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Magic Lamp is a blog about television, books and movies. I write about a lot of things on the site. Lately it’s mostly been about LOST.

I also write a weekly summary of “24” that I post on humor writer Dave Barry’s blog, and which I also host here. During the off season, I continue to write “24” parodies, which Dave is kind enough to let me post on his blog.

This past year, I wrote episodes that took Jack Bauer and his friends to different television shows, such as “Lost“, “Green Acres”, and “The Office”. You can read the rest on the “24 – Two Days Later” page.

Take a look around the blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Steve Pietrowicz

6 thoughts on “About Magic Lamp”

    1. Yes, sure do! There’s a link over on the right column of the blog, right below the “Quotes” section. It was further down the column, so I moved it back up.

  1. Can we have some Lost pages that try to explain some of the past mysteries plz? I still don’t understand why Walt kept appearing even though he wasn’t dead (so can’t have been imitated by smoke monster, which was of course the most logical explanation), or why the horse appeared for Kate in “What Kate Did”, or why in the VERY FIRST episode the survivors all said the sound of the smoke monster sounded ‘familiar’ (yet it was JACOB that appeared to them all). ??? There are so many more too.
    Also, I think that ‘Kwon’ refers to Sun. Here are my reasons: –
    In The Incident Pt. 1, Jacob ‘touches’ both Jin and Sun at the wedding ceremony (in each of Jacob’s visitings of the main characters, Jacob ‘touches’ them, therefore protecting them?), but Jin is wearing a long-sleeved suit and therefore doesn’t really get touched at all. Also, why else would Jacob wait until AFTER the wedding, when of course Sun has become a ‘Kwon’.

  2. Steve,
    I know you are still posting comments and submitting items at Daveblog.

    However, may I ask that you sign as Amazing Steve? Just because 24 is over doesn;t mean you are any less amazing, and I;m not always sure if you are the only Steve posting there!

    And thank you again for the great and fun-to-read (at least for us commentors) work there, as well as your own great blog!

  3. by the way, have you followed The Event?

    It;s the new LOST, in the same way that ORANGE is the new black. (Doesn’t make sense to me either, and neither did LOST. They LOST me when they ignored or got rid of Walter and
    Michael, the only two characcters I cared about.

  4. Thanks, Steve!

    I don’t sign as “Amazing Steve”, mainly because I think calling myself that is a little over the top, even for me. 🙂

    I’m not following “The Event”… it didn’t really “hook” me.

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