LOST Holiday gifts

If you’ve got a fan of the show LOST on your gift list, check out the following items:

The LOST Season 1 DVD Collection is a great gift for someone that’s been a fan from the beginning, or has just started watching since the beginning of Season 2.

The collection includes seven DVD discs, with the shows themselves, including commentary from the show’s writers and some of the cast of the series. The seventh disc has many extras, including a “Making of” the Pilot for the series, auditions by the cast, and much more. Did you know that Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays “Hurley” auditioned for the part of “Sawyer”? You can see how many of the effects are added, watch how careful photography techniques make it look like the cast is in a lot more danger than they really are, and see outtakes from the series.

This is a “must-have” collection for any fan of the series!

The Lost Chronicles : The Official Companion Book is another great gift for fans of the show.

The book contains descriptions of the plots of each of the shows, interviews with some of the writers of the show, and even includes a DVD with additional scenes and interviews that aren’t on the Season One DVD Collection. (There is some duplication on the DVD with what’s in the Season One DVD collection, however).