur coat comes zooming out of the cave. He’s wearing roller skates which he’s using on the tracks, and he has a HUGE rocket strapped to his back. Before Jack can react, the man hits Jack, knocking him off balance. The man grabs Jack and they both continue hurdle down the tracks, off the edge, and continue in mid-air above the canyon. They get almost to the other side of the canyon when the rocket loses all power. Jack, the man, and the rocket just hang in mid-air.

Jack laughs and yells, “Hey, why aren’t we falling?” At that exact moment, gravity, which was ignoring them until it realized it was slacking at its regular job, kicks in. Jack screams. He grabs the man by the collar, and realizes the man isn’t wearing a fur coat. In fact, it’s not even a man! It’s a coyote! Now he’s really screaming. Chloe, Bill and Morris all watch helplessly as Jack, the rocket and the coyote fall to the canyon floor below them.

The rocket, which thankfully had gone out, decides at that moment to start up again, speeding their decent to the floor. They hit the ground and there’s a loud explosion. Chloe screams, “JACK!!!” They can’t see anything but smoke rising up from below.


7:37 am – Bill watches over the edge as Morris tries to comfort Chloe, who still in tears. He says, “There’s nothing you could have done. It was all too quick.”

Chloe snaps at him. “I shouldn’t have called him over! If I hadn’t have called him over, he wouldn’t have been on those tracks! It’s my fault! He…”

Bill interrupts, “There’s something moving down there!” Morris and Chloe rush to the edge, and look down.

7:38 am – Below them, the smoke starts to clear revealing clear outlines of coyote and Jack Bauer-shaped craters in the canyon floor. One hand comes out of Jack’s crater, followed by the other. Jack pulls himself out of the crater, still somewhat groggy. Suddenly, the coyote pops its head out of its hole, looks around, jumps out, and runs off. Jack looks up and hears Chloe, Morris and Bill all yelling his name. Jack stands up, sways a bit, heads for the cliff and starts climbing. A rope from above drops down next to Jack, and he grabs it. Bill and Morris pull Jack up the cliff.

7:41 am – Jack barely reaches the top of the cliff when Chloe grabs him and gives him a big hug. Then she smacks him in the face, “Don’t you EVER do that again, Jack Bauer!”

Jack says, “OK! OK! It’s not like I planned that!”

Bill asks, “How did you survive that? Was that a coyote that grabbed you?”

Jack admits, “I have no idea how I survived. Yes, I think it was a coyote.” He shakes his head. “This place is crazy.”

Jack looks along the track he was standing on before, and asks, “Did you look in there? What is that?”

Chloe says, “That’s a cave, Jack.”

They hear machine guns firing, and bullets are raining down from somewhere across the canyon.

Bill yells, “Run for it!”

More gunshots go off, and they all run into the cave.

7:44 am – Jack tries to see who’s shooting at them. He says, “Keep down! There are a bunch of men across the canyon from us. See if you can find anything in here we can use!”

As their eyes adjust, they begin to see what’s in the cave. There are many crates all around the place. Bill says, “Look at this label: it says ‘ACME Flame Thrower – Fastest BBQ In The Neighborhood”, and this one says ‘ACME Rocket – Never Be Late For Work!’ and ‘ACME Batman Suit – Guaranteed to almost always fly’”.

Jack says, “Is there anything in there we can use?”

Bill responds, “No, it doesn’t look like it… Wait.” He picks up something on the floor and says, “There’s a small rocket here, and a pair of roller skates…”

Chloe interrupts, “Jack! Get over here and look at this!”

Jack looks at the catalog Chloe is holding. The cover says: ACME Company – Instant Delivery.

Jack says, “What good is a catalog?”

Chloe says, “Didn’t you see the cover? It says ‘Instant Delivery – Just fill out this card, drop it into an ACME mailbox, and we’ll deliver promptly!’ Order something and we’ll have it delivered!”

Jack says, “I think you’re right. We’re going to need to embrace the weirdness if we’re going to get out of here.”

Jack picks up the catalog and starts leafing through it. “One thousand pound anvil… No… Shoe springs… No… Ah! Here we go! Someone give me a pen!”

Morris says, “How are you going to get past the men? They’ll kill you as soon as they see you!”

Jack says, “You leave that to me! We better hope these are the least observant terrorists ever, or this is never going to work.”


7:51 am – Fenster moves carefully through the warehouse, he finally comes across the room that Jack, Chloe, Bill and Morris were in before they disappeared. The computers are still running, and the archway which the group went through is covered with mist. The television above the archway appears to be showing a western. Fenster calls Nadia, “I think I found something…You better get some people down here right away.”

7:52 am – The men with the machine guns wait outside for some sign of movement from the cave. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise and a large object come barreling out of the cave. It’s one of the cartons, mounted on roller skates with a rocket attached to the top. The men all focus their firepower on the large object as it rapidly heads for the edge of the canyon and off into the air.

While this is happening, Jack scrambles out of the cave and quickly climbs up the pathway to the top edge of the canyon. He runs to the mailbox at the edge of the road, throws the card into the mailbox, and waits. He looks around and sees a large cloud of smoke on the horizon. It’s a delivery truck!

7:54 am – The delivery truck stops in front of the mailbox. The driver hands Jack a large package and drives off. Jack opens up the package and says, “This will do nicely!”

7:56 am – Chloe looks out from the cave and says, “Well, those guys sure killed that empty box. I hope what Jack is trying is going to work.”

7:57 am – The terrorists look down at the crate at the bottom of the canyon and decide that the box is definitely not going to be going anywhere. They start shooting at the entrance of the cave again. Someone starts yelling from the other side of the canyon. They look up. It’s Jack, and he’s holding an ACME Missile Launcher!

7:58 am – Jack fires a missile from the launcher straight at the men. There’s a loud explosion, and the men fall down into the canyon. Jack moves to the edge of the canyon. He looks down, and sees that the men are already getting up and running for cover. Jack says, “What kind of looney tunes place is this?”

7:59 am – There’s a bright flash. Jack, Chloe, Bill and Morris are standing in a hallway in front of a phone booth.

8:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 12 – 6 am to 7 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 12

The following takes place between 6 am and 7 am

6:00 am – Everyone gains their bearings as they try and focus on where they’re standing. Despite the fact that they just appeared out of no where on a busy city sidewalk, no one around them seems to have noticed. Jack points at a clock on the outside of a building, and says, “According to that clock, it’s 9 p.m. here. Let’s get going.” Bill and Chloe follow Jack down the sidewalk. Morris has other ideas.

Morris yells, “That’s it! I’m through! This is completely absurd! All I wanted was a nice quiet dinner out with my friends! In the last week, I’ve been drilled in the shoulder, kidnapped, and shot at. Everything calmed down for a couple of days and now we’re traveling from one crazy place to the next, and just as we’re about to find out some answers to what the heck is going on in that last crazy place, we’re transported away… AGAIN! You all act like this is completely normal! Like you do this sort of thing every day! We don’t even know what city this is!”

Morris turns to an old woman walking her little white dog, and says, “Hey, you! You! What city is this?”

The woman takes one look at Morris and says, “Bite me!”

Chloe and Bill turn to each other and both say, “New York.”

6:04 am – Jack tries to calm Morris down, “OK, so we know we’re in New York. The main thing is that we have to keep going and get those terrorists. They’re collecting items and we need to find out how they’re getting us to jump from place to place. Come on, let’s go!” They all walk down the street.”


6:09 am – A car on the street comes to a screeching halt right next to where the group is standing. Other cars swerve to avoid the car and several drivers say things that aren’t printable in a family blog like this. A tall thin man with brown hair jumps out of the driver’s side of the car. He runs up to Morris and holds up a device that has LEDs on either side of it. The LEDs light up on either side of the device, all the way to the top, as he holds it up to Morris. The man says, “I knew it! I knew it! Hey, Scully!”

Chloe and Bill turn to each other and both say, “New York.”

Scully, a redheaded woman comes out of the passenger side of the car and says, “Mulder, will you leave those people alone?”

6:12 am – Mulder is too distracted to notice what Scully just said. He says, “Scully, these readings are off the chart!” The device emits a high-pitched squeal as he turns a knob. He looks at Morris, “Quick! Tell me what you were just doing!”

Morris sputters, “I… I was just talking to some of my friends…”

Mulder looks at Morris and taps the device again. He runs over to Chloe and Bill, and the device has the same reaction as it did with Morris. Mulder moves over to Jack… same result. Jack puts his hand on the device to move it out of his face and asks, “What’s this all about?”

Mulder mutters to himself, and twists another knob on the device. Scully says, “Mulder! Quit bothering these people!”

Mulder says, “I don’t understand. This temporal displacement detector is brand new!”

Jack says, “What’s a temporal displacement detector?”

Mulder and Chloe simultaneously say, “It detects time travel.”

Mulder looks surprised. “How did you know that?”

Chloe rolls her eyes, “Isn’t it obvious? It has a multivariate temporal adapter on each side. What else could it be?”

6:15 am – A homeless man comes up to Scully to ask for some change, which she gives to him. She looks at Chloe while she’s doing this and says, “Oh no, there are two of you, Mulder…”

Mulder says, “But I don’t understand what could cause these readings. This should be accurate.”

Chloe says, “So, who said it wasn’t? You just asked him what he was just doing, not what he’s been doing for the last twelve hours.”

Scully looks surprised.

