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This page is has hints and spoilers about things found at the “LOST” website. The website was found via

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The video shows Sam Thomas, an Oceanic IT Technician receiving an e-mail from “Unknown”. The e-mail contains a picture. He notices a differences between the pictures. Look at the picture from the e-mail, and use the tools to zoom in on it. You’ll find the following words when you zoom in far enough and click on them.

Mole above her lip: “Black Rock”
Eye on the left side of the picture: Sunda Trench
Eye on the right side of the picture: Christiane I
Dark area at her hairline: tell no one – grave consequences

After you’ve found these, you’ll see another video. This is of Sam trying to reply to the e-mail that was sent. He’s unable to do so because the mail can’t be delivered.

In the next puzzle, you have to scroll through the e-mail to look for any hints of where it might have been sent from. Scroll down and you’ll eventually see something that looks like a website name. That website is:

There’s nothing at that website at the moment other than a login screen. We have no further information on this.

Chapter 1 spoilers and hints

The wind is blowing hard outside, and a door is banging. Click on the banging door when the video stops there, and it continues. Sam sees a vision in the glass, turns around and he sees a uniform on a hanger. He hangs it up, and you have to go around the room looking for clues.

In the lower right corner, click on the CD, and you’ll see a clue from season 1, “Driveshaft”.

Click on the pearls on the table on the left side of the picture, and you’ll see a clue from season 2, “The Pearl”

Click on the rocking chair, and you’ll see a clue from season 3, “Rocking Chair”.

Click on the table on the right side of the picture, and you’ll have found your way to the fourth clue. You’ll be asked to go to a website, solve a puzzle, and then come back and enter a word.

HINT: If you move the mouse over an area that can be clicked, your mouse cursor will turn into a hand.

You’ll be taken to another website where you’ll be asked to arrange the luggage in a backpack. There are several ways to arrange the luggage. The picture below shows on way.

Small backpack

The last piece in the picture needs to be placed above the gray passport, and you’ll be given the clue word.

That word is “MATTHEW”.

Type that in to solve the fourth puzzle, and you’ll be given the phone number for the Oceanic Air hotline: 888-548-0034. Call that number on your phone, and you’ll get a message.

There’s not much information there yet, but call again in a day or two and there may be more.

Sam’s Desk

In the meantime, search Sam’s Desk for additional clues in e-mail, on the phone, and in the passport book.

If you go through the information on Sam’s Desk, you’ll find that “Christiane I” is the name of a ship.

Update January 4th

A video of Sam talking about Sonya has been posted. He’s gotten a flight to Jakarta, Booking # R7MKCH, and will leave Syndney on Flight 511 at 8:50 to fly to Darwin, landing at 11:45. From there he’ll take Flight 601 from Darwin at 14:15 to go to Jakarta, and will land at 15:15. He’s booked passage on the Christiane I, which is a salvage vessel.

Check Sam’s e-mail for information on the flight’s he’s taking, his termination letter from Oceanic Air, and the e-mail he sent out inquiring about a new job.

Check your status. If all the boxes are filled in and green, you’re set to go on to Chapter 2. If some of those boxes aren’t filled in, go through everything again.

Once everything is completed, you’ll see a message about going on to the next chapter.

Chapter 2

Chapter starts with Sam going to the Christiane I, where he meets Captain Ockham (a reference to William of Ockham, of Ockham’s Razor fame). While trying to get passage on the boat, a piece of Ockham’s electronic equipment goes haywire. Ockham calls down to Mr. Talbot to call Jakarta. Talbot makes references to his “employer” not being happy about this kind of thing. Anyway, Sam volunteers to fix the equipment, and Ockham promises that if he does, Sam can stay on the ship. This is the first puzzle, and you have to complete it in 3 minutes.

The circuits must be arranged in the following order to continue:

Left Circuit

Left Side Circuit

Middle Circuit

Middle Circuit

Right Circuit

Right Side Circuit

Complete the puzzle, and you’ll be shown a confrontation that Talbot has with Sam. Talbot asks Sam some questions, and makes a passing reference to a girlfriend that Sam might have, which makes Sam suspicious.

After this, you can look at Sam’s laptop for information about the Sunda Trench and ships that have had weird things happen there. You can also read the e-mails Sam has been getting and sending. One of the e-mails has a series of numbers. I’m putting pictures of the number set here, split into two, since you can’t read all the numbers at once.



Some of the numbers are not as dark as the others. From what I can see, those numbers are “11.1784” which look like part of a latitude/longitude set.

The next video is of Sam below deck on the ship. He takes the radio over his desk and starts to play with it. If the video stops here, click on the dials.

