Visitor spike!

Wow…. Large spike of new visitors yesterday, after Dave’s posting about 24 -The Next Day episodes page I put together.

I went through the visitors log from yesterday, and saw a lot of visits to that page. I actually get a lot more traffic to the LOST and LOST Spoilers pages, then the “24” pages, usually. The LOST pages are more of those “random neural firings” about what in the heck is going on in that TV show.

Look who found the blog!

I had to run home to take care of a few things today, and while I was out, this posting was made over at Dave Barry’s blog. I was surprised to say the least!

If you’re visiting from there, welcome! If I knew you were headed over here, I would have cleaned the place up first!

If you haven’t checked out Dave’s Blog, you really should. Lots of fun folks over there, and a lot of general craziness.