Heroes Season Premiere Summary

This is the third season of Heroes and it was pretty action packed. We got two episodes, back to back! It was…perhaps a bit TOO action packed. I’m not sure if they felt they needed to make up for last year, or what, but there were so many things going on it was nearly a jumbled mess. Nearly… but not totally.

Spoilers ahead…

We saw that Nathan’s shooter was Peter, and that Nathan didn’t die at the end of last season. (Turns out there was more of that going around… more on that later). He ended up in the hospital, where he died. But then, TA DA! He wasn’t dead… again. This time he stayed not dead.

The other dead person that came back was Linderman! Quite a surprise that one; something I didn’t see coming at all. Neither did anyone else, since Nathan’s the only one that can see him. We know this because 1) Nikki/Tracy didn’t go ballistic and kill Linderman on the spot and 2) Linderman told Nathan that. Pretty big clue on #1 though, so #2 wasn’t a big surprise.

Syler ended up at Claire’s house, looking to pick Claire’s brain about her powers, and he did just that. This is another one of those shows where a giant “WARNING! BRAINS ABOUT TO BE SHOWN!” would have been helpful. I can only attribute the lack of this warning to possibly getting a paper towel company to sponsor the show, because there was probably a bit of barf people had to clean up when they showed the scene where Syler went into Claire’s brain.

Ando and Hiro were great, as usual. I’d like to see a show with just those guys in it. They met a fast woman…. I know what you’re thinking, this is a family blog, but yeah, she’s super fast. She stole the formula that Hiro’s father made Hiro promise to guard. (Nice touch with the “I thought I told you not to open the safe”).

Parkman went on safari out to Africa, not really by choice, but through “Peter from the Future” when Parkman figured out something wasn’t quite right with the whole Nathan shooting.

Peter ended up in – a Level 5 prisoner’s body? Yeah, OK… We can go with that. HOW that happened, well, “Peter from the Future” must have learned it somehow.

The biggest surprise was that Peter, Nathan and Syler…. brothers. Yeah, that’s what Peter’s mom said.

Other things happened, including some obvious product placement, finding out too late that Bob’s special ability was pretty cool, and that Maya really has to get on the bandwagon if she wants to stop bad things from happening.

PLUS they let out all the bad guys on level 5. Peter’s going to be hanging with them for a while.

As for Mohinder… Poor Mohinder. He’s turning into Spiderman.

And, this season something new! Ha! Kidding. They’re saving the world… AGAIN! (Anyone else catch “Save ourselves, save the world?”)

This is an interesting show, that’s for sure. Where else can you see the Greatest American Hero show up for a guest spot as a popsicle, right? I’m just afraid that in their zeal to make this more action packed, things have gone a little bit TOO action packed. WAY too many things going on.

Let’s hope things settle down a bit so we can get into some storylines that make all this fit together nicely.

Oh, and a nice “WARNING! GROSS STUFF ABOUT TO HAPPEN” would be nice too.