Zombies on the island? Nope…


There’s possible spoiler in this, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see it.

There have been a lot of people talking about how the others might be Zombies, and all that sort of stuff…

I have a sneaking suspicion that those folks could very well have been dead at some point, but …for lack of a better term, have been “fixed”.

In other words, while they could have died, something that’s loose on the island didn’t so much look at the fact that someone was dead as a big problem, and ended up fixing them and bringing them back to life.

Take what Desmond said at face value; Kelvin died, and he (Desmond) took over.

SPOILER AHEAD, stop now; if you don’t stop, don’t complain…

….Anyway, if you go by what people are reporting via IMDB, and Kelvin really is the guy on the boat that took Walt, how in the heck is he alive now?

Ruling out zombies, maybe this whole Life Extension Project listed at the Hanso Foundation website really did work… at least to some extent.

Say that someone did die. Whatever is loose on the island was able to revive them; maybe there are people actively reviving the dead.

So, we might not be dealing with the “yum yum, I’ll eat your brains” zombies, but people that have been revived. The island being what it is, the whole “revived” part might have further implications, like “you’re revived now, but whatever revived you is controlling you”.

Interesting implications to this…. The Pilot and Boone might show up again.

4 thoughts on “Zombies on the island? Nope…”

  1. good theory.i don’t think that the pilot was ethan.i think that the others may be a paranormal occurance, though zombies weren’t exactly what i had in mind.;]I DO HOPE THAT EITHER OF THEM COME BACK.WE NEED ANSWERS!but how can you tie in the numbers?maybe they have some occult significance…

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