He tunes the radio and hears a news broadcast about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

After hearing this, the puzzle starts. It’s similar to the other puzzle where you had to search the room. Click on:

The Picture: Season One Clue: Pillars of Smoke
The Box Below the lamp: Season Two Clue: Balloon
The Blue Pingpong paddles above the bed: Season 3 Clue: Ping Pong

Now click on the book on the bed, and you’ll have to solve the next puzzle. You have to listen (or read) the clues
coming from Tracy on the phone. You have to answer 8 questions correctly. NOTE These questions
are random for each player, and not everyone gets the same questions. Here are the questions I got:

1.  Where was the black rock headed?


2.  Who is rumored to have captained the Black Rock on its last voyage?

Magnus Hanso

3.  What sort of ship was the Black Rock?

Slave Ship

4. In what ocean did the Black Rock supposedly disappear?

South Indian

5. What direction did the Black Rock leave Papua New Guinea?


6. What slip number did the Black Rock leave from?


7. What docks did the Black Rock Leave from?


8. What year did the Black Rock disappear?


Solving his puzzle gets you the words: 423 Cheyenne Walk

Enter those to see the message pictured below:

Penny’s Number

The next video has same talking to the camera about the Black Rock, and what a mistake it was to get on the ship. Sam intends to leave at the next port. Check the e-mail messages, and the phone for a message.

Doing all this completes Chapter 2.

Chapter 3


Still at sea, Sam finds out that they’re not stopping in port any time soon. He talks with the captain, and finds out that he won’t be able to get off the ship until January.

Talbot leaves his cabin, and Sam sees that the door is still open and goes in. This starts the next puzzle.

The room is dark. Click on the left hand side of the room until you turn on a light.

Next, click the pillow. A key will be revealed. Drag this key to the second drawer from the top on the lower right part of the screen.

This reveals a cell phone (that needs to be charged), and a wallet. Click on the wallet to open it, and reveal a key.

Before you use the key, you’ll need to charge the cell phone. The charger is in the small hutch above the desk on the right side. Click on the hutch door to open it, revealing the charger. Drag the charger to the white box above the desktop, and below the shelf. It should plug in. Once it has been plugged in, drag the cell phone to the charger. There will be a list of numbers there. One of those numbers is actually a combination for a locked brief case.

The brief case is in a locked drawer below the suitcase. Drag the key you got from the wallet to the drawer to unlock it, and click the drawer to open it. Click on the briefcase. In the combination lock type: 852930

Doing this will reveal the next video:

Sam goes through the briefcase, and finds a report on the Black Rock from the Maxwell Group. The words “A division of Widmore Industries” is below the Maxwell Group logo. (That’s Penny’s father’s company). Sam puts everything away, and leaves the room just as Talbot comes back. Talbot asks what Sam was doing in the room, and warns him not to go in.

The next video shows Sam checking below deck to find out what’s going wrong with the instruments. Click on the video screens until the next video plays. At the end of the video, you have to find clues hidden in the room.

1. The Virgin Mary statue – find this in the ship steering wheel. It’s the white object within the spokes near the top.
2. 108 – Find this on the far left, handing on the wall.
3. The Submarine – Find this on the shelf to the right of the computer.

Now you can click on the newspaper on the far left. This will lead you to an ABC website to play a game.

There’s no good way to explain how to play this game, other than to say that there are multiple solutions. Just click on the dots, and keep leaving yourself a path to finish the rest of the paths as you proceed. When you finish this off, you’ll get the next clue: 36-15-28

Be sure and check the e-mail on the laptop while you want for the next clue.

The last part of Chapter 3 shows Sam in a video talking about how Talbot is working for the same Maxwell Group that has been sending him e-mails. He also discovered that the coded messages he’s been getting contain latitude and longitude information.

Checking his web browser, you’ll see he’s been looking up “Maxwell”. In that entry, you’ll see a reference “James Clerk Maxwell”, considered the father of magnetism.

His phone has a message from Oceanic, telling him that he’s lost his frequent flier miles.

Chapter 4

The next video shows Sam steering the boat, and glancing at the computer console. He wants to use it, and sabotages the computer so that the captain will ask him to fix it. With the captain gone, Sam has to enter a special password in order to gain access to the computer.

I solved this puzzle the hard way through trail and error. I didn’t think that would help many people, so I looked around and found the following strategy from

This puzzle is tough, but if you’re methodical about it, you can do it. You have to pick the right group of letters, and put them in the right order. Doing this randomly won’t get you far, because the puzzle is different every time. You might think that putting the same letter for each space will work, but that will only tell you that it goes somewhere, but not where.

