Kitchen Nightmares 2008 Season Premiere

Kitchen Nightmares returned Thursday with a two hour recap on how the old restaurants from last season were doing this year. The narrator is still, well, narrating, but Gordon Ramsay talked directly to the camera too. This very much like the English version of the show, Ramsay’s Kitchen nightmares. They really need to let Ramsay take over all the narration.

Kitchen Nightmares Restaurant Updates

Finn McCools – Buddy had a heart attack (!) but besides that, they took Ramsay’s advice because of that they were able to turn the restaurant around. Gordon tried the food, and liked it.

The Olde Stone Mill Steak House – The restaurant is still open, and doing much better than before Gordon first arrived. They’re keeping up with the bills, and things are getting better. They have many customers during the week and a wait on weekends. There’s even a favorable write-up in the New York Times. Dean and Barbara (the owners) seem much happier too. The NY Beef Industry Council even presented an award to Dean while Gordon was there.

The Mixing Bowl Eatery – The business has improved, and the restaurant made the Top 20 in Long Island in 2007. No more signs or coupons. Word of mouth is driving the business. Billy and Lisa are much happier, and are happy they didn’t sell the business, which they were thinking of doing when Gordon was first there. Gordon presented them with a plaque with his seal of approval.

Dillon’s (now renamed Purnima) – Business is up. The consultant Gordon brought, Vikas, is still there, and the place is spotless. A COMPLETE turnaround from what it originally was like. They’re making between $18,000 and $20,000 a week.

Campania – The business is busy and “things are going easier”. Joe, the owner/chef, says that the number of customers have doubled. The bills are being paid, and everyone is happy. They’re selling a LOT of meatballs too. The mayor and deputy mayor presented Joe with an award, and declard February 13,2008 “Campania Ristorante Day”. Gordon even walked out with an order of meatballs!

Peter’s – Gordon didn’t revisit Peter’s, but they’re still around and doing well. Not sure why Gordon didn’t come back personally.

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  1. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that the restaurant is doing great and the reason that Gordon didn’t come back was timing constraints. I was in LA and he was in NY. We tried three times and then just had to shoot it. .All The Best, Peter

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