Chloe continues, “We’ve been…”

Jack interrupts, “Wait a minute, Chloe. We don’t know who these people are.”

6:18 am – Scully produces a badge, “I’m Special Agent Dana Scully. This is Special Agent Mulder. We’re with the FBI.”

Jack says, “FBI? We’re with CTU! We’ve been looking for another federal agency to talk to! We need to get in touch with CTU as soon as possible?”

Mulder says, “CTU? What’s CTU? “Chasing The Unidentified? Chimpanzees That Undulate? Cow Thong Underwear?’”

Jack says, “Ha, Ha… Real funny. It’s ‘Counter Terrorism Unit’. We’re based out of Los Angeles. You know, the people that stopped more of the nuclear weapons from going off in California a couple of days ago?”

Scully asks, “What do you mean ‘more of the nuclear weapons’? What nuclear weapons?”

Mulder says, “They’re not in our timeline. The bombs that went off didn’t happen here! At least not yet… What year is it where you came from?”

Chloe says, “2007.”

Scully says, “You expect us to believe that? Some little gizmo that he…”, she gestures at Mulder, “…gets from the back of a comic book goes off, and you’re telling us you’re from the future?”

Mulder says, “The readings are accurate. You can’t fake these.” Scully rolls her eyes. “These obviously aren’t the people controlling the temporal field. They probably got caught up in its wake somehow.” He fiddles with the device.

Scully says, “Mulder, let’s leave these nice people here. Sorry to have bothered you folks…”

6:22 am -Mulder turns to Scully, pulls out his gun, and shoots three times. The homeless man that was panhandling a few minutes ago had just started transforming into a very large and ugly monster. Scully doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by this.

Jack points at the dead homeless monster, opening and closing his mouth… he can’t say anything.

Bill says, “WHAT WAS THAT?”

Scully replies, “That? Typical morphing homeless monster… It’s completely explainable.”

Mulder says, “Scully, We can’t just leave them here. We have to help them.” He turns to the group. “You’re coming with us!”


6:27 am – The car arrives at the entrance to a hotel. There is a small sign in front which says, “Annual Meeting of: A.N.T.I. S.K.E.P.T.I.C. – A National Team Investigating Secret Knowledge, Enduring Pathetic Theories, Incognito”. Mulder runs inside, and the rest follow.

A short, scruffy-looking man sits just inside the entrance to a hotel ballroom, which is filled with chairs and a podium. He looks dejected until he sees Mulder running up to him. He brightens up.

The man says, “Mulder! We didn’t think you were going to make it!”

Mulder says, “Frohike, I need to talk to you and Byers and Langly.”

The rest of the group arrives.

Frohike says, “Hey! You brought people with! A group came in here a while ago and registered, and now you. There might be hope for this conference yet.” He eyes Chloe and Scully and says, “Well! Hellooooo, Ladies!”

Scully says, “Stop it, Frohike.” She looks around. “It doesn’t look like you’re having much of a conference.”

Frohike says, “It’s more than last year. The trouble with an anti-skeptic conference is that when you tell people about it, they don’t really believe you.”

6:28 am – Mulder enters the nearly empty ballroom, and walks towards the stage. A tall man with long blonde hair works up on the stage setting up for a presentation.

Mulder says, “Langly! Where’s Byers?” Frohike comes into the ballroom, followed by everyone else.

Langly says, “Huh? What? Oh, hey, Mulder. He went upstairs. He had to grab his laptop. He’s doing a presentation as soon as I get this set up.”

Frohike mumbles, “More PowerPoint poisoning for the masses.”

6:29 am – Mulder says, “This can’t wait. Remember those temporal disturbances you called me about? Well, I have some living proof of it right here.” He motions in back of him.

Langly says, “Empty chairs?”

Mulder looks around, “No! I mean those people back there.” He points at Jack, Chloe, Bill and Morris.

6:30 am – Langly climbs off the stage. Mulder says, “I took a reading with the HQN-5000 earlier. It was off the chart! I thought it was wrong at first, since you said you got the readings here, but I think their story checked out.”

Scully says, “Checked out? You’re kidding, right? These people said they’ve been traveling back and forth through time and space, and you believe them?”

Frohike looks at his watch, “Byers should be back by now. I’m going to check on him.” He leaves.

Langly yells after him, “I’m not manning the door this year!” He turns to everyone and says, “I’m not manning the door this year.”

Jack says, “I’m sure this is all very interesting for all of you to argue about, but we’re chasing after some terrorists, and we need your help.”

6:32 am – Chloe steps up behind Jack and whispers something. Jack turns around and says, “Now?”

Chloe says, “It’s been HOURS. We’ll be right back.”

She says something to Scully, Morris and Bill and they all leave and head to the bathrooms.


6:37 am – Jack says, “We’re wasting time!”

Two gunshots ring out from somewhere outside of the ballroom. Jack runs out of the ballroom, and two more shots ring out. Chloe runs out of the lady’s room, straight into Jack’s arms. She’s crying. “Jack! It was horrible!” Bill and Morris run out of the men’s room.

Jack yells, “Morris! Come here and take care of Chloe! She’s hysterical!”

Morris says, “Well, she’s pretty funny, but I’m not sure I’d call her hysterical…”

Jack runs to the lady’s room, just as Scully walks out of it.

Jack says, “What were those gunshots?”

Scully says, “They were noises that emanated from a firearm when it expelled a projectile. But that’s not important. I took care of the problem.”

Jack says, “What problem?”

Chloe sobs, “That THING tried to attack me!”

Jack says, “Thing? What ‘thing’?”

Scully says, “It was just a gray ooze that slid down the wall, and tried to become bipedal. I took care of it.”

Bill says, “… and you don’t find this the slightest bit strange?”

Scully says, “Uh… no… I mean it was just a gray ooze! This sort of thing happens all the time! Completely explainable.”

6:42 am – More gunshots go off, this time from the lobby.

Jack runs to the lobby, meeting Mulder on the way. They see Byers and Frohike chasing someone who has just left the hotel. Byers stops and yells, “They stole the presentation!” as Frohike runs through the revolving front door. Jack stands still, not understanding why the loss of one PowerPoint presentation is a big deal. Chloe, Bill, Scully and Morris run into the lobby. Chloe has regained her composure.

Byers gets impatient. “I think it was as one of those terrorists that Frohike says you’re after! They stole schematics for a temporal displacement device!” Byers runs out of the hotel, and Mulder follows. Jack still doesn’t understand. Chloe slaps Jack in the back of the head, “We could use that to get back home!”

Jack finally understands, and says “You guys wait here, I’m going after them.” He runs to the door.

Langley says, “…and I’m stuck manning the door!”

6:44 am – Jack runs out of the hotel and looks left and right. He sees Mulder and Byers heading down a flight of stairs to a subway platform.

Jack runs after them. He runs down the stairs, pushing people out of the way as he goes. He makes it to the bottom of the stairs and turns the corner just in time to get shot at. He dives behind a garbage can, and watches as the subway car’s doors slide shut. Frohike takes another shot, but misses badly. Jack runs to the doors and bangs on them. The man dressed in black holding Byer’s laptop waves at Jack as it leaves the station.

6:45 am – Jack yells in frustration. “I can’t believe that just happened! We almost had him! This whole situation is so… so….”

Frohike says, “Cliché?”

Mulder says, “I’ve already phoned Transit Authority. They’re going to stop that car at the next station. We’ll meet it there.”

Jack says, “Well, then what are we waiting for?” They move through the crowd, which doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about what just happened. Frohike and Byers run up the stairs pushing the crowd out of the way as they run. Jack and Mulder follow.

6:46 am – As Jack and Mulder make their way up the stairs, Mulder bumps into someone. The man continues on his way down the stairs. Mulder reaches into his pocket and says, “Hey you!” The man he bumped into turns, and Mulder tosses the man a clove of garlic. The man recoils at the garlic and vaporizes into a puff of smoke.


6:51 am – Jack and Mulder enter the lobby. Langly talks to Chloe while the others listen.

Chloe says, “I think we have something Jack.”

Frohike says, “That’s just what I was thinking, baby…”

Chloe slaps him in the back of the head. “That’s not what I was talking about! Langley, tell Jack what you just told me.”

Frohike rubs the back of his head. “Feisty!”

6:53 am – Langley says, “… Anyway, I was just telling Chloe here that I think I might know what’s happening.”

He pauses. Jack says, “AND….?”

Langley says, “Chloe described what’s been happening for the last twelve hours. I think what’s happened is that you’ve entered some kind of temporal vortex. The people you were chasing after set this up so they can travel through time looking for things. They probably weren’t counting on you being with them on this little trip of theirs.”

Mulder says, “So they must be thrown off course! That makes a lot of sense!”

Scully says, “EVERYTHING makes sense to you…”

Chloe says, “Homeless monsters? Gray ooze in the bathroom? That makes sense?”

Scully says, “Sure it does! It’s completely explainable by science.”

Chloe mutters, “Yeah, science FICTION.”

Jack says, “Stop it! We have to hurry and follow them to the next station. I’ll meet you out front, I have to take care of something.”

They all leave to go to the front of the hotel, and Jack heads to the men’s room.

6:56 am -Just as Jack is about to walk into the men’s room, a voice says, “Mr. Bauer!”

Just off the lobby, Jack sees a man smoking a cigarette in the back of a bar. He beckons to Jack to join him, and says, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Jack walks into the bar. Jack tries to make out the man’s features, but can’t because of the lighting. Jack asks, “How do you know my name?”

