Breaking Bad: Ozymandias


Another great episode of Breaking Bad last night. We all pretty much knew that Agent Gomez and Hank were goners, but it was good to see that Hank got at least a little more camera time before they got rid of him.

Todd continues to give me the creeps. They didn’t even show what happened after he got ahold of Jesse, but we sure saw what Jesse looked like afterwards. The implied threat to Andre and Brock via that picture that Todd had paper clipped up on the pole was pretty chilling too.

I could not believe that Hank grabbed Holly near the end of the episode, after Jr. called the police. Thumbs up for him at least having enough sense to drop the baby off at the fire station. I think up until the phone call he was running on pure emotion, which was not good.

That phone call that he made to Skyler was pretty interesting too. I rewatched it, and am now even more convinced that he knew that the police would be listening, and that entire phone call was done to try and get Skyler off the hook. I don’t think he had enough forethought to grab Holly as part of the whole plan, but I think it sunk in when Holly started calling for her mother. That’s when he made the plan: 1) Make that phone call, because Skyler would have undoubtedly called the police; 2) Knowing that, complain that she wasn’t towing the line by keeping her mouth shut; 3) Saying that she had nothing to do with his business. This, at least, gives Skyler an “out” with the police.

So, Saul’s “cleaner” gets Walt out of the state, presumably New Hampshire, since the next episode is named “Granite State”. Two implications there: 1) Well, it’s the nickname of New Hampshire, and 2) Walt’s gonna have to harden himself up for what’s going to happen next.