Lost Season 3 Easter Eggs

What are “Lost Easter Eggs”?

A “Lost Easter Egg” is a clue, item, person or something special in a LOST episode that you might not have seen if you weren’t looking closely enough. Lost in particular has MANY of these “Easter Eggs”.

Update 1/1/08 See the hidden easter egg in the Lost Season 4 Trailer!

Here’s a listing of some of the Easter Eggs from Season 3 of Lost. Some of these don’t strictly fit the “Easter Egg” definition, but they are interesting none the less:

Easter Eggs in Episode 1 – “A Tale of Two Cities”

In the opening sequence, we see Juliet arguing with Adam that “Ben” wouldn’t like the book selection. Juliet says “Silly me sinking so low as to select something that Ben wouldn’t like. Here I am thinking that free will actually exists on….” and then the earthquake hits. That book is “Carrie”; you can see it in the hands of one of the people in the room, right after the older woman asks Adam why the book isn’t “literature”.

Juliet’s hand was hurt and bandaged when she answered the door; a little while later during the book club meeting, she wasn’t wearing a bandage.

The tail section landed about an hour away from The Others community.

Ethan was the person that was working on Juliet’s plumbing problems in that little box outside her house.

The station that Jack is being held in is called “The Hydra” which is a mythic nine-headed monster.

The intercom that Jack is trying to talk to says the words “Let it go, Jack”, which are the same words that Jack’s father uses in the flashback sequences from tonight. Juliette insists that intercom hasn’t worked in years. Could that be yet another communication from whatever was trying to communicate with Shannon, or was Jack hallucinating?

The music playing in Sawyer’s cage when he figures out the puzzle is “The Thunderer”.

In the final scene, we find out that Henry’s real first name is Ben – the same Ben that Adam and Juliet were referring to at the book club meeting.

Easter Eggs in Episode 2 – “The Glass Ballerina”

The dock where Sayid tied up the sailboat is called the Pala Ferry. This is the same dock named in the Pearl orientation video.

The girl that talked to Kate from the bushes is named Alexandra; she’s Danielle’s (The French Woman’s) daughter. Alexandra cryptically mentioned to Kate that “You’re not even supposed to be in that cage”.

The woman who climbs down the Hydra hatch at the beginning of the show and who is later shot by Sun is named Colleen.

The last name of Danny, the guy who shocks Sawyer, the work foreman where Sawyer and Kate are breaking and moving rocks, and who appears to be romantically involved with Colleen, is Pickett. (Trivia: Dan Pickett is the name of a musician who became famous in 1949).

Jae, the man who was with Sun in the hotel room, recognized Sun’s father. You have wonder why he would know her father.

When Colleen stopped Danny as they were taking Sawyer and Kate to go work, she said “They have a boat. Ben wants us to take the Galaga and retrieve… ” (The rest was garbled). Galaga was a video arcade game that was released in 1981.

Sun’s full name is Sun-Hwa Kwon.

“Henry Gale”’s real name is Benjamin Linus. Just a trivia point there, but the album “Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown tracks on it which are “12. Benjamin” and “13. Linus and Lucy”. Kinda makes me wonder if his parents let him pick his own name from and old Peanuts album.

updateAs others have pointed out in the comments, a later episode that showed Ben’s backstory had his mother, right before she died, requesting that he be named “Benjamin”.

Easter Eggs in Episode 3 – “Further Instructions”

The opening scene with Locke on the jungle floor is reminiscent of the premiere episode of Lost where the camera was on Jack’s eye, and Jack was on the jungle floor.

The inscription on Eko’s stick when Locke first picks it up after it fell out of the tree reads: “Lift up your eyes and look north” John 3:05. Could that be where The Others are located?

Also on the stick: Acts 4:11, Rom (Roman’s) 6:12 , CNN 13:14, and something in the upper left I can’t make out.

The numbers 4 8 15 16 are visible on Eko’s stick.

Locke’s registration reads: Johnathan Locke, 25164 Franklin St, San Francisco, USA, Height 5′ 10″, Weight 175, and a social security number.

As Locke is barreling through the side of the sweat lodge, for a split second there is an image of a wolf.

The camp is in Humbolt County, CA.

Eddie’s full name is “Edward F. Colburn”.

The two people back at camp that started talking when Charlie, Eko and Locke came back are named Nikki and Paulo.

