New Lego Mindstorms Kit in August

Lego announced a new a new Mindstorms Kit, NXT, which will be available in August. The new kit comes with many new sensors, including vision, touch, sound, and light. Those sensors plug into the main NXT Brick via connectors that look like RJ-45 jacks. The kit will have software that is compatible with both PC and the Mac, has Bluetooth and USB 2.0 support. Suggested retail for this will be $249, and it will be available in August.

20Q Challenge

20Q Challenge

Another game from Radica games (maker of CubeWorld) is something I do highly recommend: Their series of 20Q games. The latest is their 20Q Challenge game. It has a mechanism inside very much like the one inside the InfoGlobe.

The game itself is twenty questions. The twist is that you think of an object, and the device itself asks you the questions. You answer “Yes”, “No”, “Sometimes”, or “Unknown”. Usually it can determine what you’re thinking of…surprisingly so. There are several different models, and they make a great stocking stuffer, if you’re looking for one this Christmas.


CubeWorld cubes are pretty interesting, but I have to say, a bit overpriced. You collect sets of cubes, and when the cubes are connected, the little stick figures inside the cubes can interact with each other, and even move from their cube into the cube right next to it. They’re asking around $30-$35 for each pair of cubes. Neat idea, but they need to drop to price to about $10 per pair for people to really start collecting them.


The Cube World toys are now available for pre-order through, for both the Slim & Scoop and Dodger & Whip. The initial price of these through, is $22.95 as of this writing (check Amazon for the current prices), which is a lot lower than the original $30-$35 when these were first announced.

Do You Su Doku?

Have you heard of Su Doku? It’s a pretty addictive puzzle game where you place the numbers one through nine in each row, column and box in a 9×9 grid.

It sounds simple, and some of the puzzles are, but they can get pretty complicated very quickly.

For a look at Su Doku for the Palm, check out
Bright SuDoku over at Handango.