Breaking Bad: Before Tonight’s episode, “Granite State”

SPOILERS AHEAD. Don’t read unless you’ve seen everything through “Ozymadias” and the preview for next week.

One of the things they say that writer’s should do is put their characters into really difficult situations, and figure a satisfying way out for them. A writer should do that throughout a book, but especially at the climax of the story. We’re about to see that in tonight’s episode “Granite State”.

I’ve long held that the Lydia storyline of Breaking Bad is going to come to a head. I’m not talking Uncle Jake and company. I think it’s going to be Lydia’s buyers in the Czech Republic. She’s been extremely worried about the quality of “the product”. She uses phrases like “it’s very important to me”. I’ll bet it’s a lot more than that. I think she’s scared. If this storyline is going to play out, it really has to tonight. What do I think will happen along those lines? I think that despite Jesse now working for Uncle Jack and Todd, the quality of what they’re producing isn’t going to be enough. I’m betting that they’re going to get a visit from people representing the Czech buyers, and it’s not going to end well for Uncle Jack and Todd. They’re either going to get killed, or get threatened to the point where they’re going to try and get Walt to come back to cook.

We’ve seen in the previews. Someone’s going to threaten Walt’s family. It could be the DEA, Uncle Jack and Todd, or the Czech buyers. Of the three, I think the possibility that it’s the Czech buyers is the most interesting. There’s always the possibility that if the word got back to the Mexican/South American cartels that Walt is Heisenberg, they’re try and go after him.

At this point in the story, everything’s up for grabs. We know from the flash forwards we’ve seen that Walt is headed back from the “Granite State”, New Hampshire, where he’s probably relocated since last episode. What would bring him back? A threat to his family. People are going to start getting killed (maybe even Walt Jr., if Skyler doesn’t cooperate), and Walt’s going to head back to exact some revenge for it. Walt’s a smart guy. Whatever he ends up doing, there better be some chemistry involved.