LOST: Things In The Script You Don’t See On TV

You won’t see the F-bomb dropped on LOST, but you’ll sure see it in the scripts, according to an LA Times article on the LOST scripts:

“In a network environment where you can’t have the characters say everything that they would say, we sometimes try to provide those words parenthetically so that the actors know to perform the dialogue as though they were saying that word,” added executive producer and show-runner Carlton Cuse. “It’s just a way of creating amplitude. ‘Lost’ functions a lot on its intensity. We want people to feel wrung out after they watch an episode of the show. And we’re 3,000 miles away from where the show is shot, so we try to do everything we can in the script to convey a sense of urgency and intensity to the director, the actors, the crew, anybody who is executing the scripts in Hawaii.”

Via LA Times.