The Numbers

If you watch LOST, and don’t like reading theories about the show, stop reading now.


A couple of ideas about the numbers.

Use once, repeat forever

First, I think we can agree we’ve witnessed the effect the numbers can have on luck. Both Hurley and Sam Toomey used those numbers to win contests.

Now, after the numbers were used, both Hurley and Sam Toomey started having bad things happen around them. Not TO them, just around them.

I think it’s going to be a while before we see what the numbers all mean, but I do think they each end up having individual meaning or some sort of positive effect on whatever projects they were working on.

On the island,

I think someone had the bright idea that if the numbers were good individually, then using them together would be even better. …And something good probably did happen….right before “the incident”.

I think that’s the key reason that the numbers need to be used as often as they have been in the bunker. They used them for some “good” purpose, and then realized after the “incident” that they needed to keep using them or bad things were going to continue to happen.

Using the numbers on the island

We’ve seen the numbers being used repeatedly in two places on the island. The first place we found out about were the numbers being transmitted via a radio transmitter that Danielle’s ship heard. The other is in the bunker.

Danielle stopped numbers from being transmitted from the island. That transmitter is currently under control (or in possession, more likely) of someone else. Danielle doesn’t specifically say “The Others”.

So, my question is, why wasn’t the transmission Danielle created changed back to the numbers again?

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