Hell’s Kitchen Finale – Part 1

If you missed last night’s show, here ya go:


One of the things that’s getting very predictable about the show is when they start trying to make you believe one thing, you can be pretty sure they’re going to do the opposite. The whole “I’m wondering if I have the right two finalists”, Petrozza making noises like he’s about to lose the challenge, etc. That’s always gotten on my nerves, and it was especially bad last night.

Why was Whoppi Goldberg there? Just because you’re a celebrity, you get to show up like that? Seemed weird and out of place.

Petrozza picked Bobby and Ben. Christina picked Corey and Louross. Leaving Matt and Jen. They sure made it sound like Jen was out of some sort of revenge, but in retrospect it sounded like she wanted to do such a good job that Ramsay will regret booting her.

If you look carefully at the end credits, Petrozza ends up picking Jen for his final chef, leaving Matt with Christina.