Fringe – The Observer Shows Up Again

Anyone else notice “The Observer” was back this week on Fringe? He was exiting the elevator – just at the right time.

9 thoughts on “Fringe – The Observer Shows Up Again”

  1. I think he’s in every episode, for only about a frame or two…

    I accidentally watched episodes 3 and 4 out of order and I noticed him in 3, before he was officially introduced in 4

  2. I’ve noticed the observer in episode 2 as well, he was in the hospital when the main cast was introduced to the old man baby. I can’t find him in episode 1 (YES! i DID go back and checked every episode)…anyone seen him in episode 1? where?

  3. is he human, i mean, 11 halepinio’s and a shaker of pepper????and the voice????? the abilites?????

  4. According to IMDB, he is in every episode. I think he’s going to pull a Hitchcock and they’ll work him in in every episode.

  5. When Walter Bishop offered him some of his root bear float, the Observer politely declined, noting that “he wouldn’t taste much anyway.” I think that means his sense of taste is severely diminished, and he needs to add all the spicy stuff just to have his food not taste like cardboard. Sort of like tofu.

  6. He was back this week. He was in the background while Olivia was on the phone with Peter after Walter’s release from the institution. He was standing near a tree in the background just before Olivia makes the connection with the dungeon and red castle. In the next shot from the same angle he is gone again.

    Yeah, he is in every episode. LOL. I feel like I am playing Where’s Waldo every week, but I love it.

  7. He was also in the airport just before Olivia was shown entering the terminal from her flight. I can’t wait to look back at all the episodes to spot him! He shows up more than once in each episode, evidently. I LOVE IT!

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