Gordon Ramsay Sued Over Kitchen Nightmares

Now, usually when someone gets sued because of a new show, the person doing the suing is alleging copyright infringement, a stolen idea, or something like that…

In this particular case, the new “Kitchen Nightmares” show is being used because a former restaurant manager is … well, let me quote from the article:

Martin Hyde, the former general manager of Dillons, an Indian restaurant in Manhattan’s theater district, is asking a judge to block airing of the show, saying exaggerations about the restaurant’s conditions will destroy its reputation and the good name of the people who worked there.

Ramsey filmed “Kitchen Nightmares” at Dillons in April and Hyde, who was fired on the show at Ramsey’s behest, says the chef lied about finding rotten meat, hired actors to patronize the restaurant so it would appear Dillons had grown more popular since Ramsay’s intervention and unfairly targeted Hyde to capture a confrontation on tape.

The owner of the restaurant says business has improved since Gordon Ramsay helped them out.

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised this happened.   I am surprised it happened before the show aired!

In the British version of the show, there have been cooks heading up kitchens even though they have almost no experience, owners with failing restaurants that failed after Ramsay left because they decided to ignore advice, and more.    There have been more than a few times when I’ve watched the show and thought “They wouldn’t be able to do that in America… Someone would sue!”

If anything, publicity like this will want people to see the show even more now.

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