A better strategy is to put one letter at a time in the puzzle grid. This will tell you if the letter goes in the puzzle, and if you’re lucky, where it goes. Do this over and over, and you’ll be on your way to solving the puzzle. It might take several tries, but this works well:

Find 815 password puzzle

Solving this gets you a video where Sam has a confrontation with Talbot, in which he tells Talbot that he knows about the Maxwell Group. Talbot blows this off, telling Sam that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

The next video shows Sam noticing a strange light on the water, in the distance. He gets out some binoculars which you have to position higher to see the whole thing. You do this by clicking towards the top of the viewing area.

Next you have to search for more season 1-3 clues, and click on them:

  • Season 1 – Vincent’s picture – On the bookshelf

  • Season 2 – Swan – One of the cards in the tray on the table

  • Season 3 – Parachute – The picture on the right side of the bookshelf, above the vase

Now you can click on Season 4’s clue – the bottle above the first aid sign.

The pill bottle has some numbers on it that appear to correspond to letters in the alphabet, but I haven’t fully looked at this yet. The numbers are: 10 19 4 4 15 8 19 21 23 13 4 21 11 13 6 7 20

The next puzzle takes you to a map in which you have to pinpoint coordinates. This is much easier than the other puzzles. The first four positions are listed below; you’ll have to do that last one yourself because I couldn’t get a decent screen capture of it:

Target puzzle

After you place the last marker, you’ll get the puzzle clue: Frank Lapidus

Type that in, and you’ll move on.

Check the e-mail and phone messages. The scrambled letters have a message in side, but I haven’t fully deciphered it yet; at least some of the letters spell out numbers. I was able to see “Twenty five”, but haven’t fully decoded everything else yet.

In the video Sam tells the captain he has coordinates to the Black Rock, and
convinces him to let him navigate the ship there.

You now have navigate a reef to get there. This link shows a picture of the course
to take.

You’ll arrive at the location, and a video shows that Sam’s found the right place,
despite Talbot’s objections to turn around.

Click on “Story so far” and “Chapter 5 Clue Hunt”

You’ll see Sam watching over the water, seeing an image of his girlfriend
Sonya. The captain comes along and tells him he’s seeing things.

Season 1 clue: The backgammon board on the table (under the hat)
Season 2 clue: The statue behind the yellow rope
Season 3 clue: The gas lamp

Now click on the silver box. This leads you to a game in which you have
to navigate through a storm. Do that, and you’ll get the clue
word: Southfields

Type in “Southfields”, and you’ll see the lettering on the silver box says:
“Queens College Dept. of Physics”

Now click on “Chapter 5 video diary” and click on the camera to see
Sam talking about finding the Black Rock. There’s some kind of message
embedded in the video intermixed with Sam’s video. Sam says that he’s going
to use some equipment to find the Black Rock.

Now click on “Find Black Rock”.

The captain and crew lower an ROV into the water, and Sam is supposed to
navigate the rover.

You must navigate the rover over each one of the dots in order to see the
final video.

Sam finds what he thinks is the Black Rock, only to realize what he’s really
found is the wreckage of Flight 815.

In a scene after he’s returned home, Sam watches a television news broadcast
about Flight 815 being found. Talbot explains that he now realizes that Sam
was greaving, and that Sam finally got the answers he wanted.

From the look on Sam’s face, it appears he realizes he’s been manipulated the whole time.

Further info

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  1. Chapter two will start at 8pm. Left off the hook until it disconnected me, the recording eventually said something about Zero Eight Seventeen

  2. Hi! i Finished “find 815” and i tried to enter to “the maxwell group” with te numbers in the e mail “Sender: unknow” (411151057)
    Username: Talbot”, but nothing happened. Do you know how to enter? thank you.
    (maybe the maxwell group is a ghost page??)

  3. I have no idea yet!

    I tried the exact same username and password last night, and didn’t get anything.

    I also tried the audio link at the bottom of the page, but couldn’t get it to load. When I find out more, I’ll post something here!

  4. Erin,

    If you mean the task where you have to run over the dots with the undersea rover, you have to visit ALL the dots. Try and take a path that leads from one to another, without having to double back too much.

  5. has anyone gotten the user name and password for the maxwell goup’s web page? the home page is different from the first time I went to it.

  6. Mollie… I figured out that you have to click the first 3 clues first… in order to get the 4th to work right.
    1. smoke picture
    2.balloon picture
    3.pingpong paddles
    then on bed……..Hope it helps !

  7. All the activities get hung up on me and won’t close out. And now in Talbot’s room, when I click on the cell phone, it stops the task. Any idea what’s up, or is it mycomputer?

  8. Gerardo, Check the list above and make sure you have everything completed.

    Lisa, Not sure. have you tried restarting the game?

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