Battlestar Galactica Theory – Earth and Dying Leaders

Spoilers ahead – Don’t read this if you don’t want a theory that might be true!

John, a good friend of mine, and I were talking about the latest Battlestar Galactica, “The Disquiet That Follows My Soul”, and he pointed out something I completely missed:

In this last show, Adama was popping pills, and the ship’s doctor even mentions that Adama doesn’t look too good.

Adama might be the “dying leader” that will lead his people to Earth. John told me this theory, and I was floored. Sounds exactly right to me.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Theory – Earth and Dying Leaders”

  1. It’s an interesting theory, but I thought the prophesy specified something about the visions. Laura had those visions, never Adama.

  2. Actually, while watching this episode, I saw something a little more ‘obvious’. Rosalin stopped taking her pills, Adama started to pop them. She was looking ‘healthier’ and he was looking worse. Interesting juxtaposition…but food for thought!

  3. It is an interesting juxtaposition, but I thought it was just the price of living. His best friend is cylon, the woman he considers a daughter is — gods know what the frak she is! He sacrificed his life and a marriage for the military, he has fought the cylons twice, and now he has had to ally himself to them. He has taken this fleet through hell and back and they landed back in hell. The woman he loves lost her religion and is on a collision course with death… He is old, tired, as demoralized as his crew. Being drunk and achy is the least of it. He should be strung out in a corner doing smack and sobbing!

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