Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Warner Brothers has announced Blade Runner – The Final Cut, a disc of an “all new” version of the film, a disc of “Dangerous Days – The Making of Blade Runner”, a disc of the 1982 theatrical version, the 1982 international version, and the 1992 “director’s cut”, a disc of 90 minutes of deleted footage, featurettes, and movie trailers, a disc of the “workprint version” containing a different opening, no Deckard narration (until the final scenes), altered lines between Batty and Tyrell, and more!

Plus it comes in a pretty cool looking metal briefcase!

As of this writing Amazon has it for sale for 30% off the list price. The release date is December 18th, just in time for Christmas.

That is definitely going on my Christmas wish list.

You can also see the Blade Runner: The Final Cut website.