The People That Were Taken

One of the things the writers on “LOST” do is the introduction of characters that leave you with one initial impression, and then turn that impression around. They’ve done that with Jin, Sawyer, Michael, Kate, and even to some extent Eko.

They’ve done this with the hatch, the “monster”, and even “The Others”.

The hatch turns out to actually have someone living inside it, complete with computers, food, washing machine, etc.

The “monster” that many people suggested was some sort of dinosaur, turns out to be nothing of the sort. In fact, it fits in well with my nanotechnology theory.
But….”The Others”?

Yep. I think that The Others really are taking people away, but not necessarily doing them any harm because there is something about the people that were taken that The Others need. I think it’s even possible that they’re trying to “save” these people, from what is happening on the island.

What’s the evidence of this? Well, a few things.

First, Goodwin, in his last conversation with Ana-Lucia, said as much. Second, if they wanted to out and out kill those people, there are many ways they could have done this already.

The Others had a list of the people they were going to take from the “Tailies” camp in “The Other 48 Days” episode. Those people were specifically taken. Why?

I seriously doubt that every one of them is psychic or has some sort of mental ability similiar to Walt, so we can rule that out.

Would they be pulled into The Other group to convert them to be “Others”? Why would they do that? It has to be hard enough to survive on the island alone, let alone with all the weird stuff that’s happening to them.

My theory on this is that The Others are using these people as a form of defense. Defense from what? Well, the “smoke monster” for one thing. We’ve seen two people, Locke and Eko, stand up to this thing and walk away from it. It could be that The Others have seen that some people can stand up against The Smoke, while The Others themselves can’t.

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  1. Steve:

    Great site. I suspect your theories all have merit, but there is another reason why the “Others” would take children. . . they may be doing it for the same reason American Indians took captives–to replenish their numbers. You take children because they are the easiest to intergrate into your society. I think the “Others” have been cut off for a long time. Hence the ragged clothing and the need to take the weapons of Jack, Locke and Sawyer (they seemed real interested in those weapons). I do not think it was just to keep them from taking a pot shot as they left. I also suspect the Others have not had access to the hatch for a long time.


  2. Hi! I enjoy reading all the interesting theories.
    Firsly to answer your question why the others were taking the Tailenders. Goodwin does admit to Ana-Lucia that they only take the good ones.
    The others got the list of names from Goodwin as he was the imposter who infiltrated the tailenders camp.
    Remember the others are not only taking children. They’re also taking adults, so that squashes the íntegration theory.
    Also there is no evidence to suggest that the Clan which kidnapped Walt are associated with Goodwin’s Others.

  3. Crap, crap and more crap. No evidence for nano-technology. Rubbish and a major stretch! The “good ones” that are taken are lead to believe that the island is special, they were brought there to have a better life and that they have a great purpose for being there. They are lead to believe that the “Others” that took them are good and Jacob and God brought them there. The children are most important, because the “Others” can’t have any children. The taking of the guns is a way for the “others” to protect themselves and keep the survivors from mounting an assault, because they have few weapons and keep getting “out-smarted” at every turn. Fear is a major factor in all of the “others” plans. The others have not had access to the hatch, but have been certain that the button would always be pushed, because they could keep an eye on the people inside through the “Pearl” station that they definitely knew about and knew that it would be a tough place to attack and capture due to it’s fortress like set-up and the cache of weapons it stored.

  4. Please remember when that was written.

    No evidence of nano-tech now, but back when that was written, in late 2005/early 2006, it was still very much up in the air.

    That’s the problem with theories like this though, since it’s so easy to disprove them after the story unfolds.

    For example, we didn’t have any idea that Jacob existed back when it was written, or even that Ben even existed as a character.

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