The smoking man says, “We’ve been watching you, Mr. Bauer.” Jack rushes forward, only to be stopped by two large men who step out of the shadows. They open their jackets. One man shows off the holstered guns he’s carrying. The other man shows a menacing submarine sandwich, realizes his mistake and then shows off the gun he’s carrying under the other side of his jacket.

Jack asks, “What do you want?”

The smoking man takes a long drag on his cigarette, “Want? I want to help you, Mr. Bauer. It’s important to my organization.”

Jack says, “Why is it important to you? Who are you?”

The smoking man laughs, “I thought that would be obvious why it would be important, Mr. Bauer. They’re going to try and kill you.”

Jack says, “They? Who’s ‘they’?”

6:58 am – There’s a flash of light, and Jack is gone.

The smoking man slams his fist on the table, “I have to quit being so melodramatic.” He pulls out a cell phone and speaks into it. “Temporal displacement occurred on schedule.”

6:59 am – Jack, Morris, Chloe and Bill are standing beside a highway in the desert.

7:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 11 – 5 am to 6 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 11

The following takes place between 5 am and 6 am

5:00 am – Jack opens his eyes. He’s lying flat on his back on foliage from the jungle that surrounds him. He tries to sit up, but has trouble doing so. He hears some screaming from somewhere around him. He pushes himself to a sitting position in time to see one of the terrorists run past, screaming like a little girl. Jack looks around, but doesn’t see anything else.

Jack checks the gun he grabbed from Barney, and sees that there aren’t any bullets in the chamber. Jack says to himself, “What kind of deputy has a gun with no bullets in it?” He gets up and puts the gun away. He takes a look around, shrugs, and starts to walk quickly in the direction the terrorist came from.

5:02 am – Chloe, Morris and Bill are out on the beach, looking around to see if they can figure out where Jack ended up. Bill says, “Haven’t we been here before? This looks like the same beach that we were on a few hours ago. What were the names of those people?”

Chloe says, “Um….There’s Gilligan… The Skipper too…”

Morris interrupts, “The millionaire, and his wife….”

Bill says, “The movie star….”

Chloe and Morris both say, “The Professor and Mary Anne!”

They all look at each other. Morris says, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think we were about to break out into a cheesy song!”

Bill says, “Maybe we can head into the jungle and talk to that Professor guy, to see if he can help us.” They hear a loud noise, like the roar of a very large animal. A few of the palm trees in the jungle disappear, as if something large stomped on them. The noise stops.

Morris says, “Guys… Where are we?”

Chloe says, “I’m going to say that’s the jungle’s special way of telling us not to go in there. I’m heading down the beach until we can see something.” Bill and Morris readily agree, and they head off down the beach, while keeping an eye on the jungle.

5:05 am – Jack walks into a clearing with a pond and a small waterfall. He walks to the water’s edge, bends over and uses his hands to take a small sip. Satisfied that the water is O.K., he takes a bigger drink and washes off his face to refresh himself. He hears a voice and looks up. There’s a young boy standing across the pond from him. The boy is soaking wet. Jack yells, “Hey, kid!”

The boy holds up a single finger to his lips to tell Jack to be quiet, and says, “Ouyay avehay otay opstay ethay erroriststay. Ethay erroriststay areway adbay. Easeplay on’tday ootshay emay inway ethay ighthay.”

The boy turns and walks away. Jack yells again, “Hey! Kid! Stop!” and goes running after him.

5:07 am – Chloe, Morris and Bill continue down the beach to a point where it turns and heads back inland. When they reach this point, Chloe gasps. They can all see the remains of a plane crash. Wreckage is up and down the beach, and the fuselage of the plane further down the coast. They all start to run towards it.

5:09 am – Jack runs through the jungle, but loses sight of where the boy went. He continues anyway. He can see the ocean up ahead. He breaks through the jungle, and sees a man sitting on the beach watching the waves. Without turning around, the man says, in a Scottish accent, “You’re not supposed to be here, Jack.”


5:15 am – The man on the beach turns and looks at Jack. He says, “Are you just going to stand there for another five minutes? It’s like you were just waiting for a commercial to end!” Jack takes a step towards the man, and says, “How did you know my name? Where’s the kid?”

The man says, “Kid? What kid? …. Oh, you must mean Walt. Never mind him, none of us can understand a word he’s saying. I’m not even sure he’s real.”

Jack repeats, “I’m going to ask you again: How did you know my name?”

The man says, “I don’t know, Jack. I just do. All I know is, you and your friends aren’t supposed to be here.”

Jack says, “You know where my friends are? Tell me where they are!” Jack pulls out the empty gun.

Jack hears a gun trigger click behind him, and he hears a voice, “Not so fast there, Hot Shot.”

5:18 am – Chloe, Morris and Bill reach the main parts of the wreckage. Morris says, “If anyone survived this, I bet they’ll get a bunch of frequent flier miles…” Chloe punches him in the arm.

Bill says, “Look at this… It looks like someone must have survived, because everything in here has been stripped for parts.”

They hear a loud scream, and see two terrorists at the edge of the jungle being chased by a polar bear. Chloe points and says, “And that’s why we didn’t go into the jungle.”

5:20 am – Jack is now sitting on the beach, with the Scottish man, a tall blonde man with a rifle, and a large Hispanic man standing a distance away from him. The blonde man says, “Tell us again, Trigger Happy.”

Jack says, “I told you: We’ve been blinking from place to place. My friends and I have been chasing after terrorists. I don’t know how we got here. I just want to catch the terrorists.”

The Hispanic man examines the gun Jack was carrying, “Sawyer, his gun isn’t even loaded. If he wanted to kill Desmond, he couldn’t have.”

Desmond says, “Hurley’s right. If he wanted to hurt me, I would be dead already. He’s just not supposed to even be here.”

Hurley says, “Sawyer, just put the gun down.”

Sawyer says, “I don’t care what Grimace says, or what you have to say Nostradamus… This guy pulled a gun. And that’s good enough for me.” He pokes Jack with the end of the rifle.

Jack spins around, grabs the rifle barrel with his legs and twists it out of Sawyer’s grasp. He grabs the rifle and throws it down the beach.

Sawyer says, “O.K.! O.K.! No need to get touchy there, Trigger Happy!”

Hurley says, “You used that one.”
Sawyer says, “What?”

Hurley says, “You said ‘Trigger Happy’. You already used that one.”

Sawyer says, “Oh quiet down, Grimace.”

Desmond says, “You used that one too.”

Sawyer says, “Huh? What? Be quiet, Hugo! I’m trying to talk to Trig… I mean, Mr. Bang Gun here.”

Hurley laughs. “’Mr. Bang Gun?’ Dude, did you just say, ‘Mr. Bang Gun’? I can’t believe you said that. You have to start thinking up better nicknames. Next thing you’ll be doing is calling me H.R. Puffinstuff.”

Sawyer says, “Shut up, Hugo! Let’s take him to Jack.”

Desmond says, “Jack, you really shouldn’t be here.”

5:23 am – Chloe, Morris and Bill continue to look around the wreckage. Morris bends over to look at something on the ground, just as a gun shot rings out. The three of them hit the dirt, looking around for the person that’s shooting at them.

A dark-haired woman holding a rifle emerges from the jungle, and yells, “Stay on the ground.” She walks to Chloe and says, “You. You’re not one of the crash survivors.” She looks at Bill and Morris. “None of you are. You’re not with The Others.” She puts the gun away. “Who are you?”

Chloe says, “My name is Chloe. That’s Morris, and that’s Bill. We’re looking for our friend Jack.”

The woman says, “You know Jack? How do you know Jack?”

Bill says, “Jack works with us. We’re looking for him.”

The woman says, “He’s back at the camp.”

5:25 am – Morris says, “That’s an interesting accent, if you don’t mind me saying so. What nationality is that? It sounds Croatian.”

Bill gives Morris a strange look, “Croatian? What? Where the heck did you get that?”

The woman says, “My name is Danielle. I’m French.”

Morris turns to her, “French? That’s a French accent? You’ve got to be kidding me…”

5:26 am – Chloe says, “Quit arguing. We need to find Jack. Do you know a way off this island? We’ve seen some pretty strange things so far. How did you get here?”

Danielle says, “I was shipwrecked on this island 16 years ago. The other people in my party died. I’ve survived the smoke monster, visions of dead people, and haven’t been captured by ‘The Others’. If I had a way off this island, I would have taken it.”

Bill leans over to Morris, “Smoke monsters? Visions of dead people? ‘Others’? Add her to the ‘pretty strange things we’ve seen so far’ category…”

5:28 am – Danielle turns her head and looks towards the jungle. She says, “We need to get off the beach. Come with me.” She starts to head back into the jungle, but none of them follow her. She becomes more insistent, “The bears and the smoke monster are gone. The Others are coming! We have to take cover!” She runs into the jungle, leaving them on the beach.

Bill says, “You know, if a woman who could blow away anything with a rifle she’s carrying gets scared of something, it might be good idea to follow her advice, even if she does sound a little crazy.” Bill starts to run for the jungle, and slides into some of the underbrush in some bushes. Chloe dives in after him. Morris quickly joins them both by sliding into the underbrush. He turns his head and his noise comes within an inch of the point of a knife.

Morris says, “For a deserted island, it sure is crowded.” The man holding the knife motions for him to be quiet. He points towards the jungle. Everyone stops moving, trying not to make any kind of noise.

