Official ABC LOST websites

There are many websites around proporting to be connected to the show, only some of them are connected to ABC and LOST:

Dharma Wants You

July 2008

The Dharma Wants You website is now online. It appeared after the Comic Con 2008 convention, and is recruiting people for it’s volunteer program. Take a quick quiz, and join up.

Let Your Compass Guide You

The LetYourCompassGuideYou website is online.

DJ Dan

Visit the DJ Dan conspiracy website.

Widmore Labs & Sublymonal

The Widmore Labs website and are online.

Oceanic Airlines

Try to get to, and you’ll be taken to Google instead, searching for the name “Angelus Kaduna”.

A quick read of the page shows two things metioned that should pop out at LOST fans: Nigeria and the Virgin Mary. Nigeria, of course, is where the plane that killed Boone originated. It also carried statues of the Virgin Mary. There’s a scene in this week’s previews of someone (probably Mr. Eko) breaking the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie took. Considering the other biblical references he’s already made, it’s likely Mr. Eko isn’t going to take kindly to what he finds inside that statue.

The Oceanic Airlines website has a lot of neat things on it. The best advice I have right now is to click around on the website as much as you can, to see what you can see. In the coming days, I’ll add more information to this page about everything you should be able to find there.

The Hanso Foundation website

The Hanso Foundation website has a number of interesting things on it, and it seems to be more active than the Oceanic Airlines site.

11/15/05The Hanso Foundation Life-Extension Project link has started working on the Hanso Foundation website.

Pretty interesting. It’s a press release that talks about an orangutan named Joop that just celebrated it’s 105th birthday, and goes on to say that the Hanso Foundation expects this to help humans “someday”.

….Maybe it’s already helping someone, or something…. ?

12/3/05 – Clicking at the bottom of the letter listed on the life extension page will bring up a new form. Write the word “Copenhagen” and click the submit button. On that page, you’ll find a letter from the “Global Health Organization” to the Hanso Foundation, citing a disease outbreak near the Hanso Foundation’s Zanzibar facility, and insisting on being able to do an inspection there.

If you go to the Alvar Hanso information page and click on the picture there, you’ll see a message. If you wait on that page (doesn’t matter if you’ve clicked on the picture or not), you’ll end up seeing a new letter form the “Global Health Organization” which thanks the Hanso Foundation for the contribution it’s made, and apologizing for the misunderstanding they had over visiting the Zanzibar facility.

Another website you might be interested in is The Fuselage which is a website run by the staff of LOST.

9 thoughts on “Official ABC LOST websites”

  1. If you go to the “Active Projects” link on the HANSO website, if you hover your mouse below the last listed one, the words “Dharma Initiative” pop up. If you click there, you can view the filmstrip from the hatch

  2. On the ‘Oceanic Air’ website I clicked through a few links and then returned to it’s ‘homepage’. I then hovered the mouse over the ‘All Flights Cancelled’ blurb and this message appears overlapping the blurb:

    “I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents.”

    Don’t know which character it is but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  3. Tagging on to what Mozer said, if you hover on the “oceanic air” website there is another message:

    If anyone should find this message, please get word I’m alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they’re getting worse…

    Very interesting…..

  4. Type in Hurleys numbers on the traveller section and wait for the thing to load. Slowly the characters seats appear with tantalisingly scary animations for each character. Is Charlie obsessed with Claire? Find out!

  5. on the oceanic website, if you click on pre-flight, it will bring up boxes with letters spelling out Ethan Rom above them. If you rearreange the letters in the boxes to say Other Man, you get a cool clip.

  6. Hey, on the ocianic website, there is some text clearly seen under the ‘All Flights Cancelled’ thing, well if you highlight it, copy it and paste it into word, then a picture comes up with a sketch done by michel to walt and a postcard he sent to him, duno what its all about tho.

  7. Few things on the Oceanic website:

    Here are the combos for stuff on the home page:
    1) You should be able to enter the from city as SYD and the to city as LAX, you get the flight tracker. Does not seem to work though, but here is the page:
    2) Enter in the from city as THE and the to city as BOY and you get the smoke in the top image to start moving. Interestingly enough, there is a page commented out:
    //xWindow.openCenter(“theboy.htm”, ‘___foureightfifteensixteentwentythreefortytwo___’, 320, 240);
    Not sure why? The page doesn’t exit.
    Here are some image files in the source code, not sure what they should be doing?
    //img[0] = ”;
    //img[1] = ”;
    //img[2] = ”;
    They are all commented out. Not sure why. The images don’t work though. Do we know anything about claire’s ticket?
    4) Also on the home page, you’ll notice the numbers under Travellers…
    If you go the flight tracker ( and view the document source code, there is a comment:

    More fun on this page. There is code to go to the following page if you enter THE in the departure city and BOT in the arrival city:
    if (document.getElementById(‘fromcity’).value == “THE” && document.getElementById(‘tocity’).value == “BOY”) {
    xWindow.openCenter(“theboy.htm”, ‘___foureightfifteensixteentwentythreefortytwo___’, 320, 240);

    What a surprise, the code is never called on the page! Anyways, clicking on either track button takes you to the track results page (with flight 815, by the way)
    Okay, the track results page. Another comment in the source code:

    Then I looked at the page and said, damn, nothing. Until you start reading….
    Look carefully, the results say:
    Giveus THE BOY

    I have strayed from speculation, but the Giveus THE BOY line is found under flight 572. Wonder if that will tie in somewhere? Unfortunately, that seems to be it for this page.
    Next, if you go to the seating chart ( and view the document source code, there is a comment:

    From hovering here, there are tons of things.

  8. Hey!

    If you select everything on the Oeanic Airlines first page and copy and paste into a document you’ll get an interesting result…

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