Carpoolers Premiere


“Carpoolers” premiered tonight after “Cavemen”. It was a decent first effort for a show, and has at least some potential (unlike Cavemen). The premise for tonight’s show centered around the wife of one of the carpoolers who appeared to be making a lot of money flipping houses because of the great market. The husband doesn’t like the idea of his wife making more money than him (which in itself is crazy), so one of his friends volunteers to find out how much she has in her bank account. Turns out, it was a lot of money.

Given the recent downturn in real estate, I bet the producers wished that just about ANYTHING would have been on the air instead of that.

Anyway, it turns out that (surprise) she really didn’t, it was just money from a mortgage company that was in her account. The couple makes up, and all is good in carpool land again.

There were a few good laughs, and it has potential, like I said… but it better kick it into high gear, or the show could be leaving soon. Not as fast as Cavemen should, but soon.