24 – Season 7 News


Remember the good old days when Jack would drive around the completely empty streets of LA, watching while commandos would break through airport walls to tackle Pepsi machines, and go back to CTU to talk to his friend Tony?

Well, we’re not sure yet if Jack will be in LA, and I doubt we’ll be seeing any more machines being tackled, but we might get to see Tony Almeida again…

According to Moviehole, Tony didn’t die!  Now, whether they go for the zombie angle on this or they bring back “real live” Tony, I’m not sure, but he’s slated to come  back for Season 7.

Via Moviehole   (Thanks to TropicHunt.com Guy for this story!)

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  1. Thank you Steve! I am now sending this off to all those who have doubted me about Tony being alive for the past year and a half.

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