Juliette’s Mission and Sun

What’s Juliette’s “mission”? Before The Other took off, Ben told Juliette that he’d see her in a week.

I (and a lot of other people) have been assuming that Juliette is up to something that isn’t very good, because of everything else that’s happened.

I got to thinking about this some more, and realized that while Juliette is probably trying to get to Sun, it might just be to warn her about what might be happening to her. (Women that conceive on the island end up dying).

We know that the father is either Jin or Jae Lee. If it were Jae Lee, chances are the Sun will be OK. Why? Because Claire was pregnant before getting to the island, and she’s OK. If Jae Lee was the father, Sun wouldn’t be in any danger, but Juliette might try and get to her to see what they can find out about her pregnancy.

If the father is Jin, then it’s BIG trouble for Sun, and Juliette could be there to try and talk Sun into getting some therapy or SOMETHING to help her, because she’s going to die otherwise.

Either way, whatever is happening, it doesn’t look good for Sun. She’s either going to have to admit that she’s the mother of Jae Lee’s baby (which has pretty dramatic implications for the Jin/Sun relationship), or she’s going to die unless Juliette helps her.

Either way, I think Juliette is there to help Sun. I think it’s probably that The Others know about Jae Lee, and when Juliette tells Sun she knows about that, it’ll be what convinces Sun that Juliette is actually trying to help.

….Of course, as usual, this is all theory, so we’ll see how it plays out when “D.O.C” (Date of Conception) airs in a couple of days.

4 thoughts on “Juliette’s Mission and Sun”

  1. It’s a pretty good assumption that Juliet is at the beach to further her fertility studies. But what about the statement the now-dead Colleen made to Sun before Sun shot her, that if she shot her “they” would be her enemy? Maybe the Others really are the evil eye-for-an-eye people they seem to be and the reason Juliet is interested in Sun is to exact said eye-for-an-eye justice for Colleen’s death.

  2. The producers/writers of the show have said that there will be five more deaths before the end of the season.
    Now, Locke’s dad is sure to die, Charlie as well. I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that Sun will also die.
    I really can’t see her pregnancy being played out, it would take about another ten seasons before she’d be ready to give birth. Nah, she’s dead. You wait and see.

  3. But then you are assuming that the only posible outcome to a pregnancy is birth. She might miscarriage.

  4. Yeah, I’m only guessing 😉
    Its just that there have been loads of new characters introduced this season, too many people and not enough air -time. It makes sense that the writers will have a cull to ramp up the drama and tension towards the end of the season. Sun’s character has nothing left to offer, except to die tragically.
    If I’m wrong I’ll let Hurley sit on my face…..

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