DRIVE – The premiere


A father and daughter
An ex-con and his brother
Three women
A single mom
A husband with a missing wife
An AWOL enlisted man and his girlfriend
And a lot of other people..

Throw them into a illegal road race where if they win, they get 32 million dollars.

That’s the new show “Drive”.

For one of the husband whose wife is missing, Alex Tulley, winning means that he’ll get his wife back.

So far, it’s an interesting show. There is some mysterious organization behind the whole race, and for some reason they REALLY wanted Alex in this race. Some of the characters have met people along the way that “know” about the race, and have helped them stay in it. Alex picked up Corinna, someone who was kidnapped 27 years ago, and whose parents died in the race trying to get to her. She wants into the race to track down the people running it.

They started in Key West, Florida. Next stop was a Red Light House in Jupiter, Florida, followed by Cape Canaveral. Now they’re on their way to Rome, Georgia.

Why are they running this race? Why did they pick the people they did? Is it just another bored billionaire running a race to help people out? Is someone doing this for revenge?

My biggest question is – Do they really have hills like that near Cape Canaveral?