5:31 am – Everything is quiet for a few moments. Then they hear a group of people approaching. Chloe looks out from the branches she’s hiding behind and sees that one of the terrorists has been captured by a group of people. The terrorist is bound and gagged. Some of them are wearing really worn out clothes, while others are dressed normally. A small man with short-cropped hair talks with one of the men in the group. He says, “He’s not going to tell us anything. They must have come from the same boat as that helicopter. I think they’re headed to the 815 camp. I’m sick of their interfering! When we get back, I want you to organize a search party to chase them down and kill them all!” They continue on their way.

5:33 am – As soon as everything is quiet, the man with the knife says, “They’re gone! We have to get back to camp and warn them!”


5:38 am – Jack arrives at the camp with Hurley, Desmond and Sawyer. They pass by a few people. Jack says “Hello” to a few people, but none of them respond. Jack asks, “Why aren’t these people saying anything?”

Hurley says, “They never say anything. It’s the strangest thing. A bunch of us talk all the time, but the rest them never say anything. All they do is hand food back and forth to each other, and fold laundry.”

Sawyer says, “Except for Tricky and Apollo.”

Desmond says, “Who?”

Hurley replies, “He means Nikki and Paolo. Yeah, that was weird. None of these other people who survived the plane crash say a thing. Then one day Nikki and Paolo speak up and start talking to us. Then ‘whammo’! A few days later, they’re dead! Now everyone is afraid to talk to us.” He looks up and points, “There’s Jack and Kate.”

5:40 am – Jack says, “Who’s this?”

Hurley says, “His name is Jack. He’s looking for some of his friends.”

Desmond says, “He shouldn’t be here.”

Jack says, “Look, I don’t have time for this. I’m chasing down terrorists. I have to find my friends, and I have to find them now.”

Hurley points, “Hey! It’s Locke! He’s got some people with him!”

5:41 am – The man with the knife, Chloe, Morris and Bill come running into camp. Locke yells, “Jack!”

Jack and Jack simultaneously say, “What?”

Jack looks at Jack Bauer and says, “Jinx!”

Desmond says, “None of these people are supposed to be here.”

Jack says, “Chloe! Morris! Bill! Are you O.K.?”

Locke yells, “They’re coming! They’re going to come into camp and kill us all!”

Desmond says, “Yeah, even the people that aren’t supposed to be here!”


5:43 am – Everyone in the camp is grabbing things from their tents. Jack, Locke, and Kate are organizing people, while Jack Bauer and Sawyer go through a bunch of weapons in Sawyer’s tent. Chloe is helping a woman with a baby, and Bill and Morris are helping with supplies.

Locke yells to everyone, “We have to leave now! We’re heading towards the new station! We have to get there quickly!” The group starts heading into the jungle. Locke tells Jack that he’s going to scout ahead.

5:45 am – Chloe talks to the woman she’s helping, who’s name is Claire. Claire says, “It’s kind of weird. I just realized that of all the people that survived the plane crash, or anyone else we’ve seen so far… None of us have the same name. Your Jack the first person that we’ve seen that has the same name as anyone else here!”

Chloe thinks about this for a minute and realizes, “You know something? I don’t think I have two friends with the same name either? That’s really weird!”

5:46 am – They arrive at the station, and people start going in. Sawyer hands both Jacks a gun, and tells them he expects to have them back when they’re done.

Locke comes back out of the jungle. “They’re headed this way. Get everyone inside.”

5:47 am – Everyone scrambles into the station, and waits.

5:48 am – Nothing happens.

5:49 am – Nothing happens again.

5:50 am – Nothing happens for a third time.

5:51 am – A voice calls out from the jungle, “Jack! Jack Shepard! I want to speak with you!” The small man comes out from amongst the trees. Chloe says, “That’s the guy we saw in the jungle!”

Jack Shepard starts to leave the station, but Jack Bauer stops him and says, “I’ll go.” Shepard says, “That’s Ben. Don’t trust him. He’s dangerous.”

Jack says, “So am I.”

5:52 am – Jack Bauer walks out of the station, which seems to surprise Ben a little. Ben regains his composure and says, “I want to talk to Jack.”

Jack says, “I’m Jack.”

Ben says, “You’re not who I want to talk to.”

Jack says, “Well, I’m the one that you’re getting. Why are you bothering these people?”

Ben says, “Bothering? ‘These people’ come to MY island. They capture and beat ME. They blow up and kill people from my group. And I’m the one ‘bothering’ them?” He pulls out a gun and points it at Jack. “Now get out of my way!”

5:53 am – A loud noise comes out of the jungle. Trees start to get uprooted and thrown aside. Ben panics and runs off back into the jungle, leaving Jack standing there. Desmond yells to Jack, “Get the hell out of there!”

Black smoke comes pouring out of the jungle to Jack’s left and stops in front of him, as if it has a mind of its own. Sparks show throughout the smoke cloud as it hangs there in front of Jack. We can see brief scenes of Jack’s life in the cloud as it hovers right in front of him.

Suddenly, the sparks and pictures stop. The smoke makes a yelping noise like a dog that has been scolded, and it disappears into the jungle.

5:55 am – Jack heads back to the station. Jack Shepard steps out of the doorway and tells Jack, “I’ve never seen it do anything like that.”

Hurley comes running from the station, and says, “We found another one of those movies.”

5:56 am – They follow Hurley into a small room, which leads into a large conference room. Everyone is piled in there. Locke says, “We’ll play the movie as soon as everyone gets here.”

Locke comes over. “One of the new people was looking at one of the computers, and this slid out from a panel inside of it.” He hands a film reel to Jack Shepard.

Jack hands it back, “Well, go play it!”

Locke goes over to a film projector, threads the movie, and asks for the lights to be let down.

5:58 am – Someone turns off the lights, and the film starts.

The film that plays looks a lot like movies that kids used to see in late sixties or early seventies, with music to match. A man in a white lab coat appears on the screen.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Marvin Candle. Welcome to observation station number 8, ‘The Duck’. What I have to tell you is of utmost importance. You probably have seen a lot of strange things on this island. Polar bear experiments, button pressing, smoke monsters. I can explain all of this to you now. The …”

There’s a bright flash.

5:59 am – Jack, Morris, Bill and Chloe are standing on sidewalk in a city.

6:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 10 – 4 am to 5 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 10

The following takes place between 4 am and 5 am

4:00 am – Everyone looks around. Morris says, “You know, every other time this happened, we were somewhere completely different. This looks the same, except the armored car is gone.”

Chloe points out, “So is the guy who was in that car.”

Bill interjects, “and that pig that just went by with wires in its mouth.”

Jack says, “His name was Arnold.”

Chloe says, “Well, where is Arnold now? Did he drive off with that pig?”

Jack tells her, “Arnold IS the pig. The guy’s name was ‘Eb’”.

Morris asks, “His name was ‘Eb’? What kind of name is that?”

Chloe says, “Oh, so says ‘Morris’! What kind of name is ‘Morris’? You sound like you could be in a cat food commercial!”

Morris says, “Yeah, and I’m sure there were just a million little girls named ‘Chloe’ when you were a child in school…”

Jack interrupts, “STOP IT! Both of you! We can’t just stand here.” He points down the road. “They were headed in that direction. Let’s go that way.”

4:03 am – Back at CTU, Fenster’s telephone rings. He answers it, and it’s Nadia. She asks, “Where’s that report? I asked for it hours ago!”

Fenster says, “We’re getting that information now. We’ve tracked down where they were about ten hours ago. The data will be up on the screen in a minute, and I’ll get it printed out and on your desk in a few minutes.”

Nadia says, “You know, this one better have a cover sheet. Did you get that memo?”

4:04 am – Jack, Bill, Chloe and Morris head down the dirt road. The cornfields on either side of them have given way to trees. They continue along the road while they talk.

Chloe tells Jack, “When we were in the back of that armored car, I overheard one of them talking about ‘obtaining item’. There was a box of stuff in the back with us.”

Jack asks, “What kind of ‘stuff’?”

Chloe says, “It looked completely useless to me. There were some coconut halves, a baseball, and a glass dome with an old-fashioned stock ticker. It didn’t look like anything valuable, that’s for sure.”

Morris says, “I just had a terrible thought. What…. What if we’re chasing after garage sale addicts?”

Bill rolls his eyes, “Garage sale addicts don’t break into people’s homes to steal documents out of a safe. Garage sale addicts don’t shoot at you. Garage sale addicts don’t wire cars with explosives.”

Morris says, “You just don’t go to the kind of garage sales that I do….”

4:06 am – Jack asks Chloe, “Did they say anything else?”

Chloe says, “They seemed pretty shaken up about what happened in Miami. The guy in charge was upset that they couldn’t get the item they were looking for. That was the guy you thought was ‘Darth Vader’. I still can’t believe you thought it was ‘Darth Vader’”. She shakes her head.

They continue to walk in silence until Bill points at something in the distance. “Hey! There are some people over there!”

They look over. A man and young boy are fishing at the side of a lake some distance away from the road. The young boy throws a rock into the water.

Jack says, “Let’s just keep going.”

4:09 am – Fenster comes into Nadia’s office at CTU and puts a pile of papers on her desk. He says, “Intelligence indicates that a movie theater exploded in the last known vicinity of Jack. We have reason to believe he was having dinner with Chloe, Morris and Bill.”

