Lost Franchises

In an article posted on Variety.com, the producers of LOST say they spend a lot of time preventing the LOST Franchise from going too crazy:

A year later, after getting rid of those novelizations, the “Lost” team came up with the idea for “Bad Twin,” a book discovered on the show by one of the characters. Created for the show and distributed in bookstores, the novel wasn’t about what was happening on the show, but it tied into the world of “Lost.”

That’s become the mantra for all of “Lost’s” extracurricular activities, be it mobisodes or videogames: The other platforms can’t be considered canon, or required for “Lost’s” TV audience.

“Our criteria is, everything you need to know about ‘Lost’ is contained in the mother ship,” Cuse says. “There are definitely large segments of the audience that want more. And the ancillary media platforms give us opportunities to put out stories that might be interesting to some but not all.”

Via Variety.com