The Real Reason Mr. Eko Is Off the Show

In an earlier posting, I pointed to an article which stated that the producers had planned Mr. Eko’s departure.

What that article didn’t say, but an article at Contact Music says that TV Guide is reporting (did you follow that?) that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) asked to be released from the show!

Apparently, it’s been a very bad year for him. Both his parents died earlier this year. He had a run-in with police for a traffic violation (the charges were dropped).

All in all, I’m still sorry he left.

What was the plan for Mr. Eko?

Spoilers ahead!

There are a number of stories out this morning after Mr. Eko’s death last night. The New York Post as a some quotes from the producers about Eko’s demise, and MSNBC has an article that discusses Mr. Eko’s impact on the show.

I’m sure this was all planned out in advance, but it sure seems like if someone gets in trouble with the law in real life, their characters aren’t far away from dying on the show.

I told a friend last night that I think Bernard is going to be pretty upset about Eko’s death… After all, he’s the last one from the tail section that hasn’t been killed or captured.

I think it’s also pretty clear that the theory that “Smokey the Cloud” can manifest itself as a real creature, whether it be Jack’s dad, Kate’s horse, Walt, or Eko’s brother Yemi… well, I think that theory just got a lot stronger.

Lost News Round-up

LOST News Round-up

  • Jorge Garcia will be in New York City to help launch the new Lost figures on November 6th, 2006 – Via CBR News

  • Nathan Fillion, the actor who played Captain Malcolm Reynolds on FireFly, will guest star on November 9th, in the Episode “I Do. I Do” – Via IGN

  • Michael Emerson’s character Ben Linus makes a top 10 list of the scariest people on television – Via

  • Matthew Fox talks about his upcoming movie, plus what it’s like to be working on Lost with so many new cast members – Via

  • JJ Abrams talks about Deaths on LOST, and Mission Impossible 3 (SPOILERS!) – Via E! Online

LOST at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival

The Honolulu Advertiser is reporting that some the cast and crew of LOST will be at the Hawaii International Film Festival on Saturday, Oct. 21st at the Regal Dole Stadium Theatres 18, Honolulu.

There will be a panel discussion with Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Michael Emerson (Ben Linux/Henry Gale), Ian Cusack (Desmond), and Executive Producers Jack Bender and Jean Higgins. Elizabeth Kieszkowski, the features editor of The Honolulu Advertiser will moderate.

Update: Here’s a brief followup article about what happened at the event.

Screen Time for the Lost Cast

Who would have thought that a TV show about plane crash with a small number of crash on a supposedly deserted island would actually have the problem of MORE people being in, and the original actors getting less screen time? Well, that’s LOST for ya.

There’s an article over at that talks about this very problem:

“I think The Others are going to take a lot of our time away,” says Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun and was left out of a lot of last year’s action, which focused on survivors from the plane’s tail section. “But we need new blood to get things going. That’s how Lost goes.”


Six Articles before the Lost Premiere

It’s LOST Premiere Night!

As expected, there are a LOT of articles about Lost in various papers today. I’ve gotten six of those together here so you can get your LOST fix before the show tonight:

Houston Chronicle – contains spoilers
Mercury News – contains spoilers
USAToday – Highlights The Others
London Free Press – article about a new LOST book which was release yesterday
Toronto Star – quick article about Lindelof and Abrams
Arizona Republic – Quick synopsis before tonight’s show