Nadia looks at him, exasperated. “’Intelligence indicates’? ‘We have reason to believe…’? Quit the mumbo-jumbo, and tell me where you found this out.”

Fenster looks down at his shoes. “…..Internet news sites….”

Nadia slams her fist on the table. Then she lifts it up, shakes it a few times and says, “Ow!” She remembers that Fenster is standing there in front of her. She points at him, “Now look! You’ve had hours to find out what’s happened to Jack. Now all we know is that Chloe, Morris and Bill were with him. I want you to go back out there and find out what happened….without resorting to news stories on the Internet! You know what kind of people are out there! The next thing you’ll be telling me is that you’re looking for information on blogs!”

Fenster says, “Well, as a matter of…”

Nadia yells, “OUT!”

4:12 am -A van with a group of people dressed in black pulls away from a country gas station. One of them still has a black mask on, and is giving orders to head into town. The disguised voice sounds electronic, “I don’t want any screw ups! We’ve got to handle this just the right way!”


4:17 am – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill continue to walk down the dirt road. Morris asks, “Why would they be taking things like that? It’s not like the things they’re taking are valuable. It’s not like they would know where they would be….”

Bill says, “Unless…”

Jack says, “Unless… what? What’s with the dramatic pauses?”

Bill says, “Well, they’re dramatic! I’ve hardly said a thing for the last nine hours, and now that I finally have something to say, I wanted to be dramatic!”

Chloe mutters, “This better be good…”

Bill continues, “What if those items really are valuable. What if the people we are chasing know exactly what they’re looking for, and where they’ll be able to find it?”

Morris looks unconvinced, “Oh, come on! How is a baseball valuable? An antique stock ticker? They stole coconuts for crying out loud! That’s completely unbelievable!”

Chloe says, “Oh, and hopping around from place to place, is believable? We hop from Miami to the middle of ….wherever this is, and that’s believable?”

Morris thinks about this for a moment. “Well, you do have a point about that.”

Jack says, “I’m not sure if Bill’s right or not, but it’s the only thing we really have to go on right now. Let’s keep going.”

4:21 am – The van pulls up outside of a barber shop, which is right next to a court house. Outside of the barber shop, a woman is talking to a deputy. Two men get out of the van and go into the barbershop as a customer is leaving.

The man says, “Oh, hi Barney! Thelma Lou! Did you hear? There are some real rock and roll musicians staying at the boarding house! They’re from England!”

Thelma Lou says, “Hello, Howard! That’s very interesting! Have you talked to them?”

Howard says, “Oh no, I haven’t.” He lowers his voice, “I think they’re HIPPIES! They have long hair and everything!”

Barney says, “Maybe I should go over and…”

Thelma Lou says, “Now, Barney! They’re not hurting anyone. Just leave them alone.” She turns to Howard, “I was just telling Barney how delighted the children are that Barney is helping out with the school play!”

Barney sniffs, hikes up his belt, and says “Well, you know, Thelma Lou, I was going to be an actor before I dedicated my life to law enforcement. There was a lot of interest in me, let me tell you!”

Thelma Lou says, “Really? Barney, I had no idea!”

Barney replies, “Yes, indeed! I was this close to being in the ads in the back of those comic books.”

Howard says, “I remember that! It was for those Charles Atlas ads where the bully on the beach kicks sand in the face of that little guy.”

4:24 am – Barney gets agitated, “Now, now…never you mind about that! Thelma Lou, when do I pick up my costume?”

Thelma Lou says, “They’re just about finished with it. They were just deciding on a color.”

Barney looks surprised, “A color? Dinosaurs are green! Everyone knows that! How am I going to look if I’m not green?”

Thelma Lou says, “Now, Barney, they ran out of green painting the rest of the set. They’re going to paint your costume purple.”

Now Barney is REALLY agitated. “Purple? PURPLE? Who ever heard of such a thing?”

Howard says, “You never know, Barney. I think it’ll be quite popular with the children.”


4:29 am – Jack, Chloe, Morris and Bill finally reach a service station. Jack asks, “We’re trying to get to the nearest town so we can rent a car.”

The man looks confused about this, “Rent a car? I don’t know about that, but the town is just up the road a piece. Just keep going, you can’t miss it.”

Chloe holds up a bottle. “This soft drink costs fifteen cents!”

The man looks ashamed, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. We had to raise our prices, on account of the prices went up in Mount Pilot. That’s where we get ‘em from.”

Jack says, “Never mind that, Chloe. We have to get to town to see if we can track those guys down.”

The man asks, “What guys are you talking about?”

Jack replies, “We’re from the federal government. The men we’re after are wanted criminals. They are dressed in black….”

The man says, “Shazam! Them fellers just drove out of here a little while ago! They asked directions to town too!”

Jack says, “That’s them! Now this is really important! We need to get to town as quickly as possible! Do you have truck we can borrow?”

4:34 am – Inside of the barber shop, the two men are talking to the barber. One man is tall, and the other is short and bald.

The tall man says, “So, do you a lot of business? Maybe you should …. Buy some ‘advertising’ from us…”

Floyd says, “Wha? Ooo! Hmm! Never had to do advertising before. Been mostly word of mouth.”

The bald man says, “Yeah, we’d be pretty happy to make sure that nothing happened to this place. You can’t let word get around that someone bad happened…”

Floyd says, “Advertising that would…. Hmmm? What? What did you just say?”

“I said, you better make sure that nothing happens to this place, you know…. Like THIS!”

Both men pull cans out of their bags and start throwing paint all over Floyd’s barbershop…and on Floyd!

The tall man steps forward in a very threatening way, “Listen old man, you’re going to have to start to pay us right now!”

4:38 am – Barney happens to look into the window while this is happening, and rushes into the barber shop.


4:44 am – The gas station attendant drives a pickup truck into town, and stops in front of the court house. Jack and Chloe get out of the front of the truck, and Bill and Morris get out of the back of the truck. The English musicians from the boarding house are walking along, looking at the stores, unaware that anything has happened.

The attendant says, “We should stop here and get Sheriff Taylor!” A police car drives up right behind the pickup truck and stops. The attendant points, and says, “There he is now!”

Sheriff Taylor and a young boy get out of the car. Sheriff Taylor says, “Gomer! What’s the matter? Who are all these people?”

Gomer says, “Andy! These people said they’re with the federal government. They’re after dangerous criminals!”

Andy looks alarmed and turns to the little boy. “Opie, I want you to go home to Aunt Bea. I have to take care of something. Run along, now.”

Opie replies, “Yes, Pa.” He turns to Jack, “Good luck finding those criminals!” Opie leaves.

Jack says, “Sheriff Taylor, I’m Jack Bauer with CTU Los Angeles, we’re on the trail of….”

4:49 am – Barney walks out of the courthouse, and looks entirely smug with himself. “Now, now! I’ve got the situation completely under control.”

Andy says, “Now wait a minute! What situation? What’s this all about?”

Barney says, “Well, you see Andy, I was out in front of Floyd’s Barber Shop talking to Thelma Lou when these two guys drive up in that delivery van over there….”

Andy looks in the direction Barney is pointing. “What delivery van?”

Barney looks over, sees the delivery van isn’t there anymore, and does a double-take. His voice goes at least an octave higher when he says, “But it was just right there!”

4:51 am – Barney runs down to Floyd’s shop, and everyone follows. He yells, “Floyd!” Floyd comes out of the shop. “Floyd! What happened? Where’s that delivery truck?”

Floyd comes out of the barbershop. He’s completely covered with pink paint. The musicians walk right up to Floyd just has he comes out of his barbershop. Floyd is completely covered in pink paint. One of them says, “You know, that would be a good name for a rock band!” They cross the street.

Barney says, “Floyd! Where’s that delivery truck?”

Floyd says, “Hmm? Wha…. Delivery truck? What del… Hmmm? I don’t know. It was here a minute ago.”

Barney looks concerned, “Andy, you have to believe me. Their van was right here!”

Andy says, “Calm down, calm down. Whose van are you talking about?”

Barney says, “Those two men I arrested! They were trying to force Floyd to pay them money! They threw paint all over the barbershop!” He leans close to Andy, “They thought they’d come into a small town and push people around! Little did they know they’d have Barney Fife to deal with!”

Andy says, “Now, Barn…. Calm down.”

Jack asks, “Where are these men?”

Barney says, “What? Oh! I have them locked up! Come on! He runs back into the courthouse.”

4:54 am – Everyone follows. Inside the courthouse, Barney triumphantly points at the two men in the jail cell. “YOU SEE?”

A man in an adjacent cell says, “Hey, Andy….”

Andy says, “Hey, Otis.” Andy turns back to Barney, “Now I want you to explain what happened. Exactly what happened?”

Otis tries to interrupt again, “Andy….”

Andy says, “Otis, not now… we’re trying to….”

There’s loud explosion. The back of the wall to Otis’ jail cell caves in, and Otis is knocked to the floor. Several men dressed in black with masks over their heads look into the cell as the smoke is clearing. One of them slaps another in the back of the head and says, “You got the wrong one!”

Barney hastily pulls out his gun. Jack yells, “Get those guys! Here I need this!” Jack takes the gun out of Barney’s hand and says, “Follow me!” Everyone heads out of the courthouse and start to run around to the back. There’s another explosion. The group reaches the back of the courthouse, and sees that another large hole has been made, this time in the back of the other jail cell. There’s no one inside of it.

