Survivor: I Promise…

Spoilers Ahead
A couple of rules of Survivor –

  1. If you go on a reward, don’t talk about the reward

  2. Never Trust a Deal Made During a Challenge

  3. Don’t Purposely Tick Off Your tribe mates

  4. Never Get Comfortable

All four of these rules were broken on tonight’s Survivor.

Ozzy talking about how great the challenge reward was didn’t win him any friends. I’m not sure if that helped end up leading to his downfall, but it couldn’t have helped.

What was Jason thinking? Getting a “guarantee” from your opponents during a challenge is no guarantee of any kind. Yau-Man can tell you that in great detail.

James making a lot of noise in the morning before an immunity challenge wasn’t smart to do either. Things like that add up.

Ozzy got comfortable, and didn’t work hard enough to make sure that he really was safe. That’s why he ended up getting voted up, much to his surprise, and to the surprise of his supporters. I think it’s one of the biggest blindsides Survivor has seen.

I have to say, Cirie is playing an excellent game. She’s engineered at getting at least three people getting voted off, and without people really stopping to realize she’s the one behind it. Parvati will probably take the biggest hit for Ozzie’s departure.

Should be interesting to see what happens next.

What did you think of tonight’s show?