On The Lot Winner: Will Bigham

Will Bigham
After over 70 films from the contestants, the big winner of On The Lot was Will Bigham, a 31-year old film editor from Glendale, CA. I thought Nick Zach had a lock on the whole show from the get-go, but after making the decision to make a sequel to one of his worst efforts, things really changed.

I liked Will from the beginning, since this was what he called his “make it or break it” year. He was going to give this whole film making thing another shot, and it turns out it was a good decision.

He has a million dollar deal with Dreamworks and got to meet Steven Spielberg. Pretty darn cool.

I really liked one of his last films, the very funny “The Yes Men”.

If you missed On The Lot, (and nearly everyone did) you can see the episodes and films at the On The Lot website.

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