Easter Eggs in Episode 4 – “Every Man for Himself”

The Others took a submarine over to get the sailboat, and that submarine is called the Galaga.

Juliet said, “That’s not how we do it over here, Jack” – which was a hint that they weren’t on the same island as the people from the plane crash.

Kate’s response to Sawyer when she went back into the cage was “Live together, die alone”, a repeat of what Jack said last season.

Jack is manipulating Juliet the very same way that Ben Linus (as Henry Gale) tried to manipulate Locke, when he asked who was in charge. Locke didn’t like it when “Henry” did it, and Juliet didn’t like it when Jack did it.

The mumbled words that Jack was trying to hear in the broken speaker were of two men talking. The words were, “… under control. Yeah? You know what he’s doing to Karl? You know what he’s doing? It was a mistake to bring those two here.”

When Sawyer was waking up on the table, one of The Others (“Zeke”, I think) said that they didn’t have any communication for two days after the sky went purple.

The car Munson had hidden was in the South Florida area; it’s likely that’s where Sawyer was being held in prison.

Easter Eggs in Episode 5 – “The Cost of Living”

The song at the funeral was Brenda Lee’s “I Wonder”.

In the second scene of Eko stumbling through the jungle, you can see the black smoke in the background for a split second just as he is getting up.

The name of the leader of the militia was named Emeka.

And a repeat from previous episodes, mentioned here again in this episode:

“Dr. Marvin Candle” from the Orientation video in the first hatch calls himself “Dr. Mark Wikmund” in the Pearl video.

Finally, in the credits:

The actors playing the young Eko and Yemi are brothers in real life.

Easter Eggs in Episode 6 – “I Do”

Kate’s husband Kevin works for the Miami police department, which means they were in South Florida. He drives a Miami-Dade police car.

The tickets to Costa Rica were on Oceanic Airlines.

The conversation between Pickett and Juliet was at the labor area was:

P: I don’t understand. It’s supposed to be two weeks.
J: Our schedule’s been moved up.
P: What, is that an order?
J: It’s coming from him.
P: That’s stupid.
J: It’s not my call. That’s the way it is, Danny.
P: Alright.

“Lift up your eyes and look north” is not a direct quote from the Bible, but it’s pretty close to lines in Genesis 14, which says, “The LORD said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, ‘Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west.'”

Kate’s phone call to the Marshall took place on the Feast of the Ascension, which in 2004 (the year in which LOST is taking place) was May 21st.

The pregnancy test that Kate took was the one she was probably referring to when she told Sun that she had taken a pregnancy test before.

As Pickett and his buddy were leaving the surgery theater when the surgery started, Pickett said: “Shepard wasn’t even on Jacob’s list”.

Update – 12/19/07 This page was destroyed during a blog software upgrade last year, and I’m recovering it now. Check back for more info in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Lost Season 3 Easter Eggs”

  1. You posted:
    Jae, the man who was with Sun in the hotel room, recognized Sun’s father. You have wonder why he would know her father.

    The reason is because thier fathers did business together and it would be customary for them to meet, since Jae was following his fathers path in the hotel industry. He told this to Sun at Jae’s funeral.

    “Henry Gale”’s real name is Benjamin Linus. Just a trivia point there, but the album “Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown tracks on it which are “12. Benjamin” and “13. Linus and Lucy”. Kinda makes me wonder if his parents let him pick his own name from and old Peanuts album.

    It would have been a choice given by his alcoholic father, since his mother died within minutes of giving birth to him and the only thing she says to Roger the father is “It hurts!”

  2. lost,

    Thanks for pointing that out. When I wrote the initial comment about that, he hadn’t seen Ben’s backstory yet, so we didn’t know where he got the name.

    I updated that info in that section, and I’m working on adding info from the rest of the episodes.

  3. i noticed this on the 3rd season

    4= years desmond has been on the island
    8= plane nomber is 815
    15= ^^^
    16=years reuso has been on the island
    23=#of srrvovors from the tail
    42=#of srrvovors from the front

    sory if any are wrong,hope it helps

  4. Re: Benjamin’s name

    In the Bible, Benjamin is the last born of Jacob’s sons. (Jacob … interesting) In the Torah, Benjamin is changed from Benoni, which literally translates to “son of my pain,” which makes sense, considering in both these religious books & Lost, Benjamin’s mother dies during childbirth.

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