The “What Kate Did” Episode


There are so many things going on in the most recent episode that I decided to combine all of them into one posting centered around the episode “What Kate Did”.

If you haven’t seen “What Kate Did”, watch it now, and come back after you’ve seen it. Spoilers ahead; you’ve been warned.

Wow, this episode has a lot going on.

Are they really seeing things?

We saw a black stallion (interestingly contrasted with the white polar bear from last season) so up from no where. That’s the third appearance of something that people thought was just a hallucination. Remember? The first two were Jack’s father, and Walt. Shannon and Sayid both saw Walt. Kate and Sawyer both saw the black stallion. That could mean that Jack’s father really was wandering on the island. No one ever stood next to Jack while check was watching his father to see if it really was a hallucination, so this remains an open question, one I think we’ll find out about soon.

We have Michael sitting at the computer, using it for something it’s *not* supposed to be used for, as Mr. Eko and Locke have found out when they spliced the film back together. There are several big questions here: Is that really Walt typing back to Michael? If it isn’t Walt, what could the person on the other side possibly be trying to do? If it was Walt, how did he get access to a computer? Is it the beginning of another “incident” that the film strip warned us about?

Old School Instant Messenging

The interesting thing here is that the computer in the Swan bunker is somehow connected to another computer. Where this computer is remains the big mystery. Most likely it’s in another bunker.

However, there is the matter of what that cable is that Sayid and Hurley both saw on the beach. Is that the communications mechanism to the outside world? Are the computers on the island connected to that? Is someone on the outside paying attention to everything going on via that cable? Monitoring that the button is being pushed every 108 days?

Blash doors

What’s with the blast doors? Is that to keep something from getting in, or prevent what’s inside from getting out? Given that the quarantine sign was on the inside of the hatch door, I’m betting those blast doors are the final defense from whatever they’re trying to keep out. I have to say the whole “quarantine” sign, and the hatch itself are both really weird, considering there’s another door leading to the jungle.

It’s not only cowboys that have Daddy issues

So, now we know why Kate was on the run in the first place, but there’s no clue what the connection is to that little plane she went after in the bank last season.

When Sawyer grabbed Kate by the throat, was he really channeling her father? That’s just plain out of left field. I’m not really sure what to make of that yet.

3 thoughts on “The “What Kate Did” Episode”

  1. The plane was kind’ve explained in the last episode. It belonged to the man she loved…the doctor at the hospital her mom was at. He had it when they were kids and i think they buried it in a time capsule. After they dug it up and had a moment together, he was killed while kate was trying to flee. Then, the Marshall planted it in the bank as a trap for Kate. She went back for it because she’s trying to hold onto the life she used to have.

    The last part is my theory, but the parts before are the truth.

  2. When Kate went in to her dads army workplace – Sayid was on the television – in the back left. I’m positive of it!

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