Unexplained things they just accept

November 14, 2005

There are quite a few unanswered questions out just hanging out there, that the characters have seem to just let slide:

  1. Where was Claire when she disappeared? Why doesn’t she have a memory of where she was?
  2. Where did that polar bear come from, and how did it survive in the jungle?
  3. Rose said that the noise “the monster” in the jungle made sounded familiar. Shannon asked where she lived, and she said “The Bronx”. What does that noise sound like? A trash compactor on a garbage truck? Anyone have any other ideas?
  4. What’s that cable that Sayid and Hurley found coming out of the ocean, and how did it get there?
  5. What is in the vials that Desmond took with him? Wouldn’t you think that Jack would have found them by now, and been a least a little interested in them?
  6. Where does Danielle keep disappearing to?

I’ll add more questions as I think of them. Keep in mind, these are unexplained things that the characters just seem to take for granted, and haven’t discussed, not overall questions in the storyline. I’ll write something up for those on another page.

13 thoughts on “Unexplained things they just accept”

  1. I think I can explain the polar bear. It appeared before Walt, right?

    Well remember when Walt was reading that book about birds at his mom’s and then suddenly that same kind of bird crashed into the window?

    That day on the beach Walt was looking at the spanish comic book and it had a polar bear in it.

    i’m not sure what triggers these apparitions, perhaps frustration or anger, but it seems to fit in nicely.

  2. The polar bear is easy to explain: the Dharma video said there was a reasearch station/zoo-ish looking area. Obviously it escaped.

    Everything else, you got me 😛

  3. I read that the polar bear was already on the plane, along with a number of other animals. They said it was part of a zoology thing, and that it got loose. I also think that Ethan was really good, but tried to protect Claire’s baby from something, possibly “the Others.” He may have been one, too.

  4. In the pilot episode, Jack wakes up in the jungle and runs for a whil onto the beach… it doesn’t actually show the plane crash – only in flashbacks..

  5. Season 2: We actually meet one of the others and Anna Lucia kills him; obviously, they are not invincible. Do you think that the children have become “the others” or are they trapped by the others?

  6. Thats interesting that the others might be a group of savage kids. I just read the lord of the flies by william golding where 7-12 year old boys get lost on an island and become savages without order(very good by the way). Perhaps the “others” are kids from the plane because I doubt walt would be the ONLY kid on the plane. And if you remember when they showed you the feet of the others one of them had a teddy bear.

  7. Claire does remember 1 thing from when she was taken by Ethan, because when she see the scratches on the Danielle arm and she remembers that she gave them to her. Also and the cable was a lead to a trap that Danielle set. And i think the polar bear is something to with Walt and his special powers.

  8. Desmond had a electricity supply in the hatch, and i have heard micheal is communicating with walt on the computer in the hatch, so obviously who ever took walt also has a electricity supply, so i think that the cable is the supply that runs from another island or place, under the sea and to the island where our survivors now are…

  9. Season 3: At the end Jack is talking with Kate by an airport, and everything from the island looks from the past. what’s going on? Looks like all of it has something to do with a time machine and apparently is not working propertly………??……..What do you think??

  10. Many have wondered why Ben took Alex for his own daughter, told her that her mother was dead, even Locke asks him. He basically tells him it was to give her a better life than living with a “crazy woman” who killed her crew and lives in ditches, but I think it has more to do with the fact that Alex was born on the island, and her mother survived, so he ran tests and experiments on Alex as a child/baby and wanted to see if the whole Nature VS. Nurture theory was going to make a difference in the outcome of Alex as compared to her mother.

  11. Hey Franz, Sorry, no time machine. He mentions that he uses his golden pass to fly all around the area of their crash every chance he gets hoping to go back and keeps saying that they should’nt have left. They were given a chance to get off the island and they took it. Jack is going bonkers, went to someones funeral that he thought Kate would have gone to, has put himself in position to kill himself which caused the accident that everyone is calling him a hero twice over. He is a drunk that keeps stealing perscriptions or hospital stashes of drugs to keep numb.

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