4:57 am – They all stand there dumbfounded for a moment until Andy says, “Otis!” He runs into the other jail cell and turns Otis over. Otis starts to wake up. Everyone else comes in to see if Otis is OK. Andy asks, “Otis! Are you alright?”

Otis blinks awake. “Andy! What happened?”

Andy says, “You just rest here.”

Otis says, “I remember! I was trying to tell you! One of those two guys grabbed something off of your desk when Barney brought them in!”

Chloe says, “They got something else!”

Barney says, “You mean they staged all that, just to get into the courthouse??”

4:58 am – There’s loud squeal of tires somewhere outside. Jack says, “The terrorists!”

Jack runs down the alley, and sees the delivery van doing a U-turn, heading back in his direction. He points the gun right at the driver as the car comes driving right at him! Jack pulls the trigger! CLICK! Nothing happens! CLICK! CLICK! Nothing happens two more times! Jack dives out of the way just in time.

4:59 am – There’s a bright flash.

Chloe, Morris and Bill are standing on a beach. There’s no sign of Jack.

5:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 9 – 3 am to 4 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 9

The following takes place between 3 am and 4 am

3:00 am – The armored car drives down the road at high speed with Jack barely hanging onto the roof. As it slides around a corner, the driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a country store. Jack is unable to hold on to the roof any longer. He falls off the roof, rolls through the front doors of the store, and slams against the counter inside. The shopkeeper, who has been on the phone while this happened, tells the person he’s speaking with, “Hold on… It just happened again. I’ll call you back later.” A man with white hair who has been looking at items in the store rushes over to Jack. The shop keeper hangs up the phone and goes around the counter to examine Jack too.

3:02 am – As they do this, another man walks into the store. He is wearing a brown coat and a tan hat. The man looks down at Jack and says, “I didn’t know Sam was setting up a hotel! Don’t you think the Shady Rest will be a little upset by you asking people for money to sleep here?”

The white-haired man tells him, “Mr. Kimball, Sam isn’t asking people for money. This man just came through the door!”

Mr. Kimball replies, “Hi, Mr. Douglas. Sam isn’t asking for money? That’s a good idea. That’ll probably put your competition out of business in no time.”

Mr. Douglas says, “He’s not trying to put anyone out of business. We’re just trying to help this man.”

Jack starts to stir, and says, “Oh, my aching head!”

Mr. Douglas says, “Sam, help me get him up in that rocking chair.”

Mr. Kimball says, “If you’re not trying to put anyone out of business, not charging money for people to stay here is a funny way of doing it.”

3:04 am –Mr. Douglas asks Jack if he’s all right. Jack tells him that he thinks he’s OK, but he could really use a telephone. Jack passes out again.

Mr. Douglas says, “Maybe we better not move him.”

Mr. Kimball tells Sam, “He sure does sleep a lot. Guess that’s probably because check-out time isn’t until 2 pm.”


3:09 am – Jack starts to wake up again. Mr. Douglas and Mr. Kimball help him to a rocking chair. Mr. Douglas asks Jack, “Are you O.K.? What’s your name? How about a drink of water?” Jack refuses the water, tells him his name is ‘Jack’ and says that he’ll be fine. Mr. Douglas goes over to Sam to talk to him.

Mr. Kimball comes over to Jack and says, “I know that sleeping here for free is a pretty good deal, but the Shady rest has some pretty cheap rates, real beds and everything! They’re just up the road!”

Jack says, “What are you talking about…?”

Over at the counter, Mr. Douglas asks Sam if he can use his telephone. “The telephone at our house isn’t working. I went up the telephone pole today to use it, and a bird built a nest in it!”

Sam says, “You’re gonna have to watch that. A bird’s nest like that will ruin it.”

Mr. Douglas says, “I was planning on moving the….”

Sam continues, “Yep, especially right before migration season. They’ll run up long distance bills making those reservations.”

Jack looks dumbfounded, “Birds making reservations?”

Sam says, “Oh sure, you don’t think they’d fly down south without reservations do you?”

3:12 am – Mr. Douglas looks at Jack and shrugs. He turns to Sam and says, “I need to use your telephone. I have to call over to Pixley to rent a post-hole digger.”

Mr. Kimball says, “I have a posthole digger.”

Mr. Douglas seems surprised, but pleased. “Well, can I borrow it?

Mr. Kimball replies, “You can’t.”

Mr. Douglas, “You mean I can’t borrow it? Did someone else borrow it? Where is it?”

Mr. Kimball replies, “I took it to college.”

Mr. Douglas says, “You took your posthole digger to….”

Mr. Kimball tells him, “Well sure! It was my nephew Tommy. I don’t think he’s majoring in posthole digging through. Never could get those postholes right. Always came out triangular…”

3:15 am – Jack says, “I hate to interrupt, but I need to find some Chinese …”

Sam interrupts, “That’d be in Pixley too. They have a great restaurant there.”

Mr. Douglas can’t stand this anymore, “Oh, for heaven’s sake… Can I just use the phone?”

Sam replies, “Oh, no. That was Mabel, on the line. She said that they’re fixing something on the telephone lines for the next couple of hours. She said it had to do with some birds making some reservations down south.”

Mr. Douglas throws up his hands. “Woo, boy! That’s it. Come on Jack, let’s get you out of here. You can come back to my house until you feel better.”


3:20 am – Mr. Douglas drives Jack to a farm, with a large barn and a small wooden house. Mr. Douglas has been talking the whole way home, describing what life is like in the area. As they arrive, Mr. Douglas sees a man talking to a woman in front of his home. He rushes out of the car. “Stop! Lisa, don’t buy whatever he’s selling!”

Lisa speaks with an accent, “Oliver! Mr. Haney has something I think you ought to see!”

Jack gets out of the car and eyes the contraption that Mr. Haney is standing next to. It’s covered with a tarp. Jack asks,“What is it?”

Lisa asks, “Oliver, aren’t you going to introduce your friend?”

Oliver says, “Oh, excuse me. Lisa, this is Jack. He had a bit of a tumble at Sam Drucker’s.”

Lisa asks Jack, “Oh, you’re an acrodat?”

Oliver corrects her. “I think you mean, ‘acrobat’.”

Lisa asks, “That’s what I said: acrodat.”

Jack says, “No, ma’am. I’m a federal agent…”

Oliver says, “Jack will be staying with us until we can get his bearings. I didn’t want to have him wait down at Drucker’s”.

Mr. Haney looks a little nervous at hearing Jack say he’s a federal agent. He asks, “You ain’t with the Internal Revenue Service, are you?”

Jack looks amused by this, “No, sir.”

Mr. Haney looks greatly relieved. He says in a low voice, “You know, if you need bearings, I can get you some of those…”

3:23 am – Oliver asks, “What is this contraption anyway?”

Mr. Haney sees that he’s got Mr. Douglas’ attention and says, “It’s a gen-u-ine posthole digger!”

Oliver looks suspicious. “How did you know I needed a posthole digger?”

Mr. Haney says, “You do?? What a happy coincidence!”

Oliver says, “Well, let’s take a look at it…”

Mr. Haney pulls off the tarp and tells everyone, “Here it is!” The device has curling pipes, glass tubes, and steam coming out of a large tank.

Oliver looks at it. “That’s supposed to be a posthole digger? It looks like a moonshine still!”

Mr. Haney looks affronted. “Why, it’s the finest posthole digger in the country! It was used by George Washington at the Battle of Little Big Horn!”

Jack looks a little more aware of his surroundings now and speaks up, “George Washington was never….”

Mr. Haney continues, “It was used to dig postholes to make a fence that kept out the invading Mongolian Hordes…”

Olive says, “Mongolian Hordes? Oh, come on now….”

Lisa says, “I think we should buy it! If it was a good enough post whatchamacallit for George Washington, it should be good enough for us!”

3:26 am – A lanky young man comes running out of the house. “Mrs. Douglas! Mrs. Douglas!”

Lisa says, “What is it, Eb?”

Eb looks startled when he sees the contraption which Mr. Haney is trying to sell. “Hey! My uncle had one of those in his backyard! He used to try and make moonshine with it!”

Oliver looks very self-satisfied, “Ha! You see? I told….”

Eb continues, “We all thought it was crazy for trying to make moonshine using a posthole digger.”

Oliver does a double take, “There….Wait….what…?”

3:27 am – Lisa asks, “Why did you come out here in such a hurry, Eb?”

Eb looks at her blankly for a moment, and then realizes what he came outside for. “Those acrodats you invited inside the house for breakfast don’t look like they’re feeling too good.”

Oliver asks, “Acrobats!” He turns to Lisa, “You invited acrobats into our house for breakfast?”

Lisa replies, “Well, you see, they came to the house looking for a tire. They all looked so hungry that I decided to serve them some of the hot cakes I was making.”

Oliver says, “Oh, Lisa… You didn’t serve anyone those hot cakes did you? The last ones you served me this morning were like rubber!”

Lisa looks offended, “Well, that’s not what his friends said!” She points at Jack. “They said they were perfect!”

Jack looks surprised, “My friends? You saw my friends??”

Eb says, “Sure! They’re acrodats just like you!”

Oliver corrects, “Acrobats!”

Jack says, “I’m not an acrobat! I don’t have any friends that are acrobats!”

Eb says, “Well, I thought for sure that acrodats like you would stick together.” He looks closely at Jack, “Come to think of it, you don’t look very Chinese. Just what kind of acrodat are you?”

