Heroes episode “Lizards”

As usual, spoilers ahead…

Just a couple of points about last night’s episode.

Finding out that Maya and Alejandro were twins, and then seeing that Alejandro was able to absorb whatever was going wrong with Maya made me think “Wonder Twin Powers – Activate!”

I thought that Hiro was going to have to take over for Kensei, since everything seemed to be leading up to that. They even went so far as to get Hiro into Kensei’s armor. Then at the last minute, when it seemed clear that Hiro was going to have to become Kensei to carry on the “legend”, Kensei healed from the wound! That was pretty convenient – “I got shot with arrows! I thought I was dead! Phew! Glad these mysterious powers showed up!”

Unless I missed something that’s been revealed, I’m beginning to think that Angella Petrelli’s “hero power” is being rich. Maybe talking people into things. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it sure didn’t help her when she got attacked.

Speaking of which, that attack was made by someone that was invisible? Claude? Nah… He would have never survived the fall from the building when Kaito died.