Teaser Trailer of Season 7 of 24!

Zombie Tony! Red Foreman becomes a Senator! Tony recreates Die Hard II plane collisions! Jack finds a girl who’s got his sensibilities! Bill finally isn’t wearing that tie that’s been cutting off the circulation to his brain! Chloe looks like someone just told her she has to use a TRS-80! and best of all: NO AUDREY!

It bothers me a bit that at the beginning of that video Jack has been taking advice about coats from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but I can’t wait for the new season!

It’s going to start on January 13th, with a two hour premiere.

See more at: 24trailer.com

2 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer of Season 7 of 24!”

  1. Hi Mike!

    Kurtwood Smith played Red Foreman in “That 70’s Show”. It was the first show I could think of that he was in. 🙂

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