The map on the blast door


See the map on my Google Pages Lost Hatch Map page. I received this image from my friend John. It originally came from The Fuselage, by a poster named “steveslp”. If you tell people about that, or use that image elsewhere, make sure to give HIM credit, and not me. I just reposted it to Google because their servers can handle it better than mine (and probably his).


On tonight’s episode of LOST, John Locke saw a map with many notes scribbled on it. This is an incomplete listing of the words on the hatch that Locke saw. More info, and the map itself will be posted shortly.

For now, here are the words:
From following ah/mdg incident but could be #6

possible manufacturing facility with light industrial equipment

Suspected shutdown date 10 28 84

confirmed site of cadaceus medical station (the staff!)

credo nos in fluctu eodem esse [LATIN: I think we’re on the same wavelength]

mountainous terrain must likely used by DIHG for meteorlogical research

Sursum corda [LATIN: Lift up your hearts (to God)]
Sursum corda
Sursum corda

Aegrescit Mendendo [ LATIN: The treatment is worse than the disease ]

estiminated travel time incompatible with 108 Do not attemp to journey

Malum consilium quod mutari non protest [ LATIN: It’s a bad plan that can’t be changed ]

(Center) Designation unknown? Purpose Unknown? Relation to DIH unknown

Geological composition likely to cause magneic interference with weather project

interference might also prevent location from us as listen location/cryptography research or analysis

Why so many Dharmatel relays to such an intenible locaton?



Possible catastrophic malfunction of cerberus system

mus uni non fidit antro [ LATIN: A mouse does not rely on just one hole ]


Alleged location of #4/The Flame

But unlikely due to cerberus activity

Nil autrus repot si sud*** hagudfum (?)

z4, y8, z15 subterranean conducit?

high potential for R.V.S.


activity unsuitable for D.I.H.G.

alleged location of aborted #7. Large number of underground springs/ heavy water table

square root 16, square root 64, square root 15

cogito ergo doleoo

CV IV? The pearl?

hic sunt dracones

– cv I highly unlikely

no safe location from dharamatel servers/hue/casing or infrastructue

unut magn, tame cuta, sit ira, demous est.

perimary nexus of cerberus related activity

sightings coincide with emergency shutdown of intranet services, per** (?)
of heightened security


possible recreation area for D.I.H.G. Teams

LON frocity can exloration – possible site for ground em of flor can relase to
valenletti-related research activity.


Multiple lecal conduits blocked after incidento

The swan 5 of 6 (4,8,15,16,23,42) site of HG delegration inspection 12 07 81

no connection to islandance EEP Network

***wide secure of dharamtel intranet 4/08/00, 8/15/01, 01/06/05 – complete shutdown in effect.o
PRD Every 6-8 months fatalities: 5

Possible CV II – inactive since accident

known final resting place of magnus hanso/black rock

activity minmal during lockdown and restocking procedures
rev-42 or possible location of zoological research facility

stated goal re**tion accellerated de-territorial of ursus martimus
through gene theropy and extreme climate change.

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