Pirate Master Episode 9 Recap

By now you know that Pirate Master has been canceled. You can watch the final episodes (one per week!) at CBS.com. If you can’t (or don’t want to) watch the last episodes, here’s a recap:

Big switch: The first mates, Jay and Ben, are no longer on captain Azmyth’s side. They’re part of the regular crew.

When it came time to search for the next treasure, the sides were divided and the first mates ended up being on the red team: Jay, Ben, Kendra, and Christa. The Black team consisted of Azmyth, Louie, Nessa, and Laurel.

The challenge this time around was to get some shackles from a makeshift jail, run to a another location with stairs, and find a key hidden in the stairs. There were clues to where the key was, and the red team, which was far ahead at this point, found it first. After finding the key, the next clue said that from the top of the stairs, one of the team members had to wear the shackles and go 300 paces. At that point, they had to dig for the treasure. The black team caught up, but in the end, Jay found the treasure: $50,000.

Jay suggested Christa, and the other team members agreed. She didn’t want it, but she took it anyway. Three new twists: 1) Only two people get black spots, 2) Christa got ALL the loot… the entire $50,000, 3) this was the last time the “royal pardon” can be used.

Christa was in the midst of deciding what to do about splitting up the money when Jay came up with an idea: Jay wanted Christa to tell Kendra that she’s not going get a black mark, and that Christa was going to bid $10,000 on the pardon…. and then not bid on the pardon, and send Kendra home. (Follow that? I had to read that twice and I wrote it!) Jay really, really wanted Kendra to go home.

Kendra got called into talk to Christa, and Christa proposed that exact idea. Kendra said in one of the one-on-one interviews that she thought Christa and Jay might have cooked up something, and she suggested the exact scenario that Jay and Christa were trying to pull on her. During Christa’s one-on-one, she had some regrets about this, and said she might change her mind.

Louie is going to put a bid in on the pardon, and people think he’s bidding $1.

Christa brought in everyone, one by one, and asked who they wanted to be set adrift. I thought this was pretty smart, since it deflects the decision about who go the black mark from Christa to the rest of the crew. Ben realized this too. Azmyth said he felt safe, and didn’t even bid on the pardon.

At this point, I thought if Kendra had ANY money, it would have been smart to put some down, just as insurance in case Christa double crossed her…

At pirate’s court, Christa explained that Azmyth and Kendra were chosen because 1) Azmyth is too strong, and 2) Kendra is weak. Azmyth states his case, and says he’ll be strong for the teams he’s on, and for himself. Kendra reads a poem.

The vote takes place with the votes going on that knife. (I’ve always thought it was kind of stupid to have a HUGE knife sticking up on ship…what if someone slipped?) Turns out that Christa DID buy the pardon, meaning that Kendra did get the $10,000, as promised. Christa received no votes for mutiny. (Jay didn’t look happy about this). Azmyth was voted off… Unanimously.

I’m not sure why Jay looked unhappy, especially if he didn’t vote for Kendra himself. Ah, editing.

In the last interview, Azmyth said he was surprised.

Next time: Christa is doing well as captain, and Jay and Ben are intent on keeping her there too! Will it work?