24 – Live Another Day Recap Page

I’m the “Steve” that contributed (along with a lot of other folks) to Dave Barry’s blog every Monday night on Dave’s live blogging “24” thread.

How it started

Near the beginning of the season 5, Dave asked if we could provide a summary of that night’s episode because he wasn’t going to be able to watch it. I wrote up a summary of the show, and a number of people thought it was
pretty funny, so I kept writing the summaries until the end of the season. I continued to do this for the rest of the seasons and through the end of the show. I also wrote two “fake” seasons over two summers.

I wrote all of these summaries while I was watching the show with the help of my handy dandy DVR. I’d write these
up, and send them to my friend John for a quick peek to make sure everything looked ok, and then I’d post them to
Dave’s blog in the comment section. Writing up a show usually takes me between 1 to 1.5 hours more time than the show runs.

Recaps of 24 Live Another Day (Aired 2014)

Hours 1 and 2
Hour 3
Hour 4
Hour 5
Hour 6
Hour 7
Hour 8
Hour 9
Hour 10
Hour 11
Hour 12