Game of Thrones – Season 8, Episode 5 predictions


Back before Episode 3, I wrote a few things down that I thought might happen. The only thing I was right about was: it is NOT a good idea to be down in a crypt with someone that can control the dead rolls into town. And, frankly, anyone paying the least bit of attention would have been able to figure that out, to it wasn’t much a prediction.

Now we’re going to see Episode 5 tonight, and I have a few more thoughts about what might happen in either Episode 5 or 6.

– Varys is in deep trouble, for a couple of reasons. First, it sounds like he’s going to try and go against Daenerys, and if she finds out, she’ll never forgive him. Second, and probably more importantly, Melisandre told Varys they would both die in the Seven Kingdoms. So, this is a lot like the crypt “prediction”. Not much of a prediction. It’s been telegraphed.

– Two theories about Arya and The Hound. One of the two of them will die. Either: 1) Arya will try and assassinate The Mountain and she’ll fail, and The Mountain will kill her. If this happens, and The Hound finds out about it, he’s going to go absolutely berserk. or 2) The Hound finally battles The Mountain, he’ll die, and while he’s distracted, Arya will kill him.

– Jamie will kill Cersei, making him both The Kingslayer AND The Queenslayer.

We’ll see how things go…