Day Break Cancelled

Remember that “Groundhog Day”-like show that replaced LOST in that time slot on Wednesdays? Well, Day Break has been canceled.

I watched the first episode, but didn’t watch any others. I guess a lot of people must have done the same thing. And, I have to think that’s pretty bad considering even die hard LOST fans didn’t even tune in to see the brief “what’s coming up on Lost” segments they promised.

It’s going to be replaced by repeats of “According the Jim” and “The George Lopez Show”.

3 thoughts on “Day Break Cancelled”

  1. Let me contain my surprise.

    Surprise contained. 🙂

    They had to do a lot more to just get me interested in the show to begin with. Even I dropped watching “The Nine”, despite it having Dr. Phlox (from Enterprise) as one of it’s regulars.

    These shows just aren’t compelling watching. It’s better, in the current cases, to build the mystery and let time more forward through each episode, rather than starting in the future and looking back, or looping through time.


  2. Yeah, it’s really weird how they think they can capitalize on the “weird like Lost” idea.

    I have to think that the actress that played Audrey on 24 did a head-slap-“doh!” when The Nine got canceled. Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t be back in the future.

  3. No no no no no no no….don’t mention “Audrey”, or that actresses’ name. Let her be shelved over to Lifetime movies so that the viewing public (er, the vast majority of it) doesn’t have to see her on network television again! PLEASE!

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