Undiscovered Words – Word Search for iPhone

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, here it is: Undiscovered Words – The Word Search app for the iPhone. As I write this, it’s featured in the New and Noteworthy section of the Word Games category in the app store.

The game itself plays just like the word searches you’ve done on paper, except the puzzles are generated automatically, so you’ll never play the same exact puzzle twice. Letters in the game are highlighted as you drag your finger over them, so you can actually see what you’re picking, and words are automatically crossed off the list when you find them.

The app has over 100 categories to choose from, so you can play quite a while!

Hope you have a chance to check out, Undiscovered Words – The Word Search app for the iPhone

Ask Buxley

Hey, if you’re looking around for the other funny stuff I’ve been up to lately when “24” isn’t on the air, go over and check out “Ask Buxley“, or follow AskBuxley on Twitter. It’s entirely “World of Warcraft” humor, so if you like playing that MMO, check it out.

“Ask Buxley” is a regular segment at the end of “The Instance” podcast, one of the top rated podcasts in the “Games and Hobbies” category. The hosts, Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan do a great job on that podcast, and I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to it.

Herald Hunt Announced: October 21st

The Herald Hunt is going to occur on October 21st this year. What’s the Herald Hunt? I wrote about it before, so you can check out what I had to say last time. If you want a REALLY indepth explanation of it, be sure and check out TropicHunt.com Guy’s site, http://www.tropichunt.com/

Here’s a picture that made the Tropic Magazine one year. It has Dave Barry’s Autograph, but I smudged it out to post here. I don’t think having your signature plastered on the web is all that great of an idea, so I smudged it before posting the picture.