Jack says, “I’m not an acrodat…er, acrobat! ….Wait, did you say, ‘Chinese’?”

Eb says, “Sure! They’re in the kitchen!”

3:29 am – Jack runs into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen. There’s no one there. Everyone else comes running into the kitchen after him.

Eb exclaims, “They’re gone!”

Lisa says, “And they finished my hot cakes!”

Jack goes out the back door of the kitchen, but doesn’t see anyone. He returns, “They’re gone. Which way did they head?”

Eb points, “They said their truck broke down just up the road!”

3:32 am – Jack asks Oliver, “Can we borrow your car? I’ve been chasing after those people, looking for my friends.”

Lisa says, “The acrodats?”

Jack says, “No!” He turns to Oliver, “Can I have the keys to your car. This is very important!” He sways, as if still a little dizzy.

Oliver says, “With that spill you took when you rolled into Drucker’s, I think Eb better drive.” He tosses the keys to Eb.

Lisa says, “Spill? Roll? I though you said you weren’t an acrodat!”

Jack and Oliver say, “ACROBAT!”

Eb and Jack run to the Douglas’ car, and they start driving up the road.


3:38 am – There are cornfields on either side of the car. Eb turns left down a country road and heads for a farm. Jack asks, “Is this the way to the car?”

Eb says, “Oh, no, it’s not. I just have to pick someone up that I promised I’d take into Pixley later. They said their car is further on down the road.”

Jack protests, “We’re going after the men that were at the Douglas house! We have to find my friends! Maybe you should let me drive.”

Eb tells Jack, “This won’t take but a minute.”

3:40 am – The car stops, and Eb puts his fingers in his mouth to whistle. He opens the car door, and out from the barn trots a small pig. The pig gets into the backseat and Eb closes the door. They start back out toward the main road.

Jack looks at the pig, “Uh, Eb…. There’s a pig in the backseat.”

Eb says, “What? Oh, that’s Arnold.”

Jack asks, “We stopped for a pig?”

Eb replies, “I told you, we’re going to Pixley later.”

Arnold grunts.

Eb translates, “Arnold says you look like you’re a good acrodat.”

They turn back out onto the main road. Jack says, “Look, these guys are dangerous. They have my friends in the back of the armored car.”

Arnold grunts and squeals.

Eb says, “Yeah, you’re right Arnold!”

Jack asks, “What did he say?”

Eb says, “He says that for someone that’s in a hurry to save your friends, you’re sure taking your time!”

3:44 am – They drive up within two hundred yards of the car, and Jack tells Eb to pull over. Arnold jumps out and disappears into the cornfield.

Jack pulls out some binoculars from his Jack Pack. He looks at the armored car, but doesn’t see any movement. He notices something strange about the tires, but can’t make out what it is.

3:46 am – He tells Eb, “Wait here, I’m going to need to get closer.”

Jack gets out of the car and goes a row or two into the cornfield before heading towards where the armored car is parked.


3:52 am – After quite while, Jack makes it through the thick stalks of corn and comes out next to the armored car. The hood is up and there’s a pounding noise coming from the back of the armored car. Jack can see that one of the back tires looks like it has Lisa’s hot cakes on the outside of it. He looks into the passenger’s side of the car, but doesn’t see anyone. He moves to the back of the doors, and quickly opens them. Bill, Morris and Chloe nearly fall out of the back. They have gags in their mouths, and their hands tied behind their back. Chloe tries to tell Jack something, but it sounds like “MOM! AIRS A MOM!” Jack gets the idea. They run about 50 yards, and all dive to the ground.

Nothing happens.

Arnold goes trotting by, and grunts at them as he passes. There are wires in his mouth. They watch him get back into the car with Eb.

3:55 am – They all get up, take another look at the armored car, and walk back to Eb and Arnold. Jack unties them as they head back. Chloe gives Jack a hug, and says, “We thought you were a goner when you fell out of that belfry!”

Jack says, “So did I! Someone in a knit mask with a mesh screen where the mouth was pushed me over the edge while I was off balance. I think it was Darth Vader!”

Chloe smacks him in the back of the head. “Darth Vader? Did you actually say ‘Darth Vader’? Darth Vader is a fictional character!”

Jack says, “But it looked….”

3:58 am – They get back to Eb and Arnold.

Eb says, “I see you found your friends!”

Arnold grunts.

Morris asks, “What’s with the pig?”

Eb says, “He says that he disabled the bomb.”

3:59 am – There’s a bright flash.

They’re standing on a road with cornfields on either side of them. Eb and Arnold are gone. So is the armored car. Everything else looks nearly the same.

Bill asks, “What just happened?”

4:00 am – Time’s up!

24 – Two Days Later – Episode 8 – 2 am to 3 am

24 – Two Days Later – Hour 8

The following takes place between 2 am and 3 am

2:00 am – Things are relatively quite at CTU, with a few of the night crew working on the computers. Nadia walks over to one of the analysts. “I’d like to see the report that Jack Bauer sent in at midnight.”

The analyst looks surprised. “I thought he sent that directly to your office? We didn’t get a report from him at midnight.”

Nadia is upset. “WHAT? Fenster, you know how important it is for us to keep track of our field agents, even if they’re not on assignment! When you didn’t get that report, you should have reported it to me?”

Fenster says, “You wanted me to report a report that hadn’t been reported? Report an unreported report??”

Nadia says, “That’s right! Now look, I don’t care if you’re Chloe’s cousin or not! We have standards around this place about security…”

Fenster says, “Yeah, those sewers were great security”, under his breath.

Nadia doesn’t hear this and continues, “…and one of them is to report missing field agents! I want a full report on why this didn’t happen, and I expect it in the next 15 minutes?”

Fenster thinks about this. “Let me get this straight, you want a report on why a report on an unreported report should been reported? An unreported report report report?”

Nadia says, “Yes! It’s simple!”

2:03 am – Jack is in lying down with a folded towel on his forehead and begins to wake up. He hears a woman’s voice say, “It’s O.K.” He looks over and sees the young blond woman who was speaking to him.. She says, “The doctor is here and she’ll take right good care of you!”

Jack says, “Where am…”

Another voice interrupts, and says, “Elly May, quiet down! I have some doctorin’ to do, and I can’t do it with that mouth of yours going! Now roll over, I have to check your gizzard!”

That snaps Jack out of his stupor and realizes he’s lying on lounge chair on a patio next to a swimming pool in the backyard of a very large mansion. He sees a short old woman with a large hypodermic needle in her hand. He jumps up and says, “Hey! Wait a minute! Get away from me with that thing! You don’t look like a doctor to me!”

2:04 am – The old woman says, “You hush now! I’m an M.D. – Mountain Doctor!”

A man comes out of the mansion. He’s wearing old, tattered clothes and a hat. “Well doggies! No one told me we had company!”

Elly May says, “He’s mine, Pa! He fell out of the sky and I found him in the see-ment pond fair and square! Granny was just fixin’ to check him over to be sure he was O.K.”

The man says, “Now, Elly, you can’t keep him! He’s a grown man!”

Granny interrupts, “Jed, you know Elly Mae has been getting on in years! She’s 19 years old and practically an old maid!”

2:06 am – Jack says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa….”

Elly Mae says, “See? He likes horses too!”

Jack says, “Wait a minute… nobody said anything about getting married. I’m just looking for my friends! Have you seen them?”

Jed, Elly and Granny all look at each other and shrug. Jed walks over to the edge of the swimming pool. “Nope. Nobody in here.”

Jack asks, “Where am I? What town is this?”

Granny says, “Why, you’re in Beverly Hills!” She turns to Jed, “See, Jed? The boy is hurt! Just let me look at his gizzard…”

Jack says, “Beverly Hills? Do you have a car? I need to get to downtown Los Angeles to CTU!”

2:08 am – Back at CTU, Fenster brings the unreported report report report to Nadia and drops it on her desk.. He says, “I can’t raise Bauer on the phone. I even tried calling Chloe and Morris. They must have their phones turned off, because the calls went straight to voice mail.”

Nadia looks up. “That could mean anything. I want you to keep trying to get in touch with Jack.”

Fenster leaves.


2:13 am – Elly May, who is surprisingly strong for someone so small, helps Jack through the house. A door bell rings. Jed, Granny and Elly all look around. Jed says, “There are those bells again! We always hear those bells right before someone knocks on the front door.” Someone knocks on the front door. Jed says, “See there?”

A woman opens the door while knocking, and says, “Hello? Mr. Clampett? Mr. Clampett? I need to speak with you.”

Jed says, “Miss Jane! Did you hear the bells?”

Jane says, “Bells? What bells?” She sees Jack, and straightens herself up. “I’d like to ring your bell!”
Jack looks completely revolted.

Jed says, “Come on, Elly. We have to get him out to the truck.”

2:15 am – Just as Elly helps Jack through the front door, a junky-looking truck pulls up. It’s being driven by a tall muscular man. He gets out of the truck. He’s wearing jeans with a rope belt and a jacket. His clothes appear just slightly too small for him. Elly says, “Jethro, you take mighty good care of him! He fell into the see-ment pond, and I’m fixin’ to marry him!”

Jethro doesn’t look like he believes this. “You ain’t marryin’ nobody.”

This makes Elly May mad. “You take that back!”

Jethro says, “Make me!”

Elly May drops her hold on Jack, who staggers. She starts running after Jethro. They chase each other around the truck.

