Kitchen Nightmares – Seascape Inn

Gordon Ramsey

The Seascape Inn really went through big changes. The usual changes to restaurant we’ve seen before: new menu, new decor, and cleaner kitchen. But this time the owners also fired the head chef and sous chef. The main reasons? The kitchen was filthy and the chefs didn’t care.

From the looks of it, they really shouldn’t have waited until day five to bring in a new chef. Everything went into the dumper during the dinner service with the wait staff getting confused and the front of house didn’t communicate with the back of house.

One good pep talk to Peter the owner, and with some help from Jon-Baptiste (who runs Ramsey’s restaurant in New York), they finally figured things out.

The rest of the week was spent organizing a new menu with local seafood, and they even started a local chowder cook-off that was judged by the mayor.

So, what happened after all of this?

Five months later, the restaurant was sold.

Now, if you’ve read my other posting about “Kitchen Nighmares” and “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” (the British version of the show), you know I like the show.

I do have some suggestions about it though.

One of them I’ve said before: Let Ramsey narrate the show. They do it in the BBC version, and it’s great.

Next, the show doesn’t need such a long introduction. We KNOW he’s there to save a restaurant, why spend a big chuck of the show telling us that?

What makes this worse, the final 10 seconds of the show let us know that everything that was done was for nothing! No other explanation than “Peter got an offer he couldn’t refuse”. Come on! The BBC version tracks down the people later, and we find out who’s moved on, where they’ve gone, what’s happened to the owners if they place got sold… What’s the big deal? Even if they can’t get the old owners on camera, have SOMEONE tell us what happened. Getting people sucked in to the show for an hour and then just dumping the “They sold the restaurant” message at the end just as the show ends is a BIG turn-off. Keep doing that sort of thing, and people won’t want to watch! Why should they?

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Nightmares – Seascape Inn”

  1. I agree, they cant just say “Restaurant was sold” and I love that in the BBC version which I’ve been watching for years that they track everyone down, remember the soul food restaurant? damn that was a good revisit as well.

  2. I love the show but we, the viewers want to know what happened to the seascape. How the new owners kept or changed the operation. Common Gordon. Your show rocks. Just make for a better ending to let us know how the new place is doing. Is it worth checking out, the food and how your influences were carried on with the new owners.

  3. The horrid fact of the matter is, if the Seascape was bought, there is a chance it will be destroyed. Or the new owners might have dismissed all of the serving staff, and the cook in favor of hiring young women and a pair of young upstarts. Sad as it is, judging from Peter’s overall attitude and hatred for his father, Peter likely didn’t even consider these possibilities. The very idea of getting rid of the only tie he had to his father (his mother aside) was possibly his sole motivation.

    Likewise with the success of the restaurant, Peter could have hired a Majordomo to take over his own role. Being the owner of a (once again) highly successful business gave him that option. Instead he cut and run.

  4. Ya we should find out what happened.

    BTW when they said “He got an offer he couldn’t refuse” did the mafia buy it or something?

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