Changes in store for 24?

There could be some big changes in store for 24, according to Howard Gordon, executive producer for the show, in an interview in the LA Times.   They’ve been hearing the criticism of the show this season and they haven’t liked it.  They’re not letting on what they’re going to do, but you can be sure that Jack will go out fighting.

Via TV Squad.

3 thoughts on “Changes in store for 24?”

  1. Well, it seems like they’ve been setting up Ricky Schroder to be Jack 2…which could be interesting. But this whole half season plot thing is just assanine. Plus, not EVERYTHING happens in L.A…. I mean, atleast the books have Jack hopping around the country!

  2. I can’t believe they’re blaming it on some kind of post-9/11 atmosphere. The writing has been bad this season, they’ve been rehashing subplots from previous seasons, and they killed off some of their best actors. This season Powers Boothe is the only one who seems to have the old magic.

  3. The thing that surprised me was that they didn’t have the entire season plotted out from the beginning.

    Sure, I did that in my “24 – The Next Day” last year, but I’m not a television writer.

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