LOST: He Changed The Rules

Spoilers ahead from last week’s episode

Something’s been bothering me since last week’s show. When Alex was killed, the first words out of Ben’s mouth were “He changed the rules”. Why those words? Why not “He changed the agreement?”

I might be reading too much into those words, but what “rules” is Ben talking about? The rules of engagement between the two groups? A rule of some sort that leaves all the family members out of the war Ben and Widmore are waging against each other?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon, but this still does bother me.

One thought on “LOST: He Changed The Rules”

  1. Actually, I think ‘he’ may have changed the rules…of physics…or space/time.

    I think Ben can time travel; he had seen a future with Alex alive; thus, he ‘knew’ she would be okay and had everything ‘under control’. When she was killed…he realized something had gone horribly…horribly wrong. The rules had been changed.

    My guess. 🙂

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