Before Watching Heroes: “Four Months Ago”

As much as I like the show Heroes, I think they’ve made some mistakes this season. They’ve been losing viewers because of having a storyline that’s pretty complex and “mysterious”, the same thing the producers criticized “LOST” for.

One problem is that they’ve waited this long to tell the story of what happened immediately after last season’s finale. That will finally be answered tonight. I’m sure this is because of the surprise ending from last week. That story needed to be told so they could move Kensei into the story where it made sense, so we’d know who he was.

I understand that’s just their way of telling the story, but it looks like many people in the audience didn’t like that a bit because they’ve been losing viewers. When the season started, characters had moved on, without a hint of what happened.

But that’s not the biggest problem. It’s the “If we don’t stop this, a catastrophe will happen at some point in the future” storyline. A devastated city! Wait… Didn’t we see that before? Oh, that’s right… season one! I have to say my first thought was that they time-traveled back to season one, before the writer’s strike.

And, oh look! They brought back the paintings made by someone that can paint the future! Oh boy!

There are many different directions the show could be taking. The “save the future” and “future paintings” have been done.