Heroes – One Of Us, One Of Them

Watch Heroes – One of Us, One of Them

A couple of things about this week’s Heroes.

First, extra mega-creepy points for Syler’s “feeding” at the beginning. From Syler and Peter’s Mom. Yikes.

Second, it was (thankfully) a lot less frantic then last week’s episodes.

Third, I don’t like the way they threw Syler into partnership with Noah without really showing Syler’s motive for going along with the whole thing. Noah’s motivation, (kill Syler when he can) is clear, but Syler just going along for the ride seemingly willingly? We KNOW he’s up to something.

Fourth, what, NOTHING about Mohinder this week? Ok, narration, I’ll give you that… but come on. The Tracy/Nikki/”It-Appears-She-Might-Have-Been-Constructed” story line could have waited.