Battlestar Galactica – Sometimes A Great Notion


Spoilers ahead!

The most recent episode was called “Sometimes A Great Notion”. What a great way to sum up this series.

OK, I admit it. I didn’t start watching Battlestar Galactica until late last year. While everyone else was sitting around wondering what was going to happen, I was powerwatching my way through all the episodes so far (Thanks, Netflix). I finally caught up today.

I have to say, I’m not really sure what the appeal of this show is. I think it must have something to do with not watching all the episodes back to back, because while I was watching it, I kept thinking “What’s the big deal?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love SCI-FI. Good science fiction, campy science fiction, … just about everything. I just don’t see what the big deal is about this show.

There are a couple of things that bug me.

First, the utter hopelessness of the show made me want to call it “Screwed in Space”.

Second, it seemed to wander off down story lines that were OK for what they were, and then would club you over the head to beat in the idea they wanted to get across. (See, “Razor”, for what I mean by that).

Now that they’ve finally gotten to Earth, and didn’t find what they expected, I took that as a good sign. And what’s this? Kara finds her own body? I expected a twist… so, is the twist that there was no twist? No… wait a bit and…. WHAT? The Fifth Cylon was WHO? Tigh’s wife?? Really?

I thought they pulled that one out of thin air. Deus Ex Machina (strangely appropriate phrase for this show). Very disappointing.

I’m not sure where this is going, or how Kara’s going to find out she’s NOT a Cylon (I did like that twist), but this show better have a great payoff, or people are going to be as upset as the sudden switch to black that hit the Sopranos.

Seriously though, can someone tell me why they’re such a fan of the show? I’d seriously like to know, because I’m just not seeing it.

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  1. Okay, I can answer that. The drama of the show. This is NOT a light-hearted show, and we knew that from the start. This show is about the survival of the human race. It’s bleak. Their path is perilous, and their numbers are dwindling. However, despite this, there are real glimpses at humanity that the show highlights…people struggling despite all this, seeing how they cope with their ongoing lives while their goal is anything but certain. How would you or I react in such circumstances? That’s what great about this show.

    I will completely counter your statement “this show better have a great payoff, or people are going to be as upset”. No, not at all. This show has already had great payoffs, and it’s continuing. This is somewhat like Lost, where they got off the island. Now what? In this case, they got to Earth, and it’s not what they expect. Now what? They’re (the writers) going somewhere…and I’ll be there along for the ride. And I have no doubt they’ll hit it right out of the park.

    Best show on TV right now. Period.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I think part of the problem I’m having with the show is that since I watched everything straight through (1-3), and then 4, and never really had to wait for the next show and mull things over about what was about to happen next…. even from season to season.

  3. Yeah, you do need some perspective to sit back and let things sink in. This show works on many levels, and makes lots of interesting political and religious statements, too. Watching it through you just kind of get all the action stuff and some of the answers come at you too easily.

  4. What Andy said.

    Yes, it is bleak, but it’s about the characters. It’s a study in humanity, really. I think that in watching everything back-to-back, you were forced to concentrate on the big picture and the show is about the parts as much as their sum.

    I think the reason the show resonates with its audience is because in the last 4.5 seasons, the writers have not shied away from controversial topics (and turned the arguments upside down sometimes), and dealt with it honestly (sometimes brutally) and intelligently. But this is not for the faint hearted!

    More importantly, it took 4 years to get to know these characters, through thin and thick. A quick glance to catch up misses the nuance of relationships and the growth of each character.

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