Hanso Foundation website and Lost game spoilers

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Update: I found this set of threads on The Fuselage. That includes a LOT more than what I’ve found, and listed here.

I’ll be posting updates here and on the blog itself of the secrets I find on the newly re-opened Hanso Foundation website. The website has be drastically revamped, and includes a lot of multi-media stuff.

Things to try

May 17, 2006 – Let Your Compass Guide You

If you go to the Hanso Foundations “Electromagnetic Research Initiative” project, you’ll notice that the image in the lower right of the earth, there’s a date of: October 62, 9291. You’ll also notice that there’s an “X,Y” coordinate in the upper left hand corner of that image. If you move the mouse so X: goes to 629 and Y: goes to 291, (which is the center of the diagram to the right of the earth picture) and click it, a new image appears. Click on that.

This will take you to the new website: http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com/. Now, click somewhere on the green part of the screen, and press the “TAB” key on your keyboard. A new image will appear around the compass. Go ahead and click on “108”.

You’ll be taken to a new screen, and the question “Are you one of the good ones?” comes up. Press “Y” on your keyboard.

You’ll be taken to a directory of files. Only two of the directories are open, and contain a few files to look at: hmcintyr and pthompso

Click in the “hmcintyr” link and then click the “mail” link. From there, click the 139191991471518711419.jpg link. That will take you to a rather large picture. If you examine the picture closely, you’ll see the words “The Mouth Piece” near the Buddha statue.

You can also see this same message in the pthompso directory, but in a different form:

Click on the pthompso directory, then “mail” then “Inbox”. You’ll notice a series of ones and zeros. Go to the URL indicated in the mail header: http://www.adcott.net/binary/ and put that series of numbers into the bottom box and click “Decode”

It decodes to the words “The Mouth Piece”.

Now, what does “The Mouth Piece” have to do with anything?

Go to Hugh McIntyre’s Bio on The Hanso Foundation website. You’ll notice his picture is missing, and there’s a password box there. Type in “The Mouthpiece” there, and you’ll see an animation.

You can also see an animation that’s on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pna5kuVZDXE.

The DJ Dan website

May 17, 2006 – If you look at the HTML source for the Hanso Foundation, you’ll see a reference to a new website:


Of particular interest, there’s a “DJ DAN podcast” you should listen to, it mentions Alvar Hanso. Listen to the May 16th podcast (it’s short). They list the next podcast as May 26th.

The Hanso Foundation Phone Number

On the May 3rd episode, they played a commercial that was supposed to be from The Hanso Foundation. The person speaking during the commercial was Carlton Cuse, one of the executive producers of Lost. At the end of the commercial, they showed a phone number, 1-877-HANSORG (1-877-426-7674).

Logging in
– Go to “Newsletter (Sign up) and put your name into the “Enter a screen name” box in the lower corner. As soon as you click next, strange sounds start to play, the website page gets lines and cracks in int, and you’ll see message that says: “Hello name, can you read this?”.

Entering “no”, will bring up the message “gotta go”, and the site returns to normal.

Entering “yes”, will bring up the message “okay, it’s me Persephone, what’s the password?” Entering the wrong password will give you the message “Call the call center in the tv ad section”.

Typing in the right message “breaking strain” will log you into the site, and give you a message from Persephone telling you that you’re logged in, and that you’ll have to check back for messages later.

After this completes, you’ll get a quick flash of a picture of Joop, the orangutan that the Hanso Foundation claims in 105 years old, and then you’re back to the main website.

Message to Joop
Be sure to complete the “logging in” section before trying this. I don’t think the following will work without doing that first.

Go to “Joop’s Corner” and click on “Send a message to Joop”. Sending a message to Joop on his page will make the picture of him freak out. The website changes to a picture of what looks like a brain, where dark areas appear. Clicking on the circled dark areas will eventually eliminate them, and leave you with one circled dark circle.

Clicking that region will reveal a document from the “Global Welfare Consortium” complaining about the labs that the Hanso Foundation is running, and demanding that they be given access. You have to use your mouse to scroll around to read the whole letter.

Clicking on the signature at the bottom of that page reveals a follow up letter from the GWC saying that it’s all been a big misunderstanding, and apologizes for the tone of the previous letter. At the bottom of that page, the name “Peter Thompson” is circled, and if you click on that, the following words appear (and a voice says them) “The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority”. Clicking anywhere on the page will return to “Joop’s Corner”.

May 9th, 2006 update:

Joop’s picture on the “Webcam” flickers very badly after you’ve done this. If you watch it carefully (and for quite a while), you’ll see it change into what looks like someone’s face – for just a moment. Then it’s back to the static picture of Joop.

Hanso Foundation Press Release

On May 6th, the Hanso Foundation issued a about it’s website being “attacked”. There is a phone number at the bottom of the page, and an e-mail address:

Hugh McIntyre (206) 861-5017/Hugh.McIntyre@thehansofoundation.org

Calling the phone number will get you a message that the mailbox is full, but you’re given the opportunity to leave your phone number at the tone. No idea yet what this does, but I entered mine. I’ll update you when I find out more.

Highlight the whole page, by right clicking and selecting “Select all

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