Jed comes out of the house. “Youngins…. Hey now! Stop it, you two!”

Elly May stops chasing after Jethro, and helps Jack get into the truck.

Jed says, “Now take this man where he needs to go.”

Elly May tells Jethro, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?”

2:18 am – Jethro drives to the gates of the estate, and pulls out onto the road. Jack tells Jethro he’ll give the directions to where he’s going when they get closer. Jethro tells Jack he plans on being a brain surgeon one day soon, and figures that he’s half-way there because he’s already graduated 6th grade.

Jack doesn’t have much to say about that. He decides to switch the subject. “How many horsepower does this truck have?”

Jethro laughs and says, “Elly must have hit you in the head good or somethin’… This here’s an AH-TOE-MOE-BEEL. It ain’t got no horses!”

Jack sighs, “I really miss Curtis.”

2:20 am – As they drive further down the road, Jack realizes that everyone’s honking at them, probably for driving so slowly and driving such a huge truck that is so hard to see around. Jethro seems perplexed about the whole situation, and says, “Why do they keep honkin’ like that? They ain’t got a rockin’ chair…”

Now it’s Jack’s turn to be confused. “What do you mean, ‘They ain’t got a rockin’ chair’?”

Jethro says, “I mean, ‘They ain’t got a rockin’ chair’! When we’re all riding in this truck, Granny sits up on the rocking chair up at the top there. She makes me honk the horn to warn her when we’re about to drive under a bridge. She likes to look around a lot, and after three or four times of not duckin’ for the bridge, she told me I best honk the horn to warn her.”

2:22 am – As they approach the destination, Jack gives directions on which streets to turn on. They finally arrive at CTU…. Only it’s not CTU. It’s an empty parking lot!


2:27 am – Jack stands in the lot and turns around several times. Jethro mumbles, “I see why Elly May likes this guy so much. He’s turnin’ around like a dog fixin’ to sit down!”

Jack continues to look around in disbelief. “It’s gone! It’s all gone! There aren’t even any sewers here to break into!” Jack suddenly stops, realizing his mistake. He asks Jethro, “Quick, what year is this?”

Jethro screws up his face, and looks up, as he tries to figure this out. “Naught plus 8….then, 2 plus 5… I reckon’ it’s 1968”.

2:29 am – Jack smacks his forehead, “Of course! This happened before. CTU hasn’t even been established yet.”

Jethro asks, “What’s SEE… TEA… YOU?”

Jack says, “I’m a federal officer. I’m with the Counter Terrorism Unit or CTU for short.”

Jethro replies, “Yeah, you are a short feller.” He then realizes what Jack just said and gets excited, “Federal Officer? You mean like a spy?”

Jack says, “Well, not exactly like a spy… but kind of like one, I guess.”

Jethro gets really animated now, “Oh boy! OH BOY! Hot dog! If being a brain surgeon wasn’t going to work out, I was going to be a double-naught spy! I can be your assistant!”

Jack tells Jethro they have to head back to the Mansion to figure something else out. He asks for the keys to the truck, and Jethro says, “Oh boy! I get to see how a real double-naught spy drives!”

2:31 am – Fenster knocks on Nadia’s office door. “I still haven’t gotten in touch with Jack. I also tried calling Bill, but his phone is going straight to voicemail too.” I called Karen at the White House, and she’s not there.

Nadia says, “Of course she’s not there! It’s 5:30 am there right now. She doesn’t live at the White House! What do you think, they have bunk beds there for the whole staff?”

Nadia looks exasperated. “Look, the CTU cell phones all have GPS tracking on them. We need to find out their last known locations. Go do it!”

2:32 am – Jack pulls the truck up to the front door of the mansion and comes to a screeching halt. The truck engine sputters, having used the very last of the gas. Jethro has a horrified look on his face. Jack snaps his fingers in from of Jethro’s face to snap him out of it. Jethro says, “I ain’t never seen someone drive this truck like that before….”

2:33 am – They enter the house, and Jethro suggests that they find his uncle Jed so they can talk things over. They head to the kitchen, and find Granny talking to another woman. Jethro says, “I’ll be right back!”

The woman says, “I just thought you should know that I’ve finally convinced Milburn to move!”

Granny says, “Finally got sick of you, did he, Mrs. Drysdale?”

Mrs. Drysdale says, “No you buffoon! He finally understands what I’ve been saying all these years! You people are lowering the property values around here! Those awful pigs and chickens! And that moonshine still is nothing but a public nuisance!”

The doorbell rings, and Granny says, “There’s that bell again. Elly May, best go back to the front door. There’ll probably be someone there soon.”

Elly May says, “Yes, Granny”. She leaves.

Mrs. Drysdale continues, “Perhaps now we can move to a more upscale neighborhood and away from riff-raff like you!”

Granny is insulted, “Riff-Raff? Why I oughta…” She pulls up her sleeves.

Jed comes in from the backyard, sees what’s about to happen, and steps between the two woman. “Now, can’t see settle this peaceful-like?”

2:36 am – Elly May comes back into the kitchen with a man dressed in a suit. Miss Jane follows them. The man is sobbing and holding his hat in his hand. Jed says, “Mr. Drysdale! It’s alright! Granny ain’t hurt no one!”

Mr. Drysdale says, “Wwwwhat? What are you talking about? I just want to know… haven’t I always been good to you?”

Jed seems a little taken aback by this. “Well, yes… I’d say you’ve been right neighborly and helpful.”

Mr. Drysdale, “Then why would you take it away? Why?” He cries some more.

Jane says, “What the Chief is trying to say is: Why are you withdrawing money from the bank?”

Jed is surprised. “Why do you reckon we’d want to do that?”

Jane explains, “We got the money transfer order this morning. It was from the Bank of China.” Mr. Drysdale sobs even more loudly.

Jed says, “China? I didn’t do that! You reckon they need some money?”

Jack says, “China? Did you say China??”

2:39 am – Jethro comes back into the room. He’s dressed in a tuxedo. A tuxedo that’s just a little too small for him, just like his other clothes. He says, “I’m ready for some double-naught spyin’!”

Jack says, “Then come with me! I think they have what I’m looking for!” Jack and Jethro leave. Elly May whistles and says, “Wait for me!” She follows them.

Mr. Drysdale wipes his eyes, “You mean… You’re not taking my money… I mean, You’re not taking your money out of my bank?”

Jed says, “Well, no, Mr. Drysdale!”

Mr. Drysdale turns to Mrs. Drysdale and says, “Go back to the house and tell the moving company to stop. We’re staying right where we are!”

Mrs. Drysdale looks so furious she can’t even talk. She stomps out of the kitchen.

Granny says, “I knew it was too good to last.”


2:46 am – Jethro, Elly May and Jack are out by the truck trying to get it started. Jack says, “It’s out of gas! Do you have any other cars?” Jethro says that this is their only car, but they might be able to borrow Mr. Drysdale’s car next door.

Elly May snaps her fingers, and says, “Wait here! I’m getting Granny!”

2:49 am – Elly May returns with Granny, and Granny is carrying a brown jug and a shot gun. Granny says, “This is mighty powerful stuff! You have to be really careful of it!”

Jack looks at the jug. “What is that? Moonshine?”

Granny looks hurt. “It’s just medicine for my rheumatism.” Then she laughs and winks at Jack. She pours the contents of the entire jug into the tank of the truck and tells everyone to get on the truck. She jumps on too. She climbs into the rocking chair at the top of the truck. She tells Jethro, “Let it rip, Jethro!”

2: 51 am – Jethro cranks over the engine. The truck starts and immediately starts rocketing forward. Jack tells Jethro, “Don’t press so hard on the gas pedal!”

Jethro says, “I’m not pressing the gas pedal!”

2:52 am – The truck goes rocketing through the streets of Beverly Hills. They go speeding by all the rest of the traffic, not even slowing down for traffic lights. They zoom right through them. Jethro can barely control the wheel, but manages to say, “I reckon this here is what driving one of them double-naught cars is like!” Jack is too busy holding on to the truck to answer.

2:53 am – Jethro manages to control the truck well enough to drive to the bank. In the distance, they see a bunch of men loading bags into an armored car. As they approach the truck, Jack sees them closing the door to leave and sees that Bill, Chloe and Morris are tied up in the back of the armored car! That’s all Jack can see because they go driving right past it, but Granny is able to get a shotgun blast as they drive past. It goes into the side of the armored car. The truck continues down the street. Jack grabs the wheel and pulls down on it to make it do a hard U-turn, sending the truck into on-coming traffic. A few cars crash.

2:55 am – The tires of the truck screech, and the truck starts heading back towards the armored car. Jack gets up out of his seat and starts heading towards the back of the truck and towards Granny’s rocking chair. Just as they the start to pass the armored car, Jack jumps off the truck and onto the roof of the armored car! He holds onto the roof as it starts heading for the expressway.

2:57 am – The truck Jethro is trying to control is slowing down, and it finally runs out of moonshine. The truck comes to a halt. Jethro says, “That’s some double-naught spying! I could do that!”

Granny seems unconvinced because she smacks him in the back of the head.

2:58 am – The armored car heads for the expressway, and there are police cars already chasing it. Jack tries to hold on, and is barely able to as they approach a tunnel. Police cars line up at the exit to the tunnel as the armored car heads into the tunnel.

There’s a bright flash.

2:59 am – The armored car is no longer driving through a tunnel. It’s on a dirt road.

3:00 am – Time’s up!