Locke as Ben’s Replacement?

Oh man…

I was thinking about what might happen in tonight’s episode, “Man Behind the Curtain”, and something occurred to me: What if Locke is Ben’s “replacement”?

Think about this a minute…

If The Others are really being lead by this entity named “Jacob”, and Ben is his right hand man, would Jacob be happy with Ben right now?

Think of all the things that have happened since the survivors of Flight 815 got on that island. The Hatch was blown up, multiple other “hatches” were found, and The Others were discovered as more than they appeared to be.

Now, you get this guy Locke who was on the island for a very short time before he was healed. Most people take a couple of days to do that… Now, sure, that’s still pretty quick, but not nearly as fast as Locke was healed.

Jacob’s not too happy about what’s been going on, and here we have someone who at least appears to be very “in tune” with the island. That would make Locke a prime candidate for taking over as the leader of “The Others”.

Notice that I said “entity” named Jacob. I’m not convinced we’re going to find out Jacob is anything more than a disembodied voice at this point.

We’ll see in a few hours from now…

3 thoughts on “Locke as Ben’s Replacement?”

  1. “we’re going to find out Jacob is anything more than a disembodied voice at this point”

    Not a bad guess

  2. JACOB IS JACK! jack found his way back to the island and back in time and is now in the form of jacob, trying to stop the islanders from leaving the island, as once he left, he realised that they were never supposed to leave.

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