More on Pepsi in Glass Bottles

After seeing my previous post on Pepsi in a glass bottle

A reader writes:

where can i find pepsi cola in glass bottles? with all the dangers of
drinking from plastic because of toxins and aluminum shavings from
cans i dont drink pepsi anymore!! so can u please tell me where to
find the glass bottles? otherwise myself and several friends and
family are switching to coke!!

A few places sell this online, including Retro Soda.

Other readers have pointed out that Taylor’s Market also has them available.

I get mine locally from two mexican restaurants. I know one gets them from a distributor in Chicago. Not sure where the other gets them.

Note that these are NOT Pepsi made with sugar. It’s high fructose corn syrup.

I can get Coca-Cola locally that does use real sugar, and is in glass bottles, at the local grocery store. It’s also imported from Mexico.

I wish Pepsi did that. They didn’t even carry Pepsi Flashback locally.

Soda Pop In Glass Bottles

A follow up on my old post on finding Pepsi in glass bottles that you might be interested in:

It’s places like the one featured above, Soda Pop Stop, really have the right idea: Use sugar in your soft drinks, and put them in glass bottles. I’m pretty lucky, because locally I can get Coca-Cola in glass bottles made with sugar in the local Sam’s Club and one of the local grocery stores… but it’s imported! (Not that it’s a big deal… you’d think the local bottles would catch on to this). They also carry Orange Crush in glass bottles, but I’m not sure about whether it’s made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The local restaurant that has Pepsi in glass bottles still has them, but it’s made with high fructose corn syrup too.

Pepsi did a promotion a few months ago for Pepsi Throwback. It was Pepsi made with sugar, but in cans. They should have gone the extra mile and put it in bottles.

I had to get a couple of cases of Pepsi Throwback from out of town… The local bottler didn’t carry it.

Anyway, what do you think? Would you buy your soft drinks in glass bottles, if they were made with sugar?

Herald Hunt Announced: October 21st

The Herald Hunt is going to occur on October 21st this year. What’s the Herald Hunt? I wrote about it before, so you can check out what I had to say last time. If you want a REALLY indepth explanation of it, be sure and check out Guy’s site,

Here’s a picture that made the Tropic Magazine one year. It has Dave Barry’s Autograph, but I smudged it out to post here. I don’t think having your signature plastered on the web is all that great of an idea, so I smudged it before posting the picture.