Freddie Prinze Junior to Join “24”

Yep, you read that right. Freddie Prinze is going to join the cast of 24, and looks to be a Jack Bauer wanna be…. we’ll see how that changes (or not) by the time the next season of “24” starts next January.

Via Ain’t It Cool

(Thanks to John)

2 thoughts on “Freddie Prinze Junior to Join “24””

  1. Maybe they want a replacement in the wings in case Kieffer gets himself thrown in jail again.

    This season seemed a bit lame – I found myself not looking forward to it as much, and not that involved when it did roll around. If they are going to go all PC and suck out Jack’s ability to get information out of terrorists by any other means than talking to them, it puts a damper on things…

  2. I’m picturing Freddie giving Jack the puppy eyes and it is both hilarious and disturbing?

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