Lost: Hidden References in the New Character Names

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I’ll write more about what I thought of tonight’s show, “Confirmed Dead”, later, but for now here are the four new characters’ names:

  • Daniel Faraday – a reference to Michael Faraday, established the basis of the magnetic field concept in physics.
  • Miles Straume – “Straum” is Norse for “current”; It could also be a play on “Maelstrom”, which is a powerful whirlpool.
  • Frank Lapidus – The only thing that seems interesting about this (and it’s a stretch, I’ll grant you that), is that letters from each of his first and last name spell “Farad’, a unit of capacitance named after Michael Faraday.
  • Charlotte Staples Lewis – Is a reference to the author CS Lewis.

5 thoughts on “Lost: Hidden References in the New Character Names”

  1. I’ll admit I wasn’t watching with full attention last night, so I’m..errr…more “lost” than ever, but at least one thing caught my eye: every time they talked about having found O815 and showed footage of the sunken plane, the plane was complete. It wasn’t the part of the fuselage that was pulled out to sea, it wasn’t the tail section, it was the *whole* plane. Odd.

    Loved them finding the polar bear (with the Dharma collar) in Tunesia. No clue what it means.

    Lapidu – lapidary, the art of stone (specifically gemstone) cutting? Back to the four-toed foot on the island?

    I cannot fathom how they can wrap this all up with a scenario that makes sense (no matter how far-fetched it is).

  2. Faraday was a gimme, I thought (such a geek, I know).

    Lapidus made me think of King Tut’s death mask.

    As for Ben’s revelation, Mom immediately said, “It’s Michael! Michael’s the man on the boat and the man on the coffin.” She thinks he was the only 815 survivor who may have known how to get back to the island — which would cause Jack’s distress at his death and Kate’s contempt because he betrayed them.

  3. Michael is also the only survivor from New York the news clip regarding the guy in the coffin said the